About Me

Me? I am:

  • an IT student.
  • a "modded Minecraft" fanatic.
  • pretty good at reading crash reports caused by those same mods.
  • main developer of multiple modpacks.
  • promoter and fixer for the qCraft mod. (Currently porting it to MC 1.8.9 Actually, going to port it directly to MC 1.12.2 instead.)
  • currently helping to develop the Dimensional Doors port to MC 1.12.2 further.
  • trying to be a helpful person in general on these forums.

Modpacks I assembled:

  • QubeSpace is a modpack that is basically a fusion of a Galacticraft focussed modpack and a very rather general Tech + Magic modpack that has qCraft as a special addition. I do not frequently play or update this pack anymore. There are two "sizes" of this pack. The full modpack has +- 220 mods. The smaller pack has +- 180 mods.
  • Void of Magic/Tech is a modpack that is focussed on magical and technological mods and especially a division between them. The modpack is intended to be run on two servers, since the modpack has two different config sets. These config sets allow for one server to be have magical worldgen, magical mob spawns and more magical effectiveness, while the other server would run a tech-themed world. The keystone of this modpack is really the qCraft (yes, that mod again) mod, which adds a portal that allows you to travel between both servers, taking all your items with you.*
  • Both of these modpacks have heavily modified configs, Minetweaker scripts and other additions that make them so much more than "just a bunch of mods thrown together". I'm planning to add HQM quest progression to the VoMT modpack.
  • GriffoCraft is a relatively new MC 1.12.2 modpack in which I make extensive use of CraftTweaker scripts to unify ore dictionaries, add dense ore variants and much more.
  • Several private modpacks for different people who asked for them. For instance, I have "ported" the FTB Ultimate modpack from MC 1.4.7 to MC 1.7.10 for someone privately.

*For this, it is, of course, imperative that both servers run the same content-adding mods, so both servers' item ID mappings** are the same.
**Since I updated qCraft with a feature for ID mismatches, this should not pose a problem anymore.

Some general notes:
I tend to speculate (in most cases, this helps solve problems). Please correct me whenever I'm wrong.
My need to explain myself often wins from my politeness.

  • Minecraft
  • Coding (especially when it miraculously works somehow)
  • Troubleshooting
  • Helping others
  • Puzzles
  • Stories (Not the ones in buildings, except the story is set in a building.)
  • Music
  • Games
  • Poetry, lyrics and quotes
  • Architecture and the beauty of systematic design
  • Slight asymmetry
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