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    Sever IP:

    RapidCraft is a brand new and amazing PvP server. That anyone is free to join!
    We're providing the best combination of chosen plugins to provide the best possible gameplay.

    When you join, you will find yourself in our 'Spawn Town' this is your first and only safe location on the map! From here you can go out into the wild and build, pillage and fight until your heart is contempt.

    Plugin list:
    Chest Shop
    Colored Signs
    Glowstone Lanterns
    Mob Bounty
    No Cheat


    We have recently posted our server on some server lists. If you have the time, could you please vote for it. Thanks :smile.gif:

    We welcome any feedback or suggestions, please post them below.
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    I'll PM you the IP and password for the Teamspeak server so we can talk. Just making sure, are you good with being the Semi-Owner? I have to do something real quick, so I'll PM you in like 15 minutes


    I'm fine with being that if you think I'm up to it. I'll not be able to talk though as I said, my parents are asleep. I can still text chat though.

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    I really really liked this application. It definitely caught my eye as soon as I started reading. Semi-owner is the second highest position next to owner (me). I would rather like to start you as Community Manager just to make sure you are capable of it (I have to trust the semi-owner first). Judging by your post, I would make you Semi-Owner right away. However, Semi-Owner has lots of privileges. The Semi-Owner has access to every command, and access to all of the server files. That means I REALLY have to trust him or her. Okay, back to your application.

    I am happy to hear that you are somewhat familiar with website control panels. The Semi-Owner is the only one that will have access to that other than me. I also like that you are really familiar with computers, and your family is. Unfortunately, I am first generation computer nerd in my family, haha. Even though you are not very familiar with the technical side of the server, I assume the configurations and all of the different files, that's fine. Since you are good with computers, I could probably explain in about 10 minutes every single file, and show you how everything works (it's pretty easy if you know computers). I am extremely jealous that you have seen a pink sheep. I think you having a Scottish accent is a plus actually (most of us Americans love accents).

    While the main body of your application was impressive, I liked the little things even more. For example, you thanked me for reading your application. I'm pretty sure you were the first to do that.

    Overall, I think you are a great candidate, and definitely qualified. Your application is an A+ and exactly what I was looking for! :smile.gif:

    I am really glad to hear your feedback, what are the next steps to take then? I'm back home now and I'll be online for a few more hours, If you wish to PM me some details we can talk further. The only problem is that my parents are asleep, I could listen to you talk to TS, but I can't talk myself.

    Thanks again,
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    Sorry about that, I had to edit slightly, I used italic instead of bold for some of the questions.
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    In Game Name: Robbie930

    Age: 17

    Computer CPU: AMD Phenom II N830, 'triple core' processor. (Laptop)

    Computer GPU: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250. (Laptop)

    How much RAM do you have: 4GB

    When did you start Minecraft: About 28th of February, (I can't figure out how to find the exact date.)

    What experience do you have with Minecraft servers: I have been on a lot of multiplayer servers, some of them are run really badly, I have been recently searching for a brand new one to join, with a good community and staff team, however I have failed to find it.

    What experience do you have with website administration: Yes, possibly about 3 years ago, I had a small gaming website called 'Forbidden Mort Gaming' I was part of the administration team, but due to our age and (lack of) knowledge the website failed. It lasted about a month or two, in which I became used to the forum software and using the website hosting panel to edit the site information.

    What experience do you have with computers: I have built my own PC with my father from scratch, however due to moving into college and recent things, I was forced to sell the components of it to purchase a laptop for school work. I made sure that I got a high spec laptop so that I could play games. I have been using computers since the age of 3, my whole family are interested in them, so I come from a good background of computer usage.

    Recording software: I have no recording software, because I am not really into making 'Gaming videos'

    YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Robbie930

    Experience with programming: I did a unit on VB (Visual basic) within my 'Computing' class at school.

    How active can you be: Very active, I am currently on my holidays between school sessions, so I have a full 8 weeks of doing nothing. Obviously, I have commitments like any normal person, so some days I will be busy, but usually only for a few hours.

    How much do you think the server will grow in 1 month: Depending on how the server is run, I think it could grow fairly quickly. This is just speculation however, due to the fact I have never spoken to you or been on the server.

    Why are you a good Admin: I am a mature and responsible player.bI prefer to play the game rather than spawn myself items and well, cheat. I always use grammar and I beleive that I balance fun and seriousness very well. If there is any sort of issue on the server \I would be able to sort it out. I don't have a great knowledge of the technical side of the server, but I can use commands effectively.

    Pictures/Video of what work you have done: I have a few minecraft photos, but nothing really outstanding. I mainly just take pictures of 'cool' things I see in the game. Like pink sheep!

    Post applied for: Community Manager or Semi owner. (manager role preferred, but I will step up to the other role if required.)

    Extra Information: I have a headset however for some reason my laptop doesn't like me using my mic, It gives off an awful feedback noise (or so I've been told). I have TeamSpeak so as long as I use a 'P2T button' everything should be fine.
    I'm Scottish, so my accent may be hard to understand sometimes, I take this into consideration however and adapt my accent when online so I can be understood.
    I am willing to donate to the server monthly, if needed.
    If you need to know more, then I'll happily chat to you on Facebook, Windows Live Messenger, Skype, Teamspeak, Ventrillo or whatever you wish. I have most of them. :smile.gif:

    Thanks for taking the time to read my application and I hope to hear from you soon.
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    You should have made it into a massive mob drowner. :smile.gif:
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    I like this quite a lot. :iapprove:
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    I managed to get it to work, thanks.
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    Bump for help. :sad.gif:
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    My computer crashed while playing and I was forced to restart, I was in the middle of a 'mob trap' so I quickly loaded Minecraft back up to see where my last save point was, to my surprise, my save was missing. So, I checked the file folder and it exists there but it for some reason does not show up on my game screen.

    I have tried the following:
    Restarting Minecraft.exe.
    Removing the file from the save folder and replacing it.
    Restarting my Laptop.
    Searching Google for a fix. (All I could find was a fix for the old save screen)

    Any help would be much appreciated.
    PS: the save was about 27mb, so I want to try and get it back.

    Thanks. :Notch:
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