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    I meant that the click event is basically copying the command from the click event in the players chat and sending it immediately. That's why click events also have the same restrictions as the player chat ^^.

    Edit: That's also the reason why people need op to use most of the click events ^^ (or a trigger)

    Ah, I didn't know that. I thought it would trigger the command block again instead of the player chat, but now that I think about it that makes no sense.

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    I think this is, because the maximum length of a command a player can use (without a commandblock) is 90 (or something around that).
    If a player now clicks on the link he "copies" the command in his chat and instantly sends it (automatically). But in this process the command gets cut off.

    I recommend changing the command to a "/setblock x y z redstone_block" and place a command_block next to these coordinates which then plays the tellraw-command.

    The player is actually supposed to press a button that triggers a command block with the command, not write it in the chat. I don't know if that affects anything. I'll do what you suggested though, and see if it works. Thanks!

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    I'm working on an Stanley Parable-related adventure map and I want the player to be able to click on a /tellraw message in the chat, and it tells them something about an ending. However when I try doing this (with a json creator because I suck at stuff like that) the /telraw message that you are supposed to click on works but the click event does not.

    What I'm typing in is:

    /tellraw @p ["",{"text":"SPOILERS! Click for what happens in this ending.","color":"dark_red","clickEvent":{"action":"run_command","value":"/tellraw @p \"Stanley turns the mind controls on, it initiates the detonation of a nuclear bomb which Stanley cannot stop. He dies in the end.\""}}]

    The error is:

    Invalid json: Unterminated string at line 1 column 89

    Someone please help because I want to release this map by the end of this month. Thanks :D.

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    I tried to post my map on the WIP maps section yesterday, but after posting it disappeared.

    Then, I tried again today, and again it rejected the post. I don't know if it was the spam filter or not, but if it was, please help me fix this: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/maps/wip-maps/2303434-wip-the-stanley-parable-hd-minecraft-remix
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    This is a copy of my original post on PMC: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/the-stanley-parable-hd-minecraft-remix-wip/
    Map is released! Download at the bottom.

    The Stanley Parable: HD Minecraft Remix is a remake of The Stanley Parable (not the half life mod), a game made by Galactic Cafe. If you haven't played it yet, where have you been, you should play the game first, just to get an idea of the game.

    Narration is sadly not included in this map, but there is still text in the chat. If you want, go on youtube and search for some Stanley Parable music to go along with the subtitles.

    I know there are many remakes out there, but I feel like this is a bit more accurate than the rest. Also, please post ways I can improve my map (other than adding an actual narrator), or if you want to criticize me, please at least use constructive criticism.


    DO NOT click on the spoiler unless you want to see all the endings or want to see a individual ending's progress.

    - Out Of Map/Break The Game Ending
    - Games Ending (Blue Door)
    - Life/Obey Ending
    - Bomb Ending
    - Crazy/Insane Ending
    - Zending (Red Door)
    - Apartment/Work Ending
    - Escape Pod Ending
    - Serious Ending
    - Broom Closet Ending
    - In Control Ending
    - Real Person/Choice Ending (Unplug Phone) Shifted to a future update
    - Museum Ending Shifted to a future update
    - Confusion Ending Shifted to a future update
    - Heaven Ending
    - [REMOVED]

    - Room 417

    You can go to this imgur album to view the screenshots -- posting them here is a bit too troublesome.
    Alternatively, you can go to the PMC page.

    Download Link:

    Version 1.0


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    You should add sugar canes into the biome section, they change colour depending on the biome.
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