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    Can't wait to try it out! You rock man, I look forward to making a better looking basic GUI (only the minecraft basic colors, the rest of yours looks great, amazing even)

    Quote from MillersMods»

    Dev update!

    Despite the silence around this project, I am working really hard on the updated version of the meta-model of the mod. Currently all type of attribute generation, damage dealing is being entirely rebalanced and the new model shows nice reasonable numbers.

    Also I've got some good news for those who are still reading this topic!:D It looks like, I will have a young co-developer to help future bug fixes, improvements and more:).

    Current focus of the development is the upcoming public alpha version. As mentioned before, it will contain 3 classes to play with: Mage, Hunter and Warrior.

    Here is my to-do list (in a nutshell of course:D):

      • Finish attribute scale and general effect output balancing. (To make sure balance between classes doesn't change as players progress to better gear over time).
      • Create meta-model (ability rotation paired with the relative amount of effect output) for each talent tree of all the classes.
      • Impelement each class with the following steps:
        1. Create graphical assets (armour sets, weapons, ability icons etc...)
        2. Collect audio assets (spell sounds from WoW:D...)
        3. Generate armour sets and weapons using the inner item API.
        4. Implement passive abilities (talents and class focused attribute based buffs)
        5. Implement active abilities (spells)
        6. Add some particle FX.
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    I spent like 4 hours on each of these textures, only to find they have a tiny pixel I can't seem to get rid of near the leg area. For some reason both textures have it, I circled it in white in the picture below.

    The textures i made are here.

    Any help fixing them would be most appreciated, and I won't mind if you use them yourself :)

    Texture 2

    Also opinions on the textures are welcome too :P

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    posted a message on Classes of Warcraft [ALPHA] *Become a real Mage / Warrior!* (Powered by Battlegear)
    Quote from MillersMods»

    Dev update!

    Still working on the secondary attributes to function properly, while I was doing that I encountered a serious issue with my custom weapon hit handler, which I is still didn't manage to fix. As I have mentioned before these are the last things to finish the core, but at the moment I am struggling to find enough time to overcome these. Also will be on holiday from August 8-16, so I can't anything related to the release date.

    Keep the spirit alive!

    No matter how long it takes you, you're awesome for even making such a mod :)

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    posted a message on Offering Techne model/texture service (free)

    I may not have much java experience but I would still like to contribute to the modding community that has made Minecraft truly the best game ever made. As such, I am offering services for making Techne models and texturing them for you, however I will not do this for mobs, only peaceable objects. All I ask is that you give credit to me for doing so.

    I would make as many as I can with the time I have, between running a Factions server, making an MMO server, and real life work, I still seem to have a little time to do this sort of thing.

    So if you would like me to create models for you, simply reply here or message me with.

    Model Type

    Model Dimensions

    Texture Colors

    Texture Design Style


    Or you could simply describe to me what you want, and I will make as many as I can with the free time I have for a period of time. I can't think of any other partical way to assist the modding community here.

    Please do not make unreasonable requests like a statue of a creeper 20 blocks tall.

    I also reserve the right to refuse any request.

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    posted a message on TP between Overworlds

    This might be what you're looking for


    Multiworld plugin provides support for multiple overworlds each with seperate nether worlds.

    However, would it not be easier to just have a new dimension generated with overworld textures? Not sure how possible that is, but I know making a dimension isn't that hardest thing in world. There is also multiserver plugins, which help with having multiple worlds and minimizing required server resources.

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    posted a message on Very Unique Factions Server 24/7 Uptime
    Quote from ExplorerEze»

    Dude awesome server, it's just that I can't download mods on my computer, sorry! Looks very cool and fun tho.

    That seems to be a common thing, I wonder how many Forge or Cauldron servers actually get a decent playerbase.

    Glad to hear you're interested in such a thing :) I will look into making an easier way to play. Perhaps see if I could upload the modpack to technic or FTB, that would help people right?

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    posted a message on Classes of Warcraft [ALPHA] *Become a real Mage / Warrior!* (Powered by Battlegear)

    I also await a mod exactly like this one, I mean literally this is what I need lol. I am using Battlegear on my server and having issues with my class ability icons going into the battlegear menu, this would be so much more amazing! I really look forward to seeing how this comes out. Keep up the good work, you are making an amazing mod.

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    posted a message on [1.7.x-1.8] Customizing Packet Handling with SimpleNetworkWrapper

    I don't know much about java, but I'd like to learn, and am slowly figuring this crap out.

    Until I know what I need to know though, I'm a little lost, and could use some help/direction.

    So Itoss, the guy who made magiccrusade, told me that to prevent his class selection from popping up on first login, I needed to "Try to send the packet serverside whenever you want, and not when the player login" ... Now I'm happy he responded but I have no fkn clue what he means. I tried searching the sourcecode to find what I needed but I gotta be honest, only certain sections of source make any sense to me right now.

    Could someone help me out? I'm not asking for you to straight do it for me, I mean that would be nice, but I understand that you can't help someone who wont help themselves.

    Any help appreciated :)

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