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    Quote from SacrilAI»

    Noppes Can you change the durability of all the weapons for 1.7 version? It is really annoying the low durability

    this is a suggestion

    Wood : 200

    Stone: 350

    Iron: 500

    Gold: 200

    Bronce: 500

    Diamond: 5 000

    Ice: 1 000

    Mithril: 10 000

    Emerald: 5 000

    Demoniac: 10 000

    and the same thing for armors

    There are plenty of ways of solving this. If you use 1.7.10 then you should be using KCauldron, and if so, then plugins like Item Lore Stats allow you to adjust durability. Also you can use Skript to alter things as well, for example you could change the ratio of durability loss to a % chance of occuring, which at say 10% would essentially make durability x10.
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    Quote from locknlol»

    Any interest in someone with my experience?

    (2 days later, no replies, I guess not.)

    Sorry, just not in a position to hire anyone for payed positions yet.
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    Aerithis MMORPG needs help!
    Aerithis Network Website

    What do we need?
    Graphics Artists
    and above all DONATIONS

    For the past 7 months I have been working on this project with very little help.
    The project is finally nearing a playable stage, and we recently ran an Alpha which caused me to re-write some of the game systems. Now everything is back to working but we need locations and quests built! As well as a myriad of other things.
    This project is a unique MMO that uses mods and plugins.

    Check out my trailer video here.

    What have I done to make it so unique?
    Well there is a massive list of features but some of they points would be.
    Custom Class/Skill system
    Custom player shop system
    Custom GUI menu-system
    Custom Resource Pack
    Custom Lore System
    Custom Jewelry System
    Custom Cosmetic Armor System
    Custom blocks and mobs
    Custom armors and weapons
    Custom Chat System
    Player-to-player Menu system
    Custom Launcher
    Eliminated the need for player commands

    And a ton of other stuff.
    So help make the greatest Minecraft MMO ever! If you think you can contribute or help in some way, don't hesitate, even criticism is a good thing :)

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    I use one of Shockbytes Obsidian packages for my MMO server, and aside from a few times when bad weather knocked out the node for an hour at most, I have had zero issues, and no lag. An average ping of 80-90.

    I also use a version of KCauldron that is not on their server-software list, which was easy to setup.

    There is only 1 major annoyance, if you use the server software they provide, it creates a sub-directory for your server, which means you cannot use Multicrafts plugin installation or backup tool without moving some files around. HOWEVER if you run a custom server file like me, it fixes all of that.

    Anyway all in all, shockbyte is fantastic, and I've had fewer issues with this host than I did with Beastnode.

    Customer Service 8/10

    Hardware 9/10

    Latency 10/10

    Up-time 9.5/10

    Value 10/10

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    Added a new enchanting system that reflects the custom lore system

    Added a new city Port Kyren, and unlocked the main continent

    Added new mobs and new loot, npcs, and vendors

    Added Class Reset tomes

    Added a number of books, and book quests

    Added over 20 new quests

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    Added/Changed the following things
    Skill Books
    Stat Books
    Experience Books
    Player-to-Player menu for options like trading
    Changed Wolf Pets
    Changed some skills
    Changed Health Regen to now proc every 1 second
    Changed Staves to deal more damage
    Scaled overall Health a little higher
    Added New Cosmetic Armors
    Added higher Tiers of healing potions

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    Nevermind, website is back online :)

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    Added Nagas and Drakes

    With a new boss mob

    Over 250 New Pieces of Loot with rares and more

    New Cosmetic Armor system that is easy-to-use

    Loot overhaul is complete, lore system is complete.

    All new loot tables and tons of new Lockbox loot!

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    Aerithis MMORPG

    Open Alpha begins.

    Aerithis MMORPG Features a ton of things you wont see anywhere else.

    In-game menu system, no commands required by players
    9 Classes with over 160 Skills
    Custom Lore system with over 25 Different lore attributes
    Custom Jewelry System with its own attributes
    Custom Player Shop system with Marketplace Stalls and supports being offline
    Custom Minigames
    Custom Player Attribute System
    Custom Chat system
    Vendors, Banking, Mail, In-Game physical currency.
    Custom armors, weapons, materials, blocks, and items.
    Custom Resource Pack
    Dual Wielding, Shields, Quivers, Staves, Projectile Weapons and more!
    Custom Painted World
    Dungeons and Raids
    Seperate Factions World
    Seperate Marketplace world
    Tons of other custom features!

    We welcome you to join us.


    We will be keeping the server online, and whitelist disabled for open alpha. All are welcome to play.
    You can download the custom launcher here
    The zip version if that doesn't work for you
    Also we have Technic
    And a forge Modpack

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    I'm not sure if this is the right place for it, but I would like to offer my services to server owner or potential server owners.

    We can discuss fees or whatever in PM or on skype, my skype is robin.trantham.

    What can I do for you?

    Configure plugins including plugins with ridiculous amounts of documentation

    Create scripts that can replace plugins or do entirely new things and add game mechanics

    Create resource packs

    Enjin website design

    HTML website design

    Create mods (using mcreator) to add things to your server

    Create custom mob and object models

    Create a custom Launcher for your server

    Configure and use almost any mod, including in-depth knowledge of CustomNPC's

    Create videos for servers

    Pretty much aside from writing java plugins (which I could do almost anything a custom plugin can with scripts) I can do it all.

    Things I've done recently:

    Made a HD resource pack

    Configured over 42 plugins

    Created mods which added mobs, items, materials, recipes, potions, and more

    Created a jewelry API

    Wrote a lore system

    Created a chat system

    Created a reporting, commenting, and bug report system

    Created a mount system

    Created animated mini-games

    And more

    Contact me if interested.

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    Still recruiting, right now we need Builders, Devs, and Artists.
    A lot of massive changes happened recently.

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    We're still running open Pre-Alpha, so feel free to drop in and experience Aerithis MMORPG :)

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    Thanks! This is so awesome, and yes, it is going to make my life so much easier!

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    Quote from Mrsurpomp»

    I just updated my server to 1.7.10, and my personal clones from 1.6.2-1.6.4 aren't there. Is there some way to restore them? Thanks! :)

    You should always store clones on server AND client.
    My suggestion is to revert to your old backup, save your clones, then re-update.
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    By the way, I should of mentioned this a long time ago.

    If NPC's are disappearing randomly and you are using KCauldron. Switch to 1566 unofficial. It will fix this issue, and the issue 100% has nothing to do with CustomNPC's.

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