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    ^^^Please read the Original post first!^^^

    7 long hours of work and 200 Photoshop Layers later...
    I present to you the finished main layout:

    (this image has been edited to the latest version, it is subject to change without notice so click the image to view the most up to date version)

    Official GetSatisfaction post

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    Q: This seems really dangerous, what if someone makes a mob with 1 HP that drops 64 diamond blocks? Or a creeper that explodes 100 blocks around it? What if someone makes a really stupid mob?! I don't want it in my game.
    A: You would be able to control which User-Created mobs are used in your game. If you want to "ruin" the gameplay for yourself by creating a weak mob that drops infinite valuables, that's entirely up to you.

    Q: What about on multiplayer servers?
    A: The mob control would be up to the server owner. Who are we to judge what mobs they want to use on their servers? It's entirely up to them.

    Q: Can we make our own mob shapes?
    A: It could be a possibility, but there could also be some pre-made shapes to chose from.

    Q: How do we share mob files?
    A: I would think that it would be a good idea for mobs to be stored in mob files, so that they could be shared between people. This idea would operate much like Texture Packs do.

    Q: Who will make this?
    A: I would guess that it is intended as a suggestion to be put into Minecraft officially, but the Original Poster (Krelos) has said that mods are welcome for this idea. Please keep in mind though, Mod development should not be the focus of this thread!

    A: What you see above is an image I created in Photoshop, it isn't an actual application; it's just a concept art.
    While there are mods in existence based on this idea, the concept of the Mod Maker is being presented as a suggestion to be added into Minecraft officially by Mojang.

    This has taken much of my time, and it'd be a waste to see this idea forgotten and never seen by at least someone at Mojang.

    This is just basically a visual concept of the idea, so the graphics probably don't matter.

    If anyone with some sort of connection to Mojang would be interested in sending this over to them, that would be pretty cool if they had a peak at it :wink.gif:

    Anyway, cheers!
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    Nice to see this thread is still alive.

    Looks like I goofed up on the signature code, just fixed it. Try this instead:
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    Just checking back on the thread to make sure it hasn't died. school is over for this semester so i might draw up another menu for the concept to get more attention to the thread

    I'll just post this again on this page 5 in case anyone missed my earlier post with the most content

    Paste this link in your signature to help support the idea, it will link to this thread to my post with the main picture and important information


    This is the result:

    also, bump!
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    Quote from KrazyBomb »
    Riyuzakisan wrote :
    Looks pretty nice! Agh! I really wish someone would code this, or notch could..... hopefully if it ever gets implemented, its not TOO easy.... or else we'll have another disaster like spore.... A lot of crap made by very little kids, and some beutiful work by the more experienced.

    the library would most likely have to be made by notch, if not then have to be made by a highly experienced web designer probably working for notch. minecraft users could sign up like they do here and fill in a "minecraft username" box so we'd know who they are in-game. off of that, groups would have to be created where members could join and collaborate their creations.
    users could receive higher ranks depending on the rating given to their creations, and groups could be moderated to allow only experienced users who create good things in and to keep the 10 year olds and lousy creations out
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    Here it is guys, I've got it started:

    I'll be happy when the BBCode is working, I'd really like to post a preview image so people get an idea what it is before they go clicking dull and unattractive links.
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