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Stephen Hobson is a 15 year old currently living in Virginia. Stephen has been on the internet for over four years now. He has been a PC user since Windows 98 and has been a geek since the early days of Windows XP. Stephen has been through Windows Vista SP1 and SP2 since then. He is currently running on Windows 7 Home Premium. Stephen is a proud Windows supporter and is currently running on a 2.5 GHz dual core machine. He also runs an Ubuntu Linux laptop. Stephen created his first website at the age of ten. The website was inspired by a popular trend. At that point in time, Stephen noticed that large quantities of his friends were acquiring public profiles on the internet. Stephen wanted to go the extra mile and create his own website. This first website of his was his pride and joy for a good amount of time. After a year, Stephen became more advanced with coding languages such as HTML and felt confident enough to run his blog on top of the WordPress platform from He has posted over two hundred quality blog posts to his personal blog at and writes a new post quite often. Of course, Stephen is a geek so as expected most of his topics that he discusses are technology related. Stephens handle Rivahratt originated from the river place he used to visit frequently. After finding out his true love (technology), the username stuck. Rivahratt is actually pronounced Riv-uh-rat. If you would like to contact him, his E-mail address is [email protected]

Stephen describes himself as technologists, designer, internet obsessed, technology enthusiast, web developer, blogger, neat freak, touch typist and a cross platform geek.
Interests Gaming, writing, reading, and technology in general.

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