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    I. Introduction
    II. Clan Rules
    III. Clan Structure
    IV. Servers
    V. Members
    VI. Media
    VII. Application
    VIII. Resources

    Halcyon is a multi-specialty clan. We play and have played on a variety of servers, ranging from hardcore factions to towny servers. In essence, we are a close-knit group of experienced players who excel in a multitude of areas. Each of our members is unique in their own way, possessing personal traits that collaborate with the group to form the ultimate entity - Halcyon. We have destroyed and been destroyed by many foes, yet we have endured and remained an illustrious clan.

    Due to the nature of our clan, expectations are set high among our members. We recruit exclusively, meaning you will have to impress us to receive invitation to our clan.

    Following the rules are imperative to establish order and efficiency within the clan. There are many unnecessary doings often overlooked in a clan establishment. Enforcing the disbandment of such behaviors is the most logical way to do so. You must abide to all of the following:

    Do not steal or grief.
    This is fairly straightforward. If it is not yours, do not touch it. Do not mess with things you did not build without consent of the person who built it. In other words, keep your hands on your own stuff. Causing detrimental affect to clan efforts is one of the worst things to do.

    Be courteous and polite to other members and allies.
    Simple human respect is one of the most important attributes in a community. We will spend a lot of time with each other, so put forth your best gallantry! It is also important to be nice to our allies, to prevent possible demolition of a foreign relationship.

    You may not multi-clan.
    Multi-clanning is being in more than one clan at once. If you are already a member of another clan and you apply for Halcyon, your application will be promptly rejected. If you apply for another clan while in Halcyon, you will be rejected. This is for security purposes, as well as to ensure dedication of one purpose - Halcyon.

    Do not reveal information about the clan.
    This is also fairly straightforward. If you keep your mouth shut and do not say anything to those outside of the clan. As the saying goes, "Loose Lips can Sink Ships" It is important that you stay loyal to your clan and not say anything to people that could "use" that information.

    You must be on TeamSpeak whenever possible.
    Attendance on the TeamSpeak server is very important, especially during raids or defending our bases. It is vital that you are able to communicate with us (or rather listen to those who are communicating) so we can establish teamwork during times of urgency.

    Please act mature.
    While there is no "limit" to how mature one can be. Don't constantly make childish jokes or screw around when there are things to be done. While humor is appreciated, going overboard can result in inefficiency and annoyance. Don't be a nuisance.

    Put what you can into the clan.
    There is no "requirement" of how much time you are expected to put into the clan, or how much cobble you have to mine. If you can only be on an hour a day, then use that hour to help out in the way you can. Put whatever you can in the clan, so we know of your dedication and tenacity.

    Use common sense.
    If it sounds like something stupid to do, then it probably is. Be logical in making decisions. Don't be blatantly unintelligent. While this rule may seem fairly broad, it is usually fairly clear when you've crossed on the line. So don't cross that line.

    Obey all requests.
    If you are asked to do something, it is likely very important. So completing this task would greatly help out the clan's current situation. Should these issues be ignored, it would ultimately result in the end of the clan. So, this way it is important to follow what you are being told to do to ensure that what needs to be done, gets done.

    Failure to abide by these values will result in an ejection from the clan, depending on the severity. As a clan member, you are required to follow these rules and ensure others follow them. If another clan member is not following them, please inform the Director to sort the problem out.

    A loose system of organization governs the clan. Emissaries and others have other obligations they must take upon to help aid in the clan's leadership. The Director, although he is the autonomous ruler, tries his best to achieve a general happiness with the clan's current state and direction. The ranks are not so much attempt to create a system of hierarchical power, but organizational responsibilities that maximize the efficiency of a socialist system.

    The Director is the leader of the clan. He has the final say on all decisions, and has the power to overrule anything. He ensures the survival of the clan by smart decision-making. He is advised by his emissaries and the Secretary, and works closely with them to make sure that he can reach a mutual consensus among the clan. He is experienced in running a clan, and has done so for several years.

    The Secretary is the Director's personal associate. He acts as the right hand of the Director, and may do most things he can do (with certain technical, but obvious limitations). The Secretary has the power to kick anyone out of the clan, and make take certain roles within the clan when necessary, if the Director is absent. If the Director can not run the clan for whatever reason, the Secretary will take charge until he can.

    Emissaries are the close advisers of the Director. They act as his personal council, and aid him in making clan decisions. They are appointed by the Director. They have no other obligations other than to assist the Director when he requests them, otherwise they are to perform duties within their profession. They have no more "power" over other clan members.

    The rest of the clan's members lie in this category. They are the capable and general workforce of Halcyon, and carry out their duties to ensure the success of the group in the long run. They are no less important than even the Director himself, so the members make up the general backbone of the clan. Without them, Halcyon is destined to fail.

    NOTE: There are no clan professions (ie. farmer, miner, etc.) Everyone is expected to equally contribute to all aspects of the clan. Expect to be a well-rounded and efficient member!

    IP: mc.justicecraft.net
    Website: http://justicecraft.net/

    This is our current home server, as we have no other server to play on. The current base is complete. If you have not been invited to the faction yet, please ask Ritzycat or another faction mod for an invitation, so we can get you in the clan and contributing as quickly as possible.

    Website: none

    We are on this server due to our alliances. There is nothing currently set up here, however a few of our members are playing on it, and it is important we get to where we need to be so we are prepared to help our valuable friends in emergency scenarios.

    IP: Civrealms.com
    Website: reddit.com/r/Civrealms

    This is our current main server. It is similar to CivCraft in many aspects, albeit much smaller. Contact Ritzycat for more details.



    Captain Juan


    This is a collection of Halcyon's most impressive works of architecture.


    Applications to join Halcyon are currently closed. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    The process to join the clan is fairly simple, but must be done correctly to ensure yourself a place in our clan. To join us, please complete the following steps.
    1. Complete the application given below. Answer each question as elaborate as possible. Only the most appealing of applications will be accepted. If you are declined, you will have an opportunity to fix the problems with it unless stated otherwise. If you are accepted into the clan, move onto the next step.
    2. Connect to the TeamSpeak 3 server so we know you have the program. Then we can have a little chat to get to know you better.
    3. Sign up on our forums. The link will be given to you on the TeamSpeak server, or check below.
    Please do not apply if you do not think you can put much time into your application. As said before, only the most elaborate and well-written applications are considered. There are plenty of other clans out there that would be more than willing to accept your few sentences, and I would be more than happy to redirect you to them if you cannot qualify for Halcyon. To complete the application effectively, it is necessary you read the entire thread. Do not skip any sections, you must know everything to be a part of us.

    Application to join Halcyon
    Minecraft Name:
    How long have you played Minecraft?:
    What is your age?:
    Personal Strengths:
    Name 3 of the clan's rules:
    Time zone:
    How did you find out about us?:
    Do you speak any other language than English?:
    Do you know anyone else in the clan?:
    Previous clans, if any:
    Paragraph about yourself:
    Why did you choose to apply for Halcyon?:
    How many hours a day do you anticipate you can play?
    Will you follow the rules?:

    About the Application
    Minecraft Name: This is for very obvious reasons. One to keep track of who exactly is our members, and other so we know who you are, and what to call you.

    How long have you played Minecraft?: This is a good question to get a sense of your general knowledge of the game and a good judgement of your aptitude on general MC gameplay.

    What is your age?: Knowing your age will help us know you better. As with normal human interaction, knowing your age would allow us to know if you would understand certain abstract concepts or not.
    However, this is not completely limited by that. We can tell if someone is young but mature.

    Personal Strengths: To get a general sense of what you are good at in Minecraft. This can range from PvP to creating intricate redstone contraptions. The more you give here, the more we will know how broad a range of skills you may have.

    Name 3 of the clan rules: If you read the entire thread (as you should have), you will know the rules. Simply repeat a few of them to me.

    Time zone: Please tell me what time zone you live in.

    How did you find about us?: I want to know how you came about finding Halcyon. Did someone refer you, or were you just browsing the clan forum and found us?

    Do you know anyone else in the clan?: If you are a friend of a current member, and they sponsor you, that will greatly increase your chances of being accepted. So if you have any friends, please list them.

    Previous clans, if any: While we usually find this information by doing some research, please save me the trouble and tell me what clans you have been in in the past.

    Paragraph about yourself: Please write a paragraph detailing yourself as a person, a Minecraft player, and anything else you'd like to share. I expect at least 10 detailed sentences in this section.
    What is a Paragraph?

    [quote]A distinct section of a piece of writing, usually dealing with a single theme and indicated by a new line, indentation, or numbering.
    So, please make it so.

    Why did you choose to apply for Halcyon?: Tell me why our clan stood out from the many others. Be specific. I want to know what is working for our clan and what is not. Include at least a paragraph.

    How many hours a day do you anticipate you can play?: All rhyming aside, tell me how much you think you'd be able to play. This'll just give us a sense on how often we'd be seeing you and vice versa.

    Notes: Anything else you'd like to tell us that was asked in the application.

    * Answer each question truthfully. There are ways to detect if you are lying, either by psychological inconsistencies or by doing a little research on you. Save yourself by telling the truth, as the ugly truth may be better than lying to those you would be spending a lot of time with!

    * Complete each field as complete as possible. Applications that appear tidy and well-written are a good representation of who you are as a player, so it would greatly help your acceptance chance.

    * If you are accepted or declined, a PM will be sent to you as well as an update posted to this thread.

    * Do not sign up on the forums prior to being accepted into the clan.

    * If you do not have TeamSpeak, a link to download the program is located in the Resources section of this thread. It is required to be a part of the clan. You cannot opt out on this.

    Forum Information

    Access to our forums is limited to members. Guests may view the forums, but nothing is available to view to them. All members of the clan are expected to check up on the forums daily, to ensure you are up-to-date on all current clan affairs, as well as anything else requiring your attention.

    LINK: Forums currently offline :(

    TeamSpeak 3: http://www.teamspeak...?page=downloads
    Download the current client based on your operating system. Do not download the server, just the client. This program is necessary for acceptance into Halcyon, so if you do not have it, I highly suggest downloading it here if you are interested in joining.

    Rei's Minimap: http://www.minecraft...minimap-v32-05/
    A very useful mod for factions servers. It creates a minimap outlying the surrounding area at the top right of the screen (may also be configured elsewhere). Very useful for scouting. I highly suggest downloading this mod, I find it an essential. Requires modloader to run.
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    The real Halcyon is very much alive. We prefer to take to the shadows.

    I actually welcome those who attempt to wear the Halcyon costume - they direct attention away from us while we conduct our clandestine affairs. The original Halcyon itself often had a fairly ironic name. I am sure some of the early Romans remember the terror of Vivantium when it was still alive. Good luck to you and your clan, "President" iMystogani.
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    Minecraft will die very soon.
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    Welcome to Halcyon, a unique factions server with a focus on creating a realistic world, modeled by civilizations and societies.Our server is based on one that existed over a year ago. Our goal in creating this server was to recreate this semi-RPG environment to urge our players to develop civilized and advanced factions. The whole world was their place to build a nation, a republic, an empire from scratch! How do we do this?
    • Anyone can create a faction!
    • HOWEVER... factions who create a charter on our forums and develop their cities more like an actual city, a SOCIETY, will earn special perks like elevators, gates, bridges, to help further develop their cities
    • You are REWARDED for building beautiful cities, sprawling metropolises - you are NOT rewarded for attacking every faction you find... But, why not do both? Create your own Roman Empire! Create wealthy cities and conquer all of your foes!
    • An economy based on GOLD! On this server, you can't teleport to spawn. You must take the dangerous journey to walk there and sell your gold...
    • Those who build closer will be at more risk for being raided, but can get to spawn to sell their gold MUCH quicker... Those who settle farther out have to take a riskier journey to profit. There is a balance in this world that will favor the strongest, most intelligent societies!
    • Ender chests, weapons and armor enchanting are all disabled. No ultra-safe place to store your goods and never run the risk. No OP enchants on your weapons or armor. Your success is based off of your skill and ingenuity, not who spent the most time sitting in front of a grinder.
    • You don't get OP stuff for donating. You don't get OP stuff for voting. You, and everyone else, must work to earn. Only the civilizations that work hard will "earn hard"! There are no secrets to this. The winners win, and the losers will lose.
    This is a serious server. Nature has its way of dealing with the 1337-pvper, hole building raiders that blindly attack everyone. If this sounds like you, you will not last very long on the World of Halcyon. Only the societies that found their civilization and through ingenuity and strategy, create the perfect nation!Join the WORLD OF HALCYON and create your own civilization today!

    Server IP:
    Teamspeak IP: dal-voice1.fragnet.net:10054

    Spawn today in the beautiful city of Adriapoli and make your mark on history!

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    We had over 20 people on last night!
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    Quote from BallisticNerd

    This server is all about building a peaceful nation, if you like pvp than i would suggest you look elsewhere.

    A shame I must leave,
    I regret it is so.
    I'll try not to grieve,
    however now I must go.


    Ballistic, if you are to use another person's poetry, you must properly cite it...
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    I like this idea. Just because msot of the people above me didn't like me, does not change the fact I think it is good. I am not afraid of being "ostracized" for not agreeing with the majority crowd, and I feel no pressure to lie because someone said something somewhat valid for the criticism of this idea, and thus compelling me to think it would be bad.

    Unfortunately, this is a good idea, and there's not really anything anyone can do to stop it.
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    I was looking for a coder, but your original post & title was misleading. That is unfortunate.
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    Atheist, and I have a staunch dislike and disapproval of religion.
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    Hopefully this is the sentiment shared by most of you, but global warming is in fact an issue, no longer a controversy that can be agreed with or disagreed with. People that don't "believe" in global warming are oblivious to scientific facts and repetitive support for its theory. Someone who can "prove" global warming is not existent would be a trillionaire.
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