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    Rise & Fall: A Tale of Three Kingdoms-Alpha

    By Ryan M Abbazia

    Hi, my name is Ryan or "TheCreator 0088" on youtube. This map is near and dear to me. It has been an almost 10 year project creating an adventure map the size and scope of a good series of fantasy novels. This world has been crafted using creative mode and MCEDIT from almost 6 years ago. Very little editing was used with MCEDIT just clearing larger areas and filling in (to the best of my abilities) world "copy and paste" errors. I hope you enjoy the map.

    Please Email me with Questions/Comments/Concerns at [email protected]

    Please keep in mind this is a large file size and only for Minecraft Java Edition.You need to have at least 520mb free on your device to download. This map only been played up to version 1.14.4. I am sure it works in later or current versions. No mods are used or needed. This is completely vanilla.



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    Hello there world of Minecraft. I have an oddball of a map that I've been working steadily on for almost 10 years. Actually since Beta 1.6. Its been a long road and I am in my 30's so i work fulltime. The map is near and dear to me and finally I think I'm, ready to show it off a little. This map was built entirly in creative mode, no mods and very light work with McEdit years ago. I dont even know of thats around anymore.

    Anywho, heres a few pictures and a link to a single video i managed to upload to youtube.

    Sorry about the no audio on the video, i need a mic.

    I am now doing streaming on my youtube channel TheCreator 0088

    Thanks for taking a look.:)

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