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    posted a message on [Adv][Parkour] ►► TERRA INCOGNITA ◄◄ (1-3 players, 1-2 hours of gameplay, played by SkyDoesMineCraft & MineCraftUniverse)
    Started playing your map on my channel, here's episode #1!
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    posted a message on LOOKING FOR STAFF
    Full name: Isaac Glasser

    Nickname : My Minecraft username is iamenrique123, I go by Rique for short

    Age: 16

    Gender: M

    Location (e.g., New York, United States.): Seattle, WA

    Employment history: I currently work as a Assistant at a daycare, and I do a lot of non-paid volunteer work at this place.

    As far as Minecraft goes:

    Past owner of several PvP and Minigames server, averaging about 10-30 players at a time

    Moderator on Shadecrest, several other smaller servers

    Position applying for:

    – Concept Tester
    – Lore Writer
    – Plugin Manager
    – Game Moderator
    - Forum Moderator - Game Moderator works too, but I'm able to be very active on forums and less so in game
    – Media Organizer

    Seasonal/Temporary: Temporary

    Interest in peak time or full time: Peak time


    On Forums:
    Sat. Sun. Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri.
    – From: 9:00 AM
    – To: 10:00 PM

    On Server:
    Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri.
    – From: 4:00 PM , 10:00 AM Sat. and Sun.
    – To: 10:00 PM


    6 years primary school - Top public school district in the state
    3 years junior high - Top public school district in the state
    2 years at a private prep academy

    Academic credentials:

    Not sure as far as actual credentials go, but I made it into a top notch private prep academy as 15 out of 130 kids.

    I also write for the school paper, I'm the sports editor, so my language and writing skills are very good.

    References: I don't think I have any great ones, if you'd like to talk that would be better.

    Contact information: Mail: [email protected], Cell: 2063039872, Skype: ihg730
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    posted a message on Survival Island 2
    Pictures, yeah, and also, how is this different from the overdone original survival island?
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    posted a message on R3D CRAFT - Play Minecraft in High Definition
    Awesome Job! Love the tools and wood/stone textures in this pack (I use the 64x64 one!)
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    posted a message on Minecraft Idea: Sponge Utilities

    Sponge: The Most Useless block in MC

    "">But I've come up with four features that could be added to sponge. There may be mods that have one or two of these things, but I'm basing this off only my own ideas. Enjoy!

    "">Proposed Crafting Recipe:

    "">x - Slimeball

    "">y - Yellow Dye

    "">x x x

    "">x y x

    "">x x x

    "">1 - The FallBreaker

    "">Probably the most sought out use for sponge, a block that when fallen on from a any height provides perfect, or better fall resistance.

    "">Heres what I think:

    "">10 Block Fall - 2 Damage (Normally would be 3.5)

    "">20 Block Fall - 3 Hearts Damage (Normally would be 7 hearts)

    "">30 Block Fall - 5 Hearts Damage (Normally would equal death)

    "">40 Block Fall - 8 Hearts Damage (Normally Would equal Death)

    "">Anything above 45 blocks would be death, unless you had something like feather falling boots or powerful armor. This would give sponge a unique use and make it valuable for use in both survival and mapmaking.

    "">2 – The NameProofer

    "">Another good idea for sponge is to add an effect to it where a players overhead name cannot be seen through 2 sponge blocks, and is very hard to see through 1. This would be good for PvP servers and building bases so that players names couldn’t be seen. Also it would make for a good item in mapmaking, especially when making hungergames or PvP style maps.

    "">Not exactly sure how this one would work, but I think it’d be a cool little use nevertheless.

    "">3 – The SoundProofer

    "">This one’s tricky, I don’t know how you could get this to work, but its an idea and it can be built upon. The concept is, sound from players and animals is quieter through sponge. This kind of goes with the last one, where sponge is used as a tool for stealth and disguise. With this, lets say a player is walking on the other side of a wall. It would normally be pretty easy to hear, but if that wall was sponge, it would be a different case. The footsteps would be silent. The other great use for this would be as an outer lining for farms. Animal farms are really noisy, and having one in your house can be a bother, but its not good to turn off your sound. So, with this feature, you could line the walls of the farm with sponge and the animal noises would be almost silent, until you stepped into the room. If you were trying to make a secret animal farm on a raiding server, this could be good!

    "">4 – Sponge Cake

    "">Because, you know, why not?

    "">Cake – x

    "">Sponge – y

    "">y y y

    "">y x y

    "">y y y


    "">Add your own ideas if you have some! If anyone wants to use any of these ideas in a Mod, make sure to credit me, but feel free to use ‘em!
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    posted a message on A New Hogwarts!
    Awesome Job here! Seems like it would be fun for a Wizards RPG server-type thing! Good luck continuing the project. May I recommend making Diagon alley? Even though its not part of Hogwarts :P
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    posted a message on Midnight Survival
    So you took a survival map and added a command block and daylight detector to make it always night? Doesn't seem like you actually did much to me D:
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    posted a message on just try
    May I suggest using a title or description that describes the map? Doubtful that anyone will download it otherwise.
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    posted a message on Parkor map
    jtlyk, Parkour is spelled with a 'u', incase your interested :P

    Sounds like fun though!
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    posted a message on Cake Spleef: The Real Hunger Games
    Very Cool! But the cakes don't naturally respawn do they? So you can only play it once, unless your willing to replace all the cakes?
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    posted a message on Air Plane Survival Map
    I would suggest attaching some sort of images or description so people know what they're downloading.
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    posted a message on [1.5_01]UselessMod[Modloader][V0.2]
    I'm doing a Mod review video, and I'll send you it when its uploaded.

    Here are some suggestions:

    Adding Armor to all items

    RottenFlesh Tools

    Snow Tools

    Gravel Tools

    Clay Tools

    Brick Tools

    Wool Tools

    Awesome Mod though!
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    posted a message on [1.7.2] [Forge] [SP/MP] Unique Ores Mod v0.8.2! ADDED METEORITES!
    Can I do a mod review video for you?
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    posted a message on Rique's Super Battle Arena - A Vanilla Made Kit PvP Arena Style Map, Great for Large Games!


    Latest Version [1.6.2] : Link



    Swordsman Kit - Basic Hand to Hand combat kit that's best in 1v1 scenarios Best vs. Berserker
    Archer Kit - Long Ranged Archers are great as teammates in large battles Best vs. Chemist
    Berserker Kit - Berserkers have strong attacks but weakened defense Best vs. Defender
    Pyro Kit - Pyros set fire to their enemies and leave them to burn Best vs. Runner
    Chemist Kit - Chemists poison and weaken their enemies before striking them down Best vs. Pyro
    Runner Kit - Runners get a quick attack in and make an even quicker escape Best vs. Archer
    Fisherman Kit - Fishermen keep their enemies at a distance and are protected from various attacks Best vs. Swordsman
    Defender Kit - Defenders protect themselves with powerful armor but have a weaker attack Best vs. Fisherman

    More Kits Coming Soon!



    Frozen Arena

    Desert Arena

    Forest Arena

    Hardcore Arena Coming Soon!



    NONE :(


    Information and Credit:

    Send Me A Video If you Make One! ([email protected])

    Map made by iamenrique123
    Some concepts from SethBlings 'Craft Bros Brawl'

    All done in Vanilla Minecraft without use of outside programs

    Follow me on twitter @SnoopSire
    Also on PlanetMinecraft.com

    Thanks for Downloading!

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    posted a message on Recruiting Skilled Builders for Large Up and Coming Server!
    Quote from MineCraftBiz

    I am almost quite sure this goes in Server Recruitment but since you misplaced it, I will still apply.

    IGN - 911_Police
    Age - Really? You don't need this.
    My Skype - masonpolice1
    Pictures of a Build(s) - I don't have any uploaded on the Interwebs.
    Building Style - Modern and Medieval.
    How much time can you commit to building - Around 30+ minutes each day working on the spawn (1 1/2 hours max.)
    Are you a part of any build teams/servers that make you fit for this task? - I do Isolate Builds ( Builds by myself ).

    Would it be possible to post a pic on like, imgur? I don't have any proof of your building skill.
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