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    posted a message on How long will you continue to play Minecraft?

    I don't see myself stopping, sometimes I get bored and start playing other games as well, but I always come back to Minecraft

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    posted a message on I wish minecraft had floating sky islands

    You just gave me an amazing and original mod idea...

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    posted a message on Where is minecraft development going?

    On november 30, 2021, 2 years ago, 1.18 was released. It is the last update to change a significant portion of minecraft gameplay.

    1.19 added a new rare structure with a bunch of items that are very rarely used, and 1.20 didn't add any new gameplay impacting stuff either.

    The last item that was added that was actually impactful was netherite in 1.16, almost 3 and a half years ago.

    Sure, the new stuff is high quality, but to some people, that's not even good. A lot of people liked minecraft for it's simple graphics and animations(It's not my point of view). I don't even play survival, and I think few people do anymore(I wanna know, hence the poll).

    My main point is that it's been a while since any new useful survival content has been added, and it's not like there's not a entire book worth of suggestion that could have a pretty high positive impact on minecraft. I'm not saying every updates needs to have lots of useful stuff, just that it's been 2 years since there was one, with little to no improvement in sight(1.21 is going to have crafters, but there shouldn't be a 4+ year interval between useful items)

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