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    There's not much to tell about it. This mod adds a tool that behaves much like the old "Ultimate Fist" did. Basically I wanted a similar tool so I made one myself but with one little feature - I added a right click function that deletes blocks with no drops. I think you'll find it useful if you want a simple tool for block breaking.

    It's called black hole generator in-game but topic would not be so clear with that.

    Can break most blocks instantly.
    Can kill mobs instantly.
    Right click on blocks deletes them with no drops.
    Right click on blocks with interfaces can't be deleted.

    Recipe: I don't think you'll get it by conventional means but I think if you are determined you can get it normally and not feel like a cheater. Although it is very overpowered anyway.


    Main link :Link Removed
    Use if mediafire doesn't work: Link Removed

    How to install:
    You need ModLoader 1.2.4
    After that - just drop the .zip in the .minecraft\mods\ folder. (or you can extract it in the jar)

    Uses id 3105. Please tell me about ID conflicts. I'll try to add a config file.
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