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    Mutant Ideas, Anyone?

    Mutant Ghast--

    120 Health, (60 Hearts)

    Attack Of Fire-

    Fires Three Fireballs That Deal 32 Damage Each! (16 Hearts Of Damage)

    Healing Aura-

    Heals 30 Health, Then Gives Regeneration VII To Itself For 4 Seconds!

    Mutant Blaze--

    240 Health (120 Hearts)

    Attack Of Fire 2-1-

    Fires Twelve Fireballs That Deal 16 Damage Each! (8 Hearts Of Damage)

    Mutant Spider And Cave Spider--

    192 Health For Spider, 144 Health For Cave Spider!


    Deals 8 Damage, Cave Spider Deals 0 Damage, But Conflicts Poison For 30 Seconds!

    Mutant Slime And Magma Cube--

    A Size 100 Slime!

    Has 1000 Health! (500 Hearts!)


    Deals 100 Damage!

    Size: 1,000 Blocks X Y And Z!

    Mutant Dragon--

    Has 99,999 Health! (49,999.5 Hearts!)

    Bite- Deals 5,000 Damage!

    Mutant's Armor--

    Full Set Gives Player 5,000,000 Hearts!

    Crafted With Mutant Drops, But The Mutant Dragon's Drops!
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