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    Name: Riley

    IGN: Rilesthegiles

    Age: 21

    Skype (Required): (Not giving out on public forums)

    Past Experience: I've personally oversaw two servers in the past. The first was a local server my brother and I set up on our home computer just to play together. Over time, we developed the server and plugins, and after solving the problem of port forwarding, played it with a couple of friends. The experience of starting a server with my brother helped with the latter experience, of running my own server under minecraft hosting companies and transferring to a VPS. Over the span of two years I managed a fairly successful server, having made over $150 without asking users to donate.

    At the time I shut down the server, it was a sad day for my players, but they understood the trouble I was going through, with starting college and working full time. But in the end, the servers' community came away with what a great experience with all had, and I will always remember the time we spent together. While working on and developing my own servers was always a time user, I tried to find time to also help others on there new servers. I oversaw development of plugins on numerous servers, being an active member in the server administration section on the minecraft forum, and was often times a 'behind-the-scenes' staff member, not usually playing the server itself but helping the server developers overcome problems that they came across. In total, the vast majority of my past experience stemmed from my own two servers that I developed, and the countless other server I've helped personally.

    What You Can Offer the Server?: While I do understand that a huge factor you may be looking for in your staff members is time on the server, and how often they play, I instead will offer you another factor: time efficiency, professionalism, and past experience that will rival any applicant. I've worked on, helped, and oversaw countless servers, often times in short spans of time during class breaks and frantic texts. I can be contacted very easily through the day, and can typically work through any problem you may come across, even if I'm not by a computer. For me, I believe responding back in order to help is a attribute of a professional staff member, which is what I hope to offer your server. Not only am I a full-time college student, but I also participate in the work field, and have an active lifestyle outside of my computer. I guarantee that you would appreciate what I bring to the server, and personally hope I can make playing on your server the experience that any Minecraft user would enjoy.

    Why Should we Choose you Over Others?: I don't believe any other users applying for staff have walked around the beach saying 'you mirin bro'

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    You can read the guide to setting up a bukkit server here: http://wiki.bukkit.org/Setting_up_a_server
    The jar download for the server is here: http://dl.bukkit.org/downloads/craftbukkit/get/02358_1.6.4-R0.1/craftbukkit-dev.jar
    You can download plugins for your server here: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/
    You can find the IP address that players will use to connect here: http://www.whatismyip.com/

    Note: Only LAN players will be able to play on that IP address, not people from other buildings or on the internet. (Unless you portforward)
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    It looks like the download links arn't working and most of the mods you're using are outdated. Try to update the mods and install them manually instead of automatically.
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    Nice server +1
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    This is like the mac of server panels, while multicraft is windows haha
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    posted a message on Can you run a minecarft server while plugged into a router?
    You can port forward your server using your router. You'll have to login to the administration panel and set an open port on 25565
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    No support.
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    It looks like it's mainly just you in this "community."
    Just saying.
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    posted a message on How do I install custom worlds onto Ubuntu Server 13.0?
    You can access it through a file transfer server (most times) and just delete and add in worlds.
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    I would like for better terrain generation, but then again those algorithms are very tricky to write.
    I also would think they
    Quote from TheAsylum

    need to work on performance

    and for this they could ask the creator of optifine for help xD

    It would also be nice for some bug fixes, but I feel this would be 1.6.3.

    1.7 would have to incorporate some new elements into the game, and if I could think of anything they would need to incorporate, it would probably have to be some new sea animals, such as bigger fish you could kill with a sword, or something you could ride (such as a dolphin.)

    I also feel like volcanos are a decent idea, but it would just be better for players to create their own (with better terrain generation they could just have better lava generation.)

    Also, why would we ever need more dragons?
    Just a "for your information" though, it wouldn't cause very much more lag, it would be like two mobs, just in the air. A couple falling sand blocks would cause more lag then the dragon itself.

    All in all, I feel they need to add in a little better terrain generation, fix some performance issues, fix up some bugs, and add in some more sea animals besides just squid.
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