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    posted a message on Minecraft Youtube Icons Customly made by myself!
    Hello everyone I recently started making graphics and re did my icon then I made a speed art on a friends icon, Here is a picture and the video link down belowAnd here is the video: If you enjoyed it, please do leave a like to support my channel!
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    Quote from Kresoje

    {Map Name} Snow Parkour
    {Map Type} Parkour
    {Original Map Maker} Kresoje
    {Original Map Post} http://www.minecraft...arkour-map-164/
    {Map Download Link} http://www.2shared.c...0rDPt/Snow.html
    {Any Other Info} Small map
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    Quote from Shader_d

    Hi! This map has an interesting story and pretty fun to play :)

    Map Name - Winter Forest
    Map Type - Parkour / Adventure
    Original Map Maker - Shader_d
    Original Map Post - http://www.minecraft...-winter-forest/
    Map Download Link - https://docs.google....dit?usp=sharing
    Other Info - This map should probably take 50-70 minutes of gameplay, but it's pretty fun and interesting
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    Hello everyone I am a Youtuber that commentates my minecraft gameplay. I am looking for maps to review, these maps can be anything as long as you keep it interesting. I do map reviews on tuesdays and sometimes sundays, so if your map is picked be patient ill get to it. I am not all that well known on youtube however, I have 118 subscribers so your map will most defiantly get viewed and most likelywill increase the number of downloads and views of the map. Like I said before I'm not very picky when it comes to picking maps. If your map fits all the need I ask for then it will most likely be reviewed by me. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. Just fill the info below in a comment and ill contact you back ASAP!

    {Map Name}
    {Map Type}
    {Original Map Maker}
    {Original Map Post}
    {Map Download Link}
    {Any Other Info}

    Maps On The Review List:
    The Waking
    Real Speed Parkour II:Completed
    Not Ready To Die
    Corrupted Lands
    Dwarves on Pie Beach
    Oceans Edge
    Plus Point 1.0
    Plus Point 2.0:Hub 00
    Vengeance Of The Queen:Waiting To Be Finished
    Kingdom Sniper
    Wrath's Vengeful Calling
    Perilous Depths
    Blockature Laboratories
    The Pierena
    Mineshaft run
    The Cubes Adventure 2
    The Crystal Maze

    Maps I Have Reviewed:
    Other maps I have done Let's Play's On

    More About My Channel:
    More Info About My Channel
    Like I said I do have 118 subscribers and do plan on growing, I have about 1913 videos views. I do most of my Let's Play's with friends I
    rarely do it solo. Thats about all I really have to say go check my
    channel out for more info
    Channel Link:http://www.youtube.com/user/RideDatPigStudios?feature=guide

    Grading Scale:
    I do plan on grading these maps with a grade scale but I am working on building something for grading so if your map is not graded it ill be on a different video I promise

    Grading Scale:
    *I do not plan on using this anytime soon because I would have to build something and well you get the point

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    posted a message on [1.6.1] [Survival] Zogip2's SkyBlock Variants

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    posted a message on Youtuber Looking For Maps For Let's Plays
    Quote from cannibutter

    Sky Island

    Hey Dude! Here I Have a Newer Better Remake of Skyblock
    So if you enjoy survival, You'll Love this

    The page has many challenges, bonus challenges & Photo Hints +Screenshots You could take a quick look at

    *Keep in mind I need a Youtube Video To Embed Onto the original post Still, That could be You

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    posted a message on Youtuber Looking For Maps For Let's Plays
    Quote from branko888

    Map Name: The Obsidian Wall
    Map Type: PvP
    Original map maker: branko888
    Original map post: http://www.minecraft...idian-wall-pvp/
    Map download link: https://dl.dropboxus...sidian Wall.zip

    other info: it is a map were you have to mine through a thick obsidian wall to reach the enemy players, however you have a choice of mining thought the wall or mining obsidian around chests to get weapons, enchantments and building materials. I recommend you play it with friends
    your map has been added to the maybe list I need to check it out first
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