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    posted a message on [1.5.2]Smooth GUI Mod -Updated to V2.1 in Minecraft 1.5.2!
    Quote from SASSHAD0W

    dame that must of taken you a while

    Well I for one, think this is really nice looking. If I wasn't playing the Snapshot I would definitively download this.

    One thing I think would look nice if you added some slight gradients to the solid colors so it isn't totally flat. Would be really neat if you changed all the menus like the inventory, or crafting menu, or whatever else.

    In any case, I do like this. c:
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    posted a message on Starting your own NPC village?
    Unless your in Creative where you can just slap some Villager eggs down, I'm pretty sure you would have to just expand an already existing village.

    Maybe you could build some forced pathway that forces villagers to flee from Zombies to the area of your choosing?
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    posted a message on the best minecraft review ever!
    Quote from Netherspawn

    I think this review wasn't serious, although I found it VERY valid. Minecraft is totally minimalistic - everything is just so simple and undeveloped.

    Anyway, most other reviews are biased as well, just to another side. 10/10 rating for an unfinished, badly and slowly developing game? No, thanks.

    Except that a lot of information was blatantly wrong.

    To make a good review, I think it needs three things. Facts, experience, and if the player enjoyed it or not.
    Facts being truth.
    Experience being did you actually try out most/all the features of the game, and did you beat it legitimately? As in with MC's case, without Creative Mode on?
    And if the player enjoyed it or not.

    This was missing two of them.
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    posted a message on the best minecraft review ever!
    Ugh, awful review.
    I don't even know where to start with this.
    Your intro is way too long. You music is fairly terrible.
    You obviously haven't gotten into any interesting combat situations. Try playing on normal next time, and go into a cave, craft a bow, also you can sprint to knock enemies back further. You can also block with your sword. Also you forgot to mention that Creepers do have some interesting AI. While when they do see you they charge at you, they do have AI that tells them to hide around corners, in caves, behind trees, etc. so you won't see them, and so you will walk right into their trap. Also Enderman can be pretty deadly if you don't see them after they teleport.
    Rotten Flesh and Raw Chicken don't poison you. After the initial hunger boost, they quickly drain the hunger meter.
    Minecon was sold out, 5000 people were at the event, I also love how you didn't bother to mention anything about the actual Minecraft stuff at Minecon, like both the Xbox trailer and the release trailer that was shown when Notch pulled the lever, or all the other videos and such.
    The game is $25 ($30 now?). Hardly consider Notch to be 'stealing my money.'
    Complaining about the graphics? My question is why try and fix what ain't broke? Also I'm 90% sure they did hire a graphic artist.
    Also your 'Pro Tips' are wrong. Most of them were either totally wrong, or had some piece of information that was never announced or otherwise had any sort of news about.
    Pretty sure sponge was removed.
    Wool Regrowth is a bug that is going to be fixed.
    You forgot that coco beans are also used as a dye for wool.
    What features from mods exactly? Pistons? Those were added because the community was begging for them in the vanilla game.
    What does Notch's old projects have to do with MC?
    Also, you never tried actually building anything? You played the game for only about... 20 minutes just walking around?

    tl;dr, Get your facts straight, stop using crap music, and stop putting those awful farting sound effects in constantly, even if I agreed with you, I would have still said this was a crap review because of that. I'll make sure to block you on Youtube, Theworstgamerusa.
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    posted a message on There is an Enderdragon in my world.
    I think I see another one in the distance?

    Look closely near that cactus under the first one.
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    posted a message on Holy crap what's with all the ponies?
    Quote from monstermistress

    And ponies are all over the internet, not just here.

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    posted a message on Holy crap what's with all the ponies?
    Fad over a horrible cartoon.

    Just come and get in the bomb shelter, and we'll wait it out.
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    posted a message on What do you want populating NPC Villages?
    Where is the all of the above option?

    I want each village to consist of a different type of creature. I want goblin villages, human villages, pigmen villages, etc.
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    posted a message on roblox vs minecraft vs blockland

    Roblox WAS good around 07 and earlier. In 08' the community turned to crap, and then the devs basically stopped updating the game/slowed updates, and started adding features that would have been nice to have, but implemented the ideas in some backwards upside down way, then they stopped that even, and just upload new garbage decorative items everyday and ruined the game.

    I've only played the Blockland demo. I would have to say I thought the building was awkward in it. Because of all the differently shaped blocks, it made building weird, whereas in Minecraft everything is a nice, clean size thats easy to build with.
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    posted a message on the tail of Herobrine show needs your help
    Quote from rodman26

    do i need corrected grammar. this is not a copy is like the shadows of israphel

    Yes. Right now you just sound like some little kid that likes the Yogscast. Rather than someone who actually is trying to make a decent web show.
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