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    posted a message on [1.14] [SKYBLOCK] [WIP] SkyBlock Unleashed - A next-level SkyBlock map for 1.14
    Quote from Vagaloops»

    Hi, Ricky!

    How is this project going, man?


    Hi Vagaloops, thanks for being interested in my work :)
    Actually I'm kinda stuck on it, the school is taking me away so much time, I can't wait it to end to continue my work. Meanwhile, have you got any suggestion for the map?

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    posted a message on [1.14] [SKYBLOCK] [WIP] SkyBlock Unleashed - A next-level SkyBlock map for 1.14

    SkyBlock Unleashed is a next-level, skyblock-like custom map thought for 1.14. The main goal isn't just surviving, but using all the resources provided by the game itself without wasting them.
    There are three main concepts in this project:

    Limited Worldborder
    The worldborder will start as one block wide. The player will choose the better option to let the border grow without interfering with his adventure. The border will grow in different ways.

    Custom Advancements
    The main concept of this map are the custom advancements (ex achievements), that will give as reward border extensions and many items that will help the player go on. In addition to the main quests line, there will be many others (optional to complete) to do just for fun.

    Custom tools and objects
    The map will start as a vanilla one, just with some different crafting and behaviours. Going to the mid-game, the player can start using new weapons and tools, and he/she can automate some long or complex task to finally complete his journey, thanks to the Machines.

    Map release
    The map is still in an initial state, as are the snapshots I use to create it. So the release will be in 2019.
    The date is TBA (probably one or two weeks after the 1.14 comes out). You can be up to date subscribing to my Youtube channel (Italian) or to a future Telegram group.

    I opened this discussion on Minecraft Forum to gather tips and criticisms towards the map. Anything you think the map should have, please tell me here below. For more particular requests, PM are the way. I hope you'll like it!

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    posted a message on Minecraft Christmas Bundle

    Minecraft Xmas Bundle is a map made for Christmas 2017. In this map you can found 4 minigames that was popular in the year, and they're Parkour, Puzzle and Find the Button, plus another minigames that will be unlocked when you complete all other games, the PVP against the evil figure of Santa Claus! If you want to download the map, click Link Removed! For any problem, please send me a PM.

    Instead, if you want to bring this map to Youtube, please type these lines in your video's description:

    Map by RickySplashHD - Link Removed #mcxmasbundle


    Thanks to @StetoFire that remember me to add this section!

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    Quote from Suborai»

    Woah looks great man!

    Thank you so much! :D
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    • GENERATORS DOESN'T WORK (Singleplayer & Multiplayer) > To resolve this problem, you have to: open your world to LAN, turn on cheats and type in chat the following commands: /scoreboard players set @e[name=timer] time 1 and /scoreboard players set @e[name=timer] timing 1 (warning: they're two commands). When done, close and reopen the world. [Thanks to @DamianXarni (Minecraft-Italia) for the report]
    • BUGGED MONEY BAR (Multiplayer) > No troubleshoots found for this problem yet.

    If you find a bug, please send me a PM. Thank you, I hope that you like the map! Asd

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    posted a message on SkyLines 2 - Official Release
    Quote from Shadowfury333»

    Going to boot this up, it seems pretty polished.

    Quote from Noogai87»

    Yea, looks like the islands of Junara and well made. I can give this a shot.

    Thank you both! I spent over 4 months on building this map, but I'm happy about how it came. Happy to ear that someone like my creation too. :D
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    posted a message on SkyLines 2 - Official Release

    Link Removed
    Map SkyLines 2 by RickySplashHD
    Dowload here: Link Removed
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    posted a message on SkyLines 2 - Countdown

    This map will be released in 5 days. For more infos,read this thread(Italian only).
    For the live countdown go HERE.
    For the official Discord server go HERE for the direct link, or HERE for the guide (Italian only).

    Before the official release of the map, you can comment below with one of these two hastag to get your name into the map!
    • #MYHEAD - Your head in the Hall of Fame
    • #MYSTATUE - Your Statue (Armor stand) in the Hall of Fame
    Remaining: 4 SLOTS - They are NOT unimited!


    The map will be released here and on Minecraft-Italia (because I'm Italian :) )

    16th October 2017, 17:00 (UTC +1)
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    posted a message on Planeteer - A new way to survive
    Quote from SuntannedDuck2»

    Looks interesting. I liked Planetary Confinement quite a bit. I'll come back later when you have more to it. But I'm excited to see how this turns out. I'd like to record the map when any existence of it is possible. Sorry I don't speak Italian. 6th of March, huh. Well I'll see what happens. Good luck with the map. :)

    Quote from Akitori»

    IS the map gonna be released today?

    Quote from SuntannedDuck2»

    I actually forgot about its existence sadly. :( I had other things I was considering on 6th of March and the rest of this week. Damn. But then just now I noticed the notification. Glad the notification reminded me. I wish it was out. Will look on their channel and the forum comment for details. If not just have to wait it out. Maybe only the test builds or more map info or something? No idea.

    Guys thanks you so much and sorry for my absence, but I'm NOT working on this project anymore, due to some complications in the main commands. BTW I saved the world for future ideas, and currently I'm working on another map, called Skylines 2 (You can found the main ITALIAN thread here). Instead if you are interest to Planeteer, I've a good notice for you: after completing Skylines 2, I will resume my work on Planeteer! So don't be sad ;)
    I'll see you!
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    posted a message on Planeteer - A new way to survive
    Are you tired of playing the same survival world? Then you're in the right place!
    Planeteer is a survival map, which introduces a new way to play!
    If you have suggestions, comments and criticisms (constructive) write below!

    The video hasn't got subtitles yet (20th February 2017). They will be uploaded as soon as possible.


    • Completely custom craftings, totally vanilla Minecraft
    • New items and ores, based on those existing in Minecraft
    • Quests system with rewards, with about 30+ quests
    • Places and dungeons scattered in a map large 2000x2000 blocks and ready for exploration


    Dark Steel
    and many other items, weapons and struments to find in the map!

    Due to the difficulty of the map, it is possible that the map doesn't come on time, but since I am working full so hard I decided to give a release date that may change, so check back here often!

    6th MARCH 2017


    Builder - RickySplashHD
    Trailer - RickySplashHD
    Inspiration - Planetary Confinement (by samasaurus6)
    Beta tester - snoopleox (if you want to become a beta tester, please contact me in private)

    #MyHead - I will add your head to the Hall Of Fame
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