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    If you want to see what a 3 year long infinite world gen of this experiment would looks like, I suggest checking out 2b2t.org (Which is both the IP for the server and the website link.)

    It started back in 2010, and I joined it in 2011. I only stayed dedicated for a month because death was powerful. Unless you had a bed, of course. The spawn is entirely just gone. Lava and cheap cobble and stone structures blanket the world for hundreds of blocks, and the devastation can be very much seen for thousands of blocks. I haven't been on the server in a long time, but it's still up and going on. I'm not familiar of the factions, but what I'll describe in this post is what I experienced back when I joined. Results now, 2 years late, will obviously vary.

    I spawned in. The first thing I noticed was people punching each other and lava everywhere. The higher ups had made the spawn an object of entertainment. With new people streaming into the server, they decided to make a massive stone mountain at the spawn block, and flood it with lava. There was only 1 path off the mountain that you could survive. I attempted heading down the seemingly insignificant 3 wide stairs with lava around it, but it proved a problem as 15 people were constantly trying the same thing. It's funny how just spawning was difficult! People were fighting and pushing others into lava with the hope of only themselves making it off. Of course, once you got off you had no reward. There was no person waiting there to feed you, supply you, and send you on your merry way. Nope, quite the opposite. Most of the lava was around the spawn only. There were random bits of lava, but yeah, the majority was at the mountain. So outside of spawn was a pretty dark place. Strip mines were everywhere, and bridges over chasms were unsafe. I died a lot, outside of the spawn zone. Skeletons shot me off constantly until I either died of starvation or falling. Which was the issue. I tried to not punch as much, as punching depletes hunger. So I would normally get off the mountain with only a bar and a half missing, of hunger.

    That was what spawn was like. On the most successful run out of spawn, I met up with a faction of 10 people, fully equipped with diamond armour. They greeted me, and I got scared and kinda skirted around them. They threw down some melons and wooden planks, and walked back to their base. I approached the items with caution, and once I got them I bolted. Once I was safe, I gave them my grattitude and continued. This is all in the presence of just stone and cobblestone floors. Dirt was gone from site, except the small veins that broke the surface. Grass was nonexistent for me. Not once had I seen a single grass block, in thousands of blocks of journey. Then, out of pure and subsequent luck, I found a lonely tree next to a small dirt hut. Being the good samaritan, I took the logs and replanted. I got a hefty profit of 3 saplings, and continued my way. About 6 thousand blocks out, I started seeing grass. This was great! But thing is, all of this happens after the 1.8 update that added hunger, and of course, the new mob spawning behaviors. All the mobs were gone from the landscape, and I couldn't find a single tall grass block or passive mob. I dared to tango with a skeleton and waste time trying to get bones, but I was running low on melons. I made a rudimentary farm next to a water source and began farming a bit. I did die from hunger before I could get bread though, and I had to take a grueling journey from spawn, back to my place of death. Of course, by then, I'd have died numerous more times. It was very hard to get there before I died of hunger again, but I managed to make it just before I died again. After that I just waited for some wheat to grow. After I got a hefty amount of bread I continued on.

    Travel was bland and didn't have much in store. So from here I'll talk about the milestones. Here's a list of what I encountered in order:
    • Barren, hard to escape spawn of death and lava.
    • Barren stone wastes, went on for hundreds of blocks
    • Dirt huts left behind by previous adventures to wait out the night.
    • After a few thousand blocks, grass.
    • A loooong time of that and I found trees. Forests, to be exact.
    • Tall grass made it's appearence.
    • Passive mobs.
    • Griefed player fortresses.
    • Intact bases.
    • Untouched, normal landscape minus the odd player house. This was around 40,000 blocks out.
    All of this while the 60 player filled server had constant racial slurrs and fighting in the chat. People were in their most primal state here. Emotions let loose and... yes, I participated in the racial slurrs and bickering. It was only to get reactions though. People were shouting at others to kill themselves. Player deaths flooded the chat as well. Mostly from the spawn.

    I arrived at 50,000 blocks out, and still felt insecure of my survival. There was a story of this guy who walked to 100,000 blocks out and still found a player, who killed him. It was scary, even in the safety of the huge block distance. The server has no rules, so I raided my share of bases that I came across. After that, I got... irritant. I decided to download xray and zombe's fly mod and have my fun in hacking. I flew around and mined all the diamonds I could get. I raided hidden chests, and got to my glorious 2 stacks of diamonds. I then got a little bored of the useless travel and headed back to around spawn to meet someone. He died along the way whilst I made it. I grew tired of the death and racial slurrs, and decided to cut it at that point. I dug myself in and holed up, and logged off the server.

    It's now been 2 years. I logged back on just now and found to be in the same position that I left 2 years ago. I think I'll play some more, maybe hit 100,000 blocks this time. There is far less people on now then there used to be, and there seems to be little to no verbal abuse in the chat. Though, everyone still seems disrespectful and arrogant. It will be fun, and... heh, just like old times.
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    I wish you luck on this! :D Hope people actually apply!

    By the way, I give you the right to use my texture work from the original EVMC as placeholders or as the final product. I'm just happy all our work didn't poof away. :3
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    Quote from Ilikebluecrayons

    Same here. The menu loads up but none of the signs/buttons are clickable.

    You don't click the signs, you click the ladders or doors. :P
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    Quote from Doarry

    I can't open a world without my minecraft crash :'(
    Do you know how I can resolve this problem?

    Delete Meta-Inf.
    The mod includes Modloader already, so you would need to do so.

    Quote from AbeTheBlackFox

    Nope that didn't work.

    Ok, I have a bug here.
    I tried to fix it myself and it didn't work.

    I load the mod into the places you wanted.
    (bin contents into the minecraft jar and resources into the resources folder)

    I log in, and it freezes at 90% "Updating Minecraft" "Done loading"
    It won't go further than that.

    I tried redownloading the bin and reinstalling the mod. But same result. Any ideas?

    Same as above, try deleting Meta-Inf.
    The mod includes Modloader already, so you would need to do so.

    Quote from DeltaKey911

    Could someone put up a .minecraft for me... every time I try to install it it wont work...

    Again, as above, try deleting Meta-Inf. Modloader is included so this is a must.

    Quote from Nikom7

    Im not saying that the Mod doesnt work,but I drag`n drop theese 2 Files in the .minecraft,start Minecraft and i dont have Blackscreen or something like that,but Minecraft is still as it was,no changes,and can i put Toomanyitems in it too?And anyone help?


    You need to open the 'bin' folder, and open the .jar with an archiving tool, IE; WinRar. Select EVERYTHING from the .zip you download, and paste into the .jar. Delete Meta-Inf, and you're good to go!

    Tip: Backup your .jar, in case you make a mistake. Do this by right clicking the jar, and clicking 'send to > Compressed (zipped) folder'

    Quote from Tim_Kb

    I'm just stunned!
    I always thought that this mod recieved a lot less attention than it deserved. I think this epic amount of new content will definitely change that!

    Thanks! :D
    Morale +150
    Level Up! Now level 27.

    Quote from MinerMarcus2k9

    My jaw... dropped....

    You guy's did an amazing job...

    Morale +150
    Currently level 27.
    Achievement get: Jaw dropper: Drop it like it's hot!

    Thanks! We appreciate all these comments. :3
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    CONGRATULATIONS! Tributes will be PM'd the IP and we'll begin piling into the server. :)
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    Please, go to the new OFFICIAL thread! :D Click Me!

    PLEASE NOTE:We will be doing this again tomorrow. Noon tomorrow, Eastern Standard Time (USA) and anyone from the previous slots will be placed in reserve if you can participate. Tonight will be counted as a 'stress test' and we plan to have a lag-free working server by tomorrow. New tributes will be picked to fill in the unreserved slots, and the same prize will be held. I'm extremely sorry about tonight and I'm extremely embarrassed. Hope to have everything working tomorrow, and till then, May the lag forever stay away. :P

    Me and my friends are starting up a Survival Games server so we can have some true action for the map.
    This is how it will work:
    • The post will be 'enabled' for 1 hour.
    • As many people that want to play must post (1 post per. Person or you're disqualified.)
    • I'll use the Random Number Generator 20 times, till all the slots are filled.
    • Picked people will be PMed the IP and white-listed.
    • When all 20 players connect and are teleported to the slots, the Games will begin.
    • When you die, you'll turn into a ghost and can spectate.
    • The winner will be put in a Wall of Fame
    • May the odds be EVER in your favor. :)
    Rules of The Survival Games:
    • Only one player can win The Survival Games.
    • You can not break any blocks, expect for leaves and mushrooms.
    • You are only allowed to place blocks you find in chests.
    • Your inventory must be empty before you start the game.
    • No player is allowed to enter the host house.
    Rules for the host of The Survival Games:
    • The host shall light the netherrack the first night.
    • The host is allowed to add any weapons or food he/she want at any time in the center chests, after the second day has passed.
    • The host is allowed to spawn zombies, creepers or skeletons after the second day has passed.

    And NOW, the PRIZE

    Guaranteed Slots:
    -Evil Notch (Miclee)
    -Coconuts (Friend)
    -Me (RicksterCraft)
    -The other 19 people!
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    Quote from adamdude23

    Enough of this sick joke. I want the real evil minecraft! LOLOL

    Aye- if you go to Reddit's time machine, go to the year 2015. We have it done by then. :)
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    In relation to Thungon217's birthday- enjoy this water banner!
    To Thungon: Check the upper right corner. :smile.gif:

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    posted a message on Evil Minecraft is FINALLY releasing- on the 14th!

    Being one of the main block/item texturers for Evil Minecraft, I can tell you a bit about the mod before it is released. Most of which, isn't released to the public yet... but, what would you like to know? Ask me anything about features and blocks or items that have been added. I'll just hope Miclee doesn't see this himself. ;3

    So ask away, I'll answer anything you want.
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    Proof of effect of trolling on bottom of OP

    Vids101man, a young youtuber, has posted countless videos of him talking about subjects. Problem; he is about six. People flame him, troll him, and give him **** telling him to kill himself... and being a people person, I find this complete and UTTER ********. First of all, negative words such as, and I quote from a comment, . And what happens if he does? Cops will be on the scene, people will be arrested, tears shed, families devastated.

    I want people to do me, and him, a favor. Go to his channel, like all of his videos, and comment positive things on them. I once had to suffer like he did. One of my videos, with 20k views, has 4.7k dislikes, and only 276 likes, because my voice a while back was that of a screeching bat. So, with my experience, I hate seeing other suffer like such. Please, do a good deed, and save a life.

    /rant/ disengage.

    /rant/ edit:

    To those who say 'OH he is a kid, he'll brush it off!'

    Well look at this response by him, made before he even got the majority of the hate.

    Yes it is a generic horrible comeback response video that feeds trolls, but you can obviously tell by his expressions and wording that he is hurt.

    And also, search up on Google, 'suicide in south Hadley bullied to death' (Thanks Slyyz)

    This crap DOES affect kids, and it DOES affect their lives.
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