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    I did not play during the old times, but this grass is so much more appealing to the eyes, must use texture pack!
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    Whitelist Application
    IGN: Rick_MoonWatcher
    Age: 15(In April 16)
    Roleplay Experience: Standard amount, I have been on other minecraft RP servers, and the ones who I RPd with seemed to enjoy it, some said so themselves.
    Why you would like to join: I've mearly been looking for a good RP server to join, this one is not up yet which means I can make a good impression without hundreds of other players seeking to completely destroy me as soon as I start.
    What you plan on doing during your time on the server: I plan on having fun and Roleplaying(duh), I will also most likely help others out in chat(ooc) when they need it.
    Information about your roleplay(character lore): Rick was born in a small old house, in a small forgotten town. Four years after he was born he was put into a small orphanage which had only nine other children all around the same age as Rick. Rick lived in the orphanage for about ten years before he was too old for them and was sent to leave and live on his own. Rick had no idea of where to go, what to do, or how to do it, he just knew that if he had any chance of getting a place to stay he would need to do it quick, for he would not last too long outside by himself.

    Rick went house to house of the town looking for someone to help him, no one would, most of them slammed the door in his face and left him. Eventually Rick knocked on a severely old house, no one answered and the door slowly creaked open. Rick slowly peeked in through the door, suspecting someone to shoo him away, but no one did. As he looked around from the outside he noticed that the inside was intact but had no sign of life. Rick figured it was abandoned or else someone would have locked the door.

    Rick ventured inside leaving the door open in order to have some light for it was dark outside. He walked around before he found a small match(I presume there is a more technical term of an item they used back then, but can't think of it) he quickly lit it and then lit the torch that was hanging on the wall close to him. Having light he closed the door and looked around, there was a purple-brick colored fireplace that had some sort of blue logs in it. Further looking around he found two keys on a small table beside a wooden chair, he picked them both up suspecting one of them to be for the door.

    Atlas one of them was for the door and he locked it, to ensure no one would find him in here. He looked at the other key that was in his hand and looked around to see what it could be for, he searched the room for a short period of time before finding a locked trapdoor on the ground. He put the key in the keyhole of the trapdoor and sure enough it opened, it had a ladder going down, he ventured down the ladder seeing a small amount of light.

    Once he reached the bottom he found a medium sized room with bookcases that were almost all emptied, some books were on the floor but most of them were charred and burnt, unreadable. Rick went over to the center of the room which had some kind of stand with a long tube and 3 water filled glass bottles on it, Rick was unsure of what this was.

    Rick looked under the table and found a book it was chopped in half vertically(basically as if the book was standing straight up and chopped) Rick opened it and saw some read instructions. They talked about the stand he saw, a cauldron which Rick just noticed was on the opposite side of the room, and 'ingredients'. Rick found a chest behind the table and found some sort of purple warts and bright glowing yellow powder, and a melon slice that was sparkling. Rick read the book and begun to add the ingredients as the book said. Bubbles started to come from the stand and a bright flash of light appeared. Rick covered his eyes with his arm and looked back at the stand to see that the water in the bottles have turned into another color. Rick went over and sniffed them, unsure of what is was, he read the last sentence of the book and it said it was a "potion of healing".

    Amazed by this Rick drunk it and felt absolutely magnificent, he decided that he had to share this with someone. *Years later after Rick showed the people what he had made the town grew and become very wealthy and know for it's potions* Rick was now 23 and lived in that same house, that had been remodeled and improved. Rick walked outside and greeted everyone, but he felt slightly saddened for some reason, Rick went back inside and had many orders for potions, but he did not make a single one, which is the opposite of what he normally did.

    Rick felt empty, as if he was missing something, he drank a potion of healing that he had made but it did not help, Rick was confused and stayed inside of his home ignoring anyone who wanted him. The next day very early before many awoke Rick stepped outside still feeling empty, and walked over to the ocean which was only a few feet from his home. He stood on the sandy beach and looked over the wavy but calm ocean. Rick started to ponder if he was feeling empty from his solitude in this town, for Rick did not do much other then make potions all the time, with only a few people later on coming over to thank him. Rick looked over to his left and saw the new dock that was added but a year ago, Rick started thinking that maybe he needed to leave the town for a while and meet new people.

    Rick went back to his house with his mind made-up, he wrote a quick letter telling the town's folk what he was doing and that he had his secret stash of potions in his basement that would last them at least a year, along with the book he read many years ago. Rick put the note on the front of his door and walked to the docks. Rick greeted the sailors and they allowed him to travel with them to their first destination for free because of the help he has done to the town. Rick reached his destination and...(Cue Minecraft RP gameplay)
    Anything you would like us to know?: I think cut4biever is a weird meme *Hint *Hint*.
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    Age: 15
    Ign: Rick_MoonWatcher
    Favorite Type: Dragon
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    IGN: Rick_MoonWatcher

    Age: 15

    Gender: M

    Roleplay Experience: Not to high, but I understand the basics, and the simple rules of it.

    Pokemon/Pixelmon Experience: I have played pokemon almost my entire life, I still remember watching the first episode of the anime, my first starter pokemon on Firered...I use to have a gen 1 Charizard card even, too bad it didn't last long.

    I do not have too much pixelmon experience but I watched many tutorials of it, and was even testing it out earlier, A Gyrados can get absolutely huge.


    Character Name: Rick (Last name?: MoonWatcher)[why not? =p]

    Gender: Male

    Age: 23

    Backstory: Rick was a quiet trainer, he did not talk to many too often, but he understood many things others would not. He normally only had two pokemon with him at a time, he had his Charmander whom he did not name, for he thought they were silly. His other pokemon was a Gyrados, he raised it before it evolved, the only reason he kept it was because it was resistant and would not leave him alone easily. Rick had no path to defeating all that is evil, or taking out anyone who wished to hurt him. He was more of a stranger to all, he mearly wondered the land until he could find a place which he could relax and enjoy his own personal time. He went to many towns, but none of them where right for him, eventually he started traveling to Pallet Town, but along the way he was knocked down by a strong wind, the pokeball which contained his Gyrados was knocked off his belt, and rolled off of the cliff beside him. He knew this was not right, so he ran too Pallet Town which happen to be only 1/4 a mile away...

    Character Responses: (fill these out in character. These are to test your RP abilities. This is not the biggest decision maker, but can drastically help your application if you are good.)

    You are running as fast as you can to get to the pokemon center, your sick meowth pants heavily in your arms. You know if you do not make it soon the poor thing may not make it. At that moment, you hear a shriek. Turning to your right you see a small girl, overshadowed by a menacing Arbok. You have no pokemon that are fit for battle, but if you don't do something, the child will almost certainly be lunch. You give a worried glance down at your meowth, and then back at the scene unfolding before you.... you have a choice to make, and you have to make it now *Rick puts his Meowth beside the tree that was next to him very quietly to avoid detection.* *Rick starts dashing forward to the Arbok as fast as he can and attempts too 'tackle' it from the middle of it's length* Upon doing so Rick stood back up. *Rick looks at the Arbok and sizes it up* Rick speaks towards the girl You, young girl. *The child looks up in slight terror and says* "Ye- yes?" What town are you from? "P-Pallet Town" I haven't been there yet, show me the way, and I will take you back, or we can wait for this Arbok to regain it's energy and attack us... *Rick then goes back, picks up his Meowth, and follows the girl to the new town*

    You grunt with frustration as you return your beaten and bruised beedrill to its pokeball. How in the world your opponents sandslash is that powerful, you have no idea. You only have two pokemon remaining. Your starter, who is only in it's second form, and your pidgeotto, who has already had a hard day of battles. Who do you go with now? *Rick sends out his Charmleon* "You sent out that pokemon? I have an easy advantage though." *Rick took out a small capsule of the sorts, it was an X speed item* *He tossed it too his Charmleon who used it as soon as he got it* "What did you just give him?" *The Charmelon immediately and with great speed started to rush towards the Sandslash too fast for the other train to react to call an attack* "Sandslash do-" *It was too late the Sandslash was hit directly with close-range Ember attack* *The Sandslash was badly weakened, and burned afterwards.* "Sandslash use dig now!" *Rick looks around without moving his head, trying to figure out where it will come out* "I have you now! GO!" *Rick lets out a small smile* "Wh-What?" *The Charmleon jumps straight up in the air and looks below, the Sandslash has come out below it* Rick Commands with a low voice: Use dragon rage. *The Charmealeon used dragon rage directly at the Sandslash which was going straight up towards it* "NO!" *The charmeleon lands in front of Rick unharmed, the Sandslash lands infront of the trainer Knocked out*

    The trade being offered to you is more than generous. Not only is what they're offering shiny, but it is the perfect type you need to fill your party out. But... is it really worth your starter? After all you have been through, the countless adventures you have shared, will you forfeit all of that for the perfect team combination? You step up to trade machine, sweaty palms, now is the moment of truth..*Rick stops at the machine and looks at the pokeball he now has in his hand* Why would I trade you for anything?...*Rick then looks at the machine shakes his head, and walks away*(Very difficult for me to work with this because 'I' would never trade my pokemon)
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    Out Of Character Information
    Minecraft Username: Rick_MoonWatcher

    Have you ever been banned?: One time because of unsure reasons.

    In Character Information
    Character Name: Rorek Strongore

    Gender: Male

    Character Age: 48

    Desired Race (Elf, Dwarf, Demon, Human, Other): Dwarf
    (Note: if choosing other, the race must fit within our lore and must be approved via the staff before you will be allowed to RP as the specific race.)

    Desired Allegiance (Keyhold Canyon, Dun Morgue, Broken Hill, Trenmany Islands Empire, Unallied): Unallied, solitary.
    (If unallied, you may belong to a clan or enclave separate from the four Kingdoms. Please keep in mind that enclaves and clans can only exist with four or more members, and are not protected.)

    Method of Arrival: From another time, brought back to life with little memory.
    (As a nexus of all universes, you can arrive in Ravien via death in another world, birth to someone in Ravien, creation via Demonology, etc.)

    Character Backstory: Rorek(War-Rek) was just as his last name says, he was a strong ore, or hard headed. He died long before before the current Era. He was part of an old small dwarfen alliance that was not known by many. Infact there were only about twenty members. He was one of the first who joined it, he became a miner within it and became the best miner in the alliance. He would mine day in and day out until he couldn't mine any more. He enjoy it, he did not know why but he knew this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. You would figure being this great at mining he would be admired by all correct? He was not admired by all, in fact most of the time others would only ever talk to him if they desperetly needed something dug, mined, or for something else. He was rarely visited because he was hard headed, stubborn, and just plain rude. If someone went into his mine without his permission, he would come running at them in pure anger for doing so, he would only attack them if he did not know them. He was also very picky about who went into his mine, it would take a great and mighty deal of trust in order for him to allow you in.

    In his alliance not too many others attacked since they weren't known by many. But in the few instances he had to attack he would only use his pickaxe, if you could get him to attack at the least. He would not leave his mine unless he had a good reason, if his pickaxe broke he would want one hundred more. Many of his allies lied to him in order to get his help. They would say that the enemy said his mine was weak and pathetic, or that he is the worst miner around. He would go into a brutal rage and attack the enemy with his pickaxe without any concern for his well being. He would attack and slaughter them and sometimes take there heads for additional punishment. He would take the heads down into his mine and shove them between rocks, throw them into lava, or split them into two with his pickaxe. It would take him days sometimes weeks to calm down.

    One day when he was mining he started hearing a rumbling sound, he stopped, silent. All of a sudden gravel fell in front of him, oddly he never found this before while mining. He had no idea what to think of it, when he shoved it away and continued his mining he found more. This started to anger him, so he started pushing the gravel into lava, he started kicking the material he even started blowing it up. He just kept finding more and more, when he was in pure rage he attacked the gravel with his pickaxe as he did so a massive amount of the material fell down onto him. The gravel had destroyed him, and his pickaxe was all that remained.

    Many, many, many years later he awoke in the middle of some castle ruins, he was lost and had no idea where he was, he even forgot what he old life was. He then remembered mining but had no resources, so he headed out...

    Roleplay Example
    You are on a camping trip, surrounded by miles of wilderness, and little else. Your family is with you, each member in a separate tent. The night is crisp, but pleasant, and you gaze up at the night sky with a sense of dread, feeling that something is going to go wrong at any second. Your intuition proves correct, as a group of six bandits stumbles upon your camp, draws their weapons, and demands that you give them everything of value you possess.

    Your weapons are stowed in your tent, only a few feet to your left. The campfire is dying down, but some flames still remain, casting an eerie glow upon the scene. Knowing that everyone you care about is sleeping peacefully in their tents, threatened by the presence of these bandits, how do you react?

    "Well of course I will, here my pickaxe is over here.." *starts rummaging in the tent* "Ah here it is!" *Pulls out a shiny Iron pickaxe* "Here let me show you how I mine before you take it!" *Begins to swing the pickaxe at the legs of the bandits in rage* "Here have a closer look!" *Starts knocking them all down and hitting them constantly in the chest with the pick.* "You taking notes?! This is how you swing it the right way!" *after hitting them all constantly and making sure they are dead goes back to his position, and awaits day* *mumbling "take my pickaxe hmph, I will die before that..."*
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    The back has a creeper face an a :L face but if you want to see that meet me on a server =p.
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