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    Survival Challenge
    Hi, welcome to the Industrial-Bot survival challenge thread!
    This survival challenge could be hard or easy but mostly it requires patience.
    You are the last sign of humanity, a robot made to work in the mines of Minecraftia. After a huge bio-accident all humans were wiped out and without humans all robots shut down.
    Except one.
    Before shutting down you realized your full potential and moved on controlling yourself,but there are issues.

    1. You need to stay outside in the sunlight directly after morning till noon or else you shut down and lose.
    2.Even though you have your own mind now your past life still haunts you,so you must mine every ore you come across.
    3.Since your a robot you don't move well on grass or other soft material *wool is okay* you can only walk on them.
    4.You're a robot so being in the water is a big no-no (This includes rain).
    5. Sea levels 40 or lower can't be explored unless you have a water bucket in your inventory *Coolant*
    6.You can only eat plant material since they can be used as fuel.
    7.Eat all food raw.
    8.Play on Medium+.
    9.No sleeping ,you're a robot.
    10.Have fun!
    If you have any rule suggestions please tell me on the threads.
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