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    Sorry to say Flint but some of your controls dont actually do what you say they do. I'll tell you how they work and add some extras. (these controls are mostly steam controls)

    Throttle (regulator): controls speed indirectly via denoting how much Steam Pressure goes into the Pistons from the Boiler.
    Brake: controls the steam pushed through the brake pipe (when lever is applied it slows down the engine, regulator doesn't move when brake is applied)
    Whistle: expends a set amount of pressure per second to make a loud, low whistle noise. Just like real life!
    Emergency Release Valve: Opens up a bunch of emergency pressure-drainage valves that expend Pressure really, really fast. Won't waste any Water if the Boiler Temperature is below 100 Degrees Celsius
    Cylinder Cocks: Opens the pistons to let out steam
    Reverser:Controls which direction the train moves (backwards or forwards)

    And that's about all I can think of at the moment. If you don't belive me look it up.

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    Ooh you know what would be great? A moving Turntable that can actually move the rails made in this mod, the zeppelin mod combined with the trains mod by Spitfire (I don't really like his mod becuase the trains are so small), you can't move/turn rails with the zeppelin. I hope you can make that.

    P.S. How tall are the steam locomotive wheels?
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    posted a message on [Comming Soon] FlintTD's Trains Mod
    Hello, Flint would it be possible if you could make a hall class steam locomotive (British Version), if so we would be able to remove the woolen trains we created for the hogwarts express (made by me) on our harry potter server. I have a picture of the loco in this post right here-------------------------------->
    cab view

    And can you make MK1 Coaches in Maroon/red?
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Zeppelin [0.31] [WIP]
    Can you make it possible to move minecraft rails with this mod, I want to move minecart rails on a turntable sorta thing so my trains world can be complete?
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    posted a message on [Forge] TrainCraft (formerly Trains and Zeppelin mod)
    Maybe in the 1.3.1 update of this mod put in buffer stops, they're power would be to stop trains right at them
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    posted a message on [Forge] TrainCraft (formerly Trains and Zeppelin mod)
    I reckon in the steam locos every time a new piece of coal is being burnt there should be an animated shoveling sound that makes it sound like the player is shovelling more coal into the fire, and what happened to the sound that was played when the trains were stopped?

    Quote from Dekim_Barton

    i have a problem, im on a server that is running trains mod + railcraft and the crowbar isnt working at all. any ideas?

    You're not meant to use a crowbar, you're meant to use the draft gear, though at the moment I cant find any way to craft it, I use single player commands to get it at the moment.
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    posted a message on [Forge] TrainCraft (formerly Trains and Zeppelin mod)
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    posted a message on Minecraft Simpsons Springfield
    Hey, wheres the link to the most recently updated version of the map?
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    posted a message on [Forge] TrainCraft (formerly Trains and Zeppelin mod)
    hey In the link to Minecraft forge the is no link to 1.2.5 forge download. Can you put the link to download it on the page here.
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    posted a message on MagiCraft!
    The server is closed for some reason due to maintenance in the server.
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    posted a message on MagiCraft!
    We need an official name for the project, please PM me or Viva! We need this to release pre-releases and so we can make videos.

    Please don't criticize us for not being as grand as other builds, we're still in the middle of building and aren't even close to being done. The server may be laggy at points due to admins (like me) because of big worldedit stuff. Sometimes, it will be off for reasons I do not know.

    Currently all our work has been brought over to a new public server which anyone can log onto to view the latest version of our build. The IP address is:

    *ATTENTION* Please read the spoiler below is you plan to log onto our server.

    In our server, we try to make the experience as fun as possible. We have 5 main worlds, Hogwarts, Geminio, Imperius, Eden, and TestingGrounds. (Extra points to anyone who knows what Geminio does in the HP Universe). Here is a brief description of our worlds:

    The main world, you spawn here and you get to explore the Wizarding World from there with creative mode. No one can build/destroy except Professors and all our current work will be shown here. This is our Main Project and this is where all completed projects will go. To return to this world, type /spawn

    A replica world with a semi-recent copy of Hogwarts, except anyone has permissions to build in creative mode. This world and all structures will be reset usually every couple months and all your work will be deleted unless A. You transfer your structure to Imperius or B. Its awesome enough for me to add a protection on it and keep it. Do not greif this world, for it will lead to jailing/ban. To go to this world, type /warp Testing

    Another creative free-build except Imperius is a flatland world with plots available. Anyone can build but your work might grefied unless in a plot. For a plot, ask any admin online at the time. Do not greif this world, for it will lead to jailing/ban. To go to this world, type /warp Imperius

    A world still under construction, should be available within a month. Nothing can be mentioned yet except it is a survival world and has absolutely AMAZING terrain. Any member can get access to it early and newbies can ask to get a sneak peak.

    Testing Grounds
    Testing Grounds is a world where admins prepare builds/try out ideas. A lot of times we build our ideas there then transfer them into Hogwarts. To go to this world, type /warp Testing

    A brand new world where we will be showcasing amazing work from Imperius and Geminio. The best projects will be copied there and will be rated from staff. Only the best will make it to this world. We also sometimes have contests to see who can build a certain part from Hogwarts the best, which will also be in this world. To see this world, type /warp Optima.

    **Unnamed Dueling World**
    A world not yet implemented, it will be a copy of Hogwarts in which will be made for dueling with our magic plugin. Other wizarding elements will also be released with this world.

    Geminio is a whole separate world in which we took the latest version of Hogwarts, copied it into Geminio, but let anyone build under certain rules. Have fun in Geminio creating any structures you want to share with everyone. If you build something amazing in that world or donate to our project, you will receive member status in which you receive many extra permissions and commands including:

    Being an Animagus of your choice
    World Edit
    WorldGuard Regions
    Special access and sneak peaks of new worlds
    any many more! Possibly more coming soon.

    Rules for Geminio:
    No greifing (Don't destroy other people's work)
    No strong language (applies for both worlds)
    No blowing up random stuf for fun (which mean don't cover Hogwarts in TNT then blow it up or even just blow up a tower, its just not cool)
    and use common sense, don't be a jerk to people and listen to Professors (admins)

    Imperius is the 3rd world, and is a flatland creative world which anyone can build in. This is the only world that you can get a plot setup for protection. Currently you will have to ask a member or a Professor for a plot.

    Rules for Imperius:
    1. Don't greif
    2. Listen to Staff
    3. Make a border around your project
    4. Try to get a plot ASAP
    5. Dont add random holes in the grass in Imperius

    The 4th world is Eden and it is not open to the public yet, we are still working on it, but it will be a survival (possibly) pvp world.

    We are also almost done fully configuring our magic plugin, currently we have members and Professors testing it all over, so be careful ;) . It will be amazing once done and will try to match magic in the wizarding world as much as possible. (And trust me, so far, it's been alot of fun :D

    We are also affiliated with the amazing mod, QuidCraft. Since we are a bukkit server, we are sadly not able to install it in our server until it ports to Spout or in the new mod API jeb wants to implement soon. Check out his page here. Hopefully he can soon port it and make your Harry Potter experience in Minecraft unforgettable.

    If you have read all the rules, you may type "/warp" in game to get a list of warps. Then type "/warp &--#60;insertwarpnamehere&--#62; to teleport to that place. Use /warp to get to popular places around Hogwarts and to other worlds.

    All Hogwarts Staff are know as Professors, you MUST obey them on the server.
    Here is a list:
    Hogwarts Headmaster (Owner/Creator):

    Minster Of Magic (Co-Owner, Owner's Helper):
    Hogwarts Professors (Builders/Admin):

    Alot like Pottercraft's version of Hogwarts, we're also making EVERYTHING (hopefully) from the Harry Potter World, here is our basic to-do list:
    :Coal: means we have started building it, and is under construction
    :Iron: means we're really close to finishing it
    :Diamond: means we're done :D

    - Great Hall :Iron:
    - Grand Staircase :Iron:
    - Central Tower :Coal:
    - DADA Tower :Diamond:
    - Astronomy Tower :Diamond:
    - Ravenclaw Common Room :Diamond:
    - Gryffindor Common Room :Diamond:
    - Slytherin Common Room :Diamond:
    - Hufflepuff Common Room :Diamond:
    - Ravenclaw Dorms :Coal:
    - Gryffindor Dorms :Iron:
    - Slytherin Dorms
    - Hufflepuff Dorms :Iron:
    - Philosopher's Stone Chambers :Diamond:
    - Chamber of Secrets :Diamond:
    - The Owlery :Iron:
    - Hagrid's Hut :Diamond:
    - The Covered Bridge :Diamond:
    - Stone Circle :Iron:
    - Clock Tower :Coal:
    - Green Houses :Diamond:
    - Bell Towers :Iron:
    - Quidditch Field :Diamond:
    - Library :Diamond:
    - Room of Requirement (DA Training Room) :Coal:
    - Room of Requirement (Room of Hidden Things) :Coal:
    - Room of Requirement (DA Base in 7th book/8th movie) :Coal:
    - DADA Office
    - Transfiguration Classroom
    - Training Grounds :Iron:
    - Whomping Willow :Diamond:
    - Trophy Room
    - Divination Classroom
    - Potions Classroom :Coal:
    - Headmasters Office :Coal:
    - Potions Teachers Office :Coal:
    - DADA Teachers Office
    - Prefects Bathroom :Coal:
    - Forbidden Forest :Diamond:
    - Grawp's Clearing :Coal:
    - Buckbeak's Paddock
    - Aragog's Nest :Coal:
    - Black Lake (Hogwarts Lake) :Diamond:
    - Surrounding Mountains/Hills/Rivers :Iron:
    - Both Viaducts :Diamond:
    - Headmaster Towers :Diamond:
    - Triwizard Tournament Dragon Arena
    - Triwizard Tournament Maze
    - Triwizard Tournament Underwater Mer-village :Coal:
    - Hogsmeade Train Station :Diamond:
    - Hogsmeade :Coal:
    - Train Track from Hogsmeade to King's Cross :Coal:
    - The Shrieking Shack :Coal:
    - King's Cross :Iron: Finished today, just need to make a Hogwarts Express Version and paste them into main world
    - Passages to Hogsmeade :Coal:
    - Diagon Alley :Iron:
    - Leaky Cauldron :Iron:
    - Gringotts :Iron:
    - Gringotts Vaults :Iron:
    - Ministry of Magic :Coal:
    - Malfoy Manor
    - The Burrow :Iron:
    - Lovegood Residence
    - Godric's Hollow
    - Little Hangleton Graveyard
    - Privet Drive :Diamond:
    - Durmstrangs Ship
    - Beauxbatons Vagon
    - Grimmauld Place
    - Dumbledore's Tomb :Coal:
    - Azkaban :Coal:
    - Wool's Orphanage
    - Spinner's End
    - Shell Cottage
    - The Horcrux Cave
    - LONDON (hehe we are going to attempt it) :Coal:

    (*Note: We recently opened a new world for testing creations/structures and later moving them into Hogwarts, If you can't find them in the main world, type /warp Testing to see some of our progress)

    Here are som awesome screenshots:

    (New updated pictures are coming soon)

    We are also developing a Hogwarts texturepack that will have many amazing features including wands, spells, House cloaks, different tools, etc., I promise it will be amazing when it's done ;) PM me to get a sneak peak :)

    Yes, our version is mostly vertical but most of the things aren't completely diagonal, like the entrance courtyard isn't turned 45 degrees, mor like 20 or something, so we did our best to keep it vertical but match the movie as much as possible and we've had amazing results with it, plus it doesn't make a lot of famous places in Hogwarts look kinda crappy.

    Plus, no offense for whoever does this by why would anyone use sandstone to build Hogwarts? It looks really bad... It's kind of obvious Hogwarts is made of stone...

    I will also be getting a youtube page setup soon for some awesome videos ;)

    Banners: (More coming soon :D )
    Post this into you signature to use our banner:

    Awesome Supporters:
    The Maker of QuidCraft
    And many, many more
    And all the amazing people at Mojang :iapprove:
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    posted a message on MagiCraft!
    looking for an offical name for the project any ideas (check on Google or minecraft pages before saying the name to me) and I will ask the headmaster if he will accept it . However, if you cant post on this page for some reason talk to me on the server.

    Quote from Jude666

    When it is back up, ill make a video on it. Like a timelapse tour thing!

    No videos please, videos will be done by me or the other admins. Videos will be made when we have an official name and we will start releasing pre- releases. Thanks for the offer though.
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    posted a message on MagiCraft!
    Why isnt the server letting me in?
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    posted a message on MagiCraft!
    Why was the server stopped???????????????
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    posted a message on Hogcraft | The Magical World of Harry Potter in Minecraft (341,000+ DL's)
    The place where london is should be right next to kings cross with the toilets to enter Ministry of magic. Add a bridge over water to get to privet drive there as well.
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