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    Hey guys I just got a good Idea, explosive arrows, to craft them you get 1 feather 1 stick and 1 tnt in the form of a normal arrow, them you get 8 or so explosive arrows that have a blast radius of 4x4 blocks. Also they do not blow up until they hit something and they sit there for a few seconds then blow up, to cycle through arrows you press shift and you will have normal arrows. So what do you think?
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    I hate achivements,you know why, cause my freaking computer resets them when i log off, so i constantly have the annoying, PRESS E TO OPEN YOUR INVENTORY at the top of my screen, once i was digging down, creeper in top right corner and im like WTF JUST KILLED ME?, Oh achivements I TRULY HATE YOU
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    posted a message on stupidest ways to die
    Jungle treetop jumping, i hate vines, creeper hates me
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    posted a message on Want to start lets play series, but not prepared
    I can do everything but get you a mic and a server but I could probably find a good one. I am a total gamer with great MC experience. You can get a mic from this link: http://www.cellphoneshop.net/bhm10.html
    Its only 18 bucks.
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    Very soon I am planning on making a landmark town of bikini bottom and rock bottom from spongebob squarepants, if anyone has a server and would like to help me post below, I already have plans for Spongebobs house, Squidwards house, Mrs.Puffs boating school, Patrick's rock, Sandy's tree-dome, the Sky needle and the Krusty Krab. Plus a really cool castle for a spawn room of a server. If you have any other landmarks of Bikini Bottom post your ideas below.
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