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    Hi everyone

    Seeing as this is a community of other resource pack enthusiasts, I thought I could share my input on how you can potentially turn editing textures individually to using a sprite sheet, while still being able to easily break it into the files Minecraft can read. This is likely only possible in the Windows version but may see function through an in-application execution for Mac and Linux users in future updates.

    So the tool I use is called Aseprite.

    You can buy Aseprite on the official website, but is also available on Steam where it may be on sale from time to time. The website does list other sites you can purchase it from.

    The program has plenty of tools that make pixel editing easy and does have some useful ones I won't be getting to today, like tiled mode and animation frames.

    The tool that can make spritesheets easy to work from is the Slice tool, which shares space with the Move tool.

    If you arrange a sheet of textures to work from, you can draw a 16x or whatever size box you need around a single texture. When the alternate colour box (which can be changed in options) appears, right-click it to bring up slice options. You'll want to choose "Slice Properties".

    This menu has a few numbers, but the main ones you want to double check is the Width and Height Bounds, to make sure it's the size you need. the X and Y Bounds are simply the position of the top-left corner of the slice.

    Rename the slice to whatever the texture file that space is for, such as dirt or iron_sword. If you were making one grand sheet for both blocks and items or wanted to do a 256x sheet for all GUI elements including the containers folder, you can do that too. By starting the slice name with /[foldername]/ followed by the texture name, it will put that texture in a subfolder, and make that folder if it doesn't already exist.

    The setup for effectively using this can take a while, but you can easily use this for all resource pack ideas you may have by just making a new layer on top of the last.

    So, you've got all your slices put in and labeled, so how do you get the magic to happen? Well, that requires some mild coding, which isn't too difficult.
    As long as you save the editing document as the program's own .ase, a batch executable can run a process the program understands and can do some things outside the menu options. While this is a bit of a rough way for now, it is still in development and is something that should be added in the future.

    Open up your preferred notepad program and start the first line with:

    @set ASEPRITE=

    Following this, in quotations, put in the drive location of aseprite.exe. For the Steam version, it should end in "...\Steam\SteamApps\common\Aseprite\aseprite.exe".

    In the next lines, you'll note all the texture files and where you want the slices in them to go initially (any of those slices you marked a subfolder of will be placed in there.)

    In my case, I have a separate file for blocks and items, and so I put them each in an individual folder.

    %ASEPRITE% -b blocks.ase --save-as blocks/{slice}.png
    %ASEPRITE% -b items.ase --save-as items/{slice}.png

    The key things to edit from this would be noting the name of the .ase file you're exporting from, and the folder you want to put them into from that location (between "--save-as" and "{slice}.png". If you want to put the textures in the same location, just leave the space blank.) Make sure to put .png after {slice}, as it is giving a file type to the slices. .jpg would still make image files, but Minecraft would not be able to read them.

    Once you're done, save the file in the same folder as the sprite sheets with the desired name and end the file with the extension .bat. This will make it a Windows Batch Executable and will process the task you're wanting to perform.

    When you want to export the files from the sprite sheet, keep only the layer you want to extract from visible before saving (you can hide layers by clicking the eye icons next to a layer.) When you double-click the .bat, a command line window will briefly show up and close when the task is done. If you did not have the destination folders made previously, it should have created them and placed the sliced texture inside, each with their slice name as their file name.

    In the likely case you may not have all the textures on your sheet edited for the current version, clean up is easy. Sort the folder(s) files by size, and go to the bottom of the folder. As unedited files are blank, they have the smallest file size and can be selected and deleted from there. You can then move all the remaining files wherever else you want them.

    The program does have the potential to expand. While I only noted you can put a slice on an individual space, you can also use the slice tool to drag a slice to another space, and have several slices for one texture. If you could find the texture name of a single item or block from previous versions, you could have it export one texture edit with several different names and make it backward compatible with almost any version!

    I think this is probably an overwhelming post for some, and going this far for texture editing is not needed for everyone. Just wanted to share my knowledge for people who may find it useful.

    If you'd like to know more about Aseprite, they do have their own friendly community to assist and videos by both developers and other creators to go over some of the tools it has. If you'd still prefer doing your texture editing in another program but use Aseprite for a task like this, you could easily paste over a sheet once it's ready to be exported.

    Hope this helps!

    (And for anyone asking, yes, this has its own customizable interface, and yes, I made mine based on Mario Paint. :P )

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    posted a message on Doll House - Simple and Cute <3

    Just a little fun in 1.13

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    posted a message on ~ Crystal Caves ~

    Not sure how, but basically what would be required is the crystal parts to have values depending on if they're used on the head, handle or extra area of the tool. The head also determines the speed and base damage of the tool

    Almost all Tinker's tools also have a bonus effect for a type of material being used in the tool. Not sure what might fit crystal best, though...

    Also, while more of the high-end materials are metal-based and generally use the smeltery, I think the crystals could work as something that just needs the part building table and a stencil to form (unless you think molten crystal would be cool).

    EDIT: While just filling you in, checked back on Tinkers and realized it hasn't updated to 1.11 yet anyways, so it isn't anything to worry about. Even so, you shouldn't worry much if you want to keep your work specifically to your mod. :)

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    posted a message on [16x][1.8] ~Dandelion~ (Biomes o Plenty support) UPDATED 5/23

    If anyone has ideas for mod metal palettes that work with Dandelion, that'd be great

    So currently my AppleSkin support has the wheat an iron palette for when saturated, but I can try and see if a gold palette can work ok. Of the two options, iron is more likely to be noticeable.

    Also got the pattern chest done now for Tinkers. Had to make new files for top, sides, and bottom to make something that looks decent.

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    posted a message on PowerCrystals' mods - MineFactoryReloaded, PowerCrystalsCore, and NetherOres updated! - MFR 2.7.9 released
    Quote from Builderb0y

    For those who want to know what it is before trying it, smart move. It's a 500 block diameter tree. It WILL freeze your world for hours to generate it...

    I took this screenshot of it. Had to reload the map before it spawned and shortly after my whole computer froze.
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    posted a message on [1.6.X/1.5.2/Others]Pam's Mods - Feb 9th (I'm Back!)
    Anyone know of any add-on mods that let Harvestcraft seeds be squeezed in the Forestry Squeezer for seed oil?
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    Quote from dejablue

    Does this texture pack have a banner I can add to my posts?

    Puddles has one as his signature, just not sure if you're familiar with manually linking the texture pack to the image.
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    Quote from Steelfeathers

    Not sure what mod this is for, but any mod compatibly work gets a thumbs up from me. :]

    Tinker's Construct by mDiyo. Usually I do Iron Chests first but I'll have to find a way to make it work with the colour palette

    If you're curious, that's furnace slabs, gravel ore, copper ore, a crafting station and crafting slabs in the first pic, and a smeltery in the second.
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    posted a message on [16x](1.7.2) Pixel Daydreams (Beta) Updated 12/2
    There's a lot of SNES games I'm trying to remember the names of when looking at this pack. reds/purples/burgundy seemed quite prominent in textures of that era.

    Some simple preemptive "tinkering" I did.

    Now just gotta figure out what I'll do for the casting basin.
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    posted a message on [16x](1.7.2) Pixel Daydreams (Beta) Updated 12/2
    Another lovely pack by you, Steelfeathers. Once its a little more developed I'm sure I'm gonna try to mod support it like crazy :P
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    Quote from hulduet

    Let's say you're new to the mod and you build the smelter, it works great and you make some metal casts. Then you put some ore in to make some bronze but you realize you didn't make an ingot cast! How do you extract the liquid bronze from the smelter and reuse it later? I made a few bronze pickaxe heads but I couldn't melt them again!

    Also ran into some weird issues with the faucet, just stops working randomly and I need to reattach it again to make it work. Read 1.4.6 note tho, so I'll get that one and that'll hopefully fix that.

    Couple ways would be get the bronze level to an ingot count divisible by 9 and pour it into a basin. you can also pour it into pretty much any liquid storage block (I think seared windows can store it too)using a drain and a faucet, or like me I have a BC tank and liquiid translocators so i can drain and put pack molten metals :)
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    posted a message on DartCraft Beta 0.2.20
    A non-sped up gif of a force furnace running on a Speed V Core

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    posted a message on ExtraTiC - Tinkers' Construct Mod Support Add-on
    Seems TC 1.4.7 isn't melting down Metallurgy ores as it should, couldn't even do copper. They aren't mixing either as I had both bronze and iron in the same smeltery and no mix happening
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    posted a message on Tinkers Construct
    Well my first bug of d12 is I can't interact with the Smeltery Controller. Does nothing. Could Waila or TC4 possibly be a conflict?
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    posted a message on Tinkers Construct
    Found a problem between hammers and Metallurgy, posted it there already

    I found while trying to hit a high mining level Metallurgy ore directly, it doesn't mine as it should, but the 3x3 effect it has can destroy the block if you destroy something near it. Seems it doesn't work with wood level but a stone hammer can mine Atlarus through this method.

    The ore doesn't break if you mine it directly either, just breaks what it usually can around it.

    Doesnt have the problem with Tinkers' Construct's own ores.
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