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    • Comment what mods you want re-textured! Vote for Aether

    Clean re-textured
    -Most mobs[:SSSS:,:Zombie:,:Spider:,:Skeleton:,:Sheep:,:Pig:, Cow, Chicken, Squid, Slime]
    -Sun and Moon
    -Boats and Minecarts
    Other features
    -Inventory Background
    -New opening Mojang logo
    -Tamed Wolf collar is blue
    -Block breaking animation
    Soon to be added
    -Aether support
    -Custom Font(For use with MCPatcher)

    Download Clean Craft V1.4

    Other Versions
    V1.3 - Download
    V1.2 - Download
    V1.1 - Download
    V1.0 - Download

    -Updated all blocks, items and particles for 1.8
    -Fixed Bed glitch
    -Compatible for 1.7 and below
    -Added Shears and Pistons
    -Compatible for 1.6 to 1.6_6
    -Compatible for 1.5_1


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    Hey everyone! I have been looking around for a good stronghold seed for a while and never found one that is any good. Well today my friend, CreeperBacon, was messing around and accidently stumbled into a stronghold. Inside he found an underground ravine, huge abandon mine, fake dead ends, a library, and of course jail cells!

    -The Seed-
    -The Co-Ordinates-
    (Use F3 to follow these numbers to get to the strong hold. Fn F3 if you are using a mac.)


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    Just to let you guys know this is my mod that is copyrighted so you are not permitted to steal this idea. You may only post what you think of this mod and ideas for it. You may not take the ideas for any aspect of it.

    Table of Content

    I'm am in the process of making a new mod, FOAM CRAFT!

    Foam carft will be a mod the greatly extends the use of Lapis Lazuli. The mod is basically a prank. It starts with smelting a block of lapis lazuli. When this happens you get FOAM!
    Foam can be used for many things so I will start giving examples...


    Foam can be used to make many things such as...

    Foam Block

    (Sorry for not in block form)
    Foam blocks can be very helpful! First off, they are nonflammable! Also if you land on this block you take no fall damage! (Yay for all you cliff jumpers)

    Foam TNT( :tnt: )

    Start the pranks! Foam TNT is used to fool your friends. Place tons of this cheap stuff around your buddy's house and wait for the explosion of... LAUGHTER! It has the same properties as wool, but looks exactly like tnt!

    Foam Sword

    Simply an item that looks like a diamond sword. Does no damage at all, not even punch damage. Just imagine when you charge after your friend with a "Diamond sword" haha that would be great!

    Foam Arrows
    I guess that is pretty self explanatory. It is an arrow that does no damage cause it's frikin foam!

    There will be more to come I just don't want to tell you yet. Also post your ideas cause I want them!

    So post your ideas and thank you for reading!

    Support Foam Craft


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