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    posted a message on [OBSELETE] CUI - GUI Visualizer for WorldEdit [v1.4.6]
    Will this be updated to 1.6? I basically can't survive without this.
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    posted a message on Second enderman farm in server?
    I have an extremely efficient end farm, you can gather 30 levels XP in about 2 mins if that.

    I have it placed far enough away that, by myself, the spawn rates are insane, but if I'm at the end farm, and someone else is on the main island, the spawn rate in my farm suddenly drops to only one or two endermen every 5 secs or so, instead of the usual 15-20 every 5 seconds.
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    posted a message on How do I get rid of the F3 pie graph?
    no, a win7 laptop

    fn+f3? like my laptops function key? or are you making a mac reference?
    fn+f3 for me will disable my wifi
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    posted a message on Iron Ladders
    hasn't anyone ever watched bugs bunny??? How else are you supposed to make those giant ladders with the diving boards at the top, that he is always shoving yosamte off of into small pools at the bottom?

    I like the idea of an iron ladder though, and rope ladders. They would each serve a purpose.
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    posted a message on I need help with a name for my server
    Names are important, if they weren't then why would large corporations spend billions of dollars in research simply to come up with a name for a product or a new car.
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    posted a message on We need a mod database
    I've been looking at the mods, and noticing how they work, how they are installed and how they are distributed and I'm seeing some similarities between minecraft and vBulletin.

    "WHAT??? One is a game, and other is message board software, you sir, are insane" you might be saying, but let me clarify.

    My understanding of mods is ****, I won't lie, but from what I see the main minecraft.jar file contains hundreds of class files. So when a modder does work, he modifies the class files he needs and they are inserted into the jar file.

    This is all fine and good until another modder needs to use one of those exact same files, they insert their code, and we drop the file into our jar overwriting the previous mods code in one or more files thus breaking the mod or the game itself.

    vBulletin used to be the same way with the big difference being you could open the PHP file and just add the lines of code without removing any other code. Then with release 3.5 they created the plugin system which made it MUCH easier for mods to be installed and also tracked them from a central control panel so you could see what was installed and keep notes etc.

    It's far to complicated to explain here but if any of you have used vBulletin you will know what I'm talking about, however I'm not sure if this could even be implemented in a game.

    Although this does lead to the distribution of mods here.

    The vBulletin message board also has an extensive mod database which allows for easy download, location and tracking for the author all in a centralized fashion. Again it's kind of hard to explain and you can only access it if you have a vBulletin license but basically it allows the author to upload their mods in a message-board-style post except with the mod information ABOVE the first post and always dynamically displaying at the top on each page of the mod thread. No more having to go back to page one for the details/downloads/etc.

    When viewing the authors profile you can easily see their mods list, and mods available for each version of vBulletin.

    It's just a suggestion, but if Mojang supprts modding in anyway shape or form they need to start adding a little bit to the game and forums to cater to the modders and make their life easier as well as making it substantially easier for the average user to obtain, install, and use mods as well as getting support.
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    posted a message on Slime monsters Rare?
    check this out. I'm testing it now by digging a square (or rectangle) between the coords listed for where a slime should spawn, then I will dig down and see if it's there.

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    posted a message on Is there a cave finder site?
    Quote from MythSean

    ano yea lets all ***** about people who are using peacemakers and cheating death as well ;) injections for kids to prevent illness? nope not allowed thats cheating!! and yea id like a site also because i like cheating :D

    isn't a peacemaker an old western style revolver??

    Do you mean pacemakers?? ;)
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