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Another member? Gee, what's with the world. One day you're at peace, next day you see millions of undiscovered data of personality and avatar.

Name's RevGG. Age 14, not much to do around the house except play my Xbox, my Keyboard, and my PC. Gender male, and I'm a brony.

What I find absolutely pathetic about is the discrimination against bronies. Sure, they just don't like the show, but I love how they always flame at us and thinking that we're some sort of zombie or plague trying to infect the 'normal' one's brains. Because you see, we love and tolerate the **** out of you if you're flaming, and not a single **** will be given. And I find it so ironic how they accuse us of flaming against non-bronies, while we're accepting ones who don't like the show and giving reasonable opinion without being immature and over-obsessed with trying to disprove the point and thus the unreasonable haters/flamers are the only one who's being a ****.

A long paragraph? Tl;dr?

Alright you lazy punk: It's pathetic to hate MLP and accuse us of being idiots without giving reasonable opinion or even watching the show.

Feel free to add me as a friend.

Oh wait, I doubt that's going to happen with that long paragraph above...
Interests Ponies.

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