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    Quote from SuntannedDuck2»

    Sounds like an interesting modpack, do you mind if I spotlight this?

    Of course! I'm updating the pack today with new mods and some might be removed for compatibility with TechReborn and etc...

    Also updating the modpack description and mod list.

    Please feel free to tag my channel on YouTube if you post the spotlight there as I will most likely be doing a let's play with the modpack!

    YT Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXifUHli-DJmNYLsm_5NBKA



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    WARNING : This mod is in ALPHA stages. Crashes may occur! Please report them here if they do.

    Textiles is a Fabric Modpack targeted at modern Minecraft releases, currently supports minecraft 1.16x.

    The Textiles modpack offers tech, magic, adventure, discovery and biome generation mods that aim to add better than vanilla improvements while still Remaining true to the original game. It adds so many new functional/decorative items and blocks. Implements a skill tree and progression of various tools and materials to help with early, mid and late gameplay.

    You need the latest version on MultiMC to import and use this modpack's zip file and start enjoying the game. A version for the twitch client will be implemented when compatibility issues between Jumploader and other mods in my pack are resolved.

    Two forge versions are planned for the future. One staying faithful to this modpack, only adding the exact mods or forge equivalents as they release (might be a slower development). The other being more liberal with the mod selection, adding forge mods that fit into the same theme of this pack, with a slight preferance in tech mods.

    All the mods included in this modpack were not created by me, full credit goes to their respective authors.

    Here is the (work in progress) mod list.

    Download the modpack's Zip file here.

    How to install a modpack with MultiMC.

    Download the latest version of MultiMC here.



    Here is a screen shot of the mod list from the mods folder.

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