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    alex model versions?

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    MacPack SoundPack v3.1 - A realistic SoundPack

    Hey guys !

    I'm showing you my SoundPack for Minecraft. I think I'm not the only Person
    that hates Minecraft's original sounds. So I created a SoundPack called
    "MacPack". This one replaces almost all basic sounds with sounds which were
    recorded IRL and taken from mods and resourcepacks
    (see spoiler).I also created a website and made videos to show my pack there.
    You can see the video under this text. Support Me for my work if you like my pack ![/b]

    The website is macpack-sp.tk[/b] (If you like it, please comment! thanks!)
    First Macpack (1.0): (video)
    latest MacPack (3.0): (video)
    fixed up your english for you :D Nice pack (put the videos where it says (video))
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