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    Quote from jhit930

    I got this working using Repeatist's instructions from post #11211. I am using the KoP 1.3 V1 Photo Realism 128 texture pack, which i edited according to the youtube video linked to by 0Marty_McFly0 in post #11109. I also edited the block breaking part of the terrain.png so the background was transparent behind the cracks so that the blocks don't look strange when breaking. I also had to add the light maps from the sues adjusted pack to correct the brightness issues, and delete the custom water animations from the anim folder for the water shader to work. I, however, can not get godrays to work. Are they missing from the download that Repeatist linked to? I assume that is v10.

    Windows Vista x64 (Ack! but its what i have right now)
    AMD Phenom II x4 940
    4GB Ram
    Asus GeForce 9800GTX+
    1440x900 res (native for my display)
    I get 18-22fps, playable by my standards for a game such as this.
    I disabled motion blur (ugly anyway in my opinion) and SSAO.
    I was seeing 9-12fps with them enabled.


    The ray in this shot is part of the texture pack, not rendered fwiw.
    almost forgot, Minecraft ver 1.3.2

    As far as I know V10 RC3 - the latest stable update - does not have a working godray feature. Unless of course, I am horribly mistaken and someone had made their own patch without my knowledge? In that case someone should link it right away.

    You could give V10 RC4 a try, although it is only compatible with 1.3.1 at the moment.
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    Quote from Xyrell

    Same problem here.

    With the V08 patch für 1.3.2 I was having issues with object shadows, it was like im seeing everything three times.
    With this V10 patch I dont have that problem anymore but now everything is bright as **** (if **** would be shining)
    I tried the adjusted TP but it didn't help against this brightness. Also switched custom colors and mostly anything else off but it didn't work. Anyone got a solution for this prob already?

    If you haven't done it yet, try the newer installer:


    And while you're at it, use the following adjusted texture pack. There are a lot of them floating around but the one below is what I use and so far it is working properly. I cannot remember where I originally got it from so here is a re-upload:


    These two are different compared to what had been posted before, so it might be worth a shot. Anyone who are experiencing the same problem can try them as well.

    Basically, the way that the installation goes is:

    1. On an unmodded minecraft.jar, install Optifine.

    2. Extract the zip file and run installer.exe, preferably as administrator.

    3. Drop the adjusted texture pack on the texture folder and select it in-game. Play.

    A few important stuff to note:

    • Turn Custom Colours on. They make use of the adjusted texture pack.
    • Set Chunk Loading to Default. Otherwise leaves/wheat/grass will not animate.
    • If you're getting low FPS, turn Smooth Lighting off. Or if you can afford it, disable SSAO.

    Apart from those, you should be good.

    Quote from CerealSnax

    This worked for me as well. It fixed the brightness issue completely. I used Marty Mcfly's instructions, but substituted the shader part with the link from Repeatist AND I used the adjusted SEUS texture packs provided by the youtube video in Marty Mcfly's instructions.

    I made my own video to show it off, and put the steps that worked for me in the description....hope this helps some people, and that it gives you something to play with before sonic updates!

    Great video!

    However, I noticed on your instruction the 'shader replacement' step. From my experience, I believe you can skip that part. Unless you've kept it for a specific purpose?

    Quote from PowerHaus930

    I followed RunicTitan's video to the T and the SEUS adjusted texture pack partially worked for me on 1.3.2. I The waving grass and stuff is not working for some reason. All I care about is the water shader though so it doesn't bother me. I even got the shaders (water included) working on a couple other texture packs as well.

    Set Chunk Loading to Default.
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    1.4 is getting better and better.
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    Quote from Stefan-r87

    i have the same with the fanmade 1.3.2 installer. with adjusted pack and custom colors.

    its a cause of the poorly made and buggy installer.

    i found a 1.3.2 version on sonic ethers facebookpage in the comments in the post from 7th september about crossfireX this version is working great for me. ever if the godrays dont work.

    That did it. Thank you.

    I never would have suspected the installer to be the culprit.
    You just saved me hours of fiddling and tweaking with the settings.

    And thank you for your answer as well, Andayon. Hopefully other people will find it helpful.

    For anyone who is having the brightness problem, use the following: http://www.mediafire...8hltjc91lxtent1

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    Thank you for the response, IronWill1991.

    However, I am still on the same page as the people above regarding the issue. I'm not too concerned to get the mod working for myself per se, but I figured I would post my findings anyway if it will help narrow down the cause of the problem for everyone else.

    I have the adjusted pack with Custom Colors turned on.
    I toggled the Mipmap Level option to each available setting + turned it off.
    I set the Chunk Loading option to Default as other people have suggested.
    I also tried having the Graphics option set to Fast. Still the abnormal brightness persisted:

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    Thank you for the update.

    The anticipation for the official release had me on tenterhooks for a couple of weeks now. I decided I will not start playing until it is legitimately ready for 1.3.2. Alas, now it is. I'll be sure to let you know of any problem I might come across, it being one of the least I can do in return. Thank you.
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    I had no problem installing the unofficial release of SEUS v10 rc3 with the fan-updated GLSL 1.3.2 installer(do correct me if I used the wrong file). But somehow the game is now abnormally bright, despite the Brightness option being set to Moody.

    I'm almost sure that what I'm missing here is something very basic. Well, at least I hope I am. Because as of now you can tell how the spider in the following photo is almost white in colour:

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    No problem. I'm glad to have helped.

    The monkey in the image itself not an actual 3D model, but rather a clever photo manipulation done using Photoshop. I want to give you its exact proportions, but I'm not sure how measurement in 3D modelling goes.

    Nonetheless, I will list its pixel dimensions using XYZ axes:

    Head - X:6 Y:4 Z:6
    Body - X:6 Y:6 Z:4
    Arms - X:4 Y:8 Z:4
    Legs - X:4 Y:4 Z:4

    Hopefully it will at least give you an idea.
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    I know the thread is a bit old - and I'm not exactly a big fan of necrobumping - but I just wanted to thank you for that very informative, yet oddly cute post. You may be cruel, but you did it all in the name of science, so for that I salute you.

    I too came scouring the Internet for an answer to the same question after accidentally jabbing a kitten. Luckily, you cleared it up. Thank you.
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    How about the following photo for reference:

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    As for changes that you do in your "new [testing] minecraft" - so long as you install the same mod onto your "old [backup] minecraft" from which you got the new materials from and use the same save file, you should be fine.

    (Sorry for double-posting; the forum won't let me fit everything in one post).
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    I haven't played Minecraft in a long time, but I doubt that the idea of creating two .minecraft directories really proves feasible(at least without an extensive workaround). What you could do instead is, backup your current .minecraft(which includes your saves) and place it somewhere safe, so that if something goes wrong with your testing, you can just copy it and overwrite everything to start all over again.

    Of course, you could just backup your saves folder alone and delete the directory when you need to restart, but re-downloading the entire .minecraft folder through the launcher doesn't really work everytime, so you're better off backing up the whole folder manually.
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    For Windows nVidia Video Cards:
      1. Right-click on desktop and click NVIDIA Control Panel
      2. Select 'Adjust image settings with preview' in the left pane
      3. Select the "Use the advanced 3D image settings" on the right
      4. Click 'Apply' at the bottom right
    For Windows ATI Video Cards:
      1. Right-click on desktop and click Catalyst Control Center
      2. Select 'Advanced Settings'
      3. Select 'Graphics' then '3D'
      4. For Anti-Aliasing, check "Use Application settings"
      5. For Anisotropic Filtering, check "Use Application settings"
      6. Click Apply or OK
    Source: http://mcsaver.net/
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    Post his error log so that people who may be able to offer a suggestion can see it.
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    Quote from Freyaheart

    Oh no I missed it!!! I thought it was going to be real not an April fools day only....

    Now I'll never get to use it :(
    It is on his website: http://jolicraft.com/
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