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    Quote from drkoaeg»

    Does anybody know a similar mod for 1.7.10?

    I haven't seen. Also making this at 1.7.10 would be a lot harder than at 1.8+ as all rendering code need to be done using code instead of models.

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    Eventually I have found reason why my client crashes on launch. So I finally test it outside dev environment. And it works!

    Also tested it on 1.10.2 and it also works.

    I've also loaded more screenshots on imgur: imgur.com/a/b0Baa

    I think without any experimental features enabled in configuration it perfectly mimics normal snow and flawlessly extends it capabilities. But some possible improvements can be made. Notably making snow through entities. I think Azanor made golem seals in Thaumcraft 5 exactly this way. Such "blocks" can be placed anywhere, even on blocks with tile entities, like snow, and also it can be animated, e.g. snow on chest when you open it.

    However, small numbers of views and downloads make me feel... that this mod is completely useless.

    So, if it will not be used, I stop support it.

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    Shifted Snow

    Snow layers in Minecraft can be placed on full blocks only. That's the thing I always hated building with stairs, walls and all other stuff. Then I made my own snow with correct models that stays where I want.

    Mod uses Forge event handling to detect when player tryes to place snow on supported blocks and places its own snow layer that have needed model. Now stairs and walls supported by default.

    Also in configuration you can enable snow on plants, fences, slabs and enchanting table. They are disabled by default because of problems with their bounding boxes.

    Downloads: github.com/Reoseah/shifted-snow/releases

    Source code: github.com/Reoseah/shifted-snow

    Curse: mods.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/247230-shiftedsnow

    Such strange name is because of how first blocks really, worked, just shifted down by Y coordinate to work on slabs and tables. First few names I has used then appeared all used by different mods or plugins...

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