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    Just wondering. Are there religions on the server? I might want to add one into my application.

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    Please still remember who I am ;-;

    Don't forget your old shipmatesssssss


    Name: Sashimoto Hanako

    Age: 25

    Gender: Female

    Ethnicity: Asian / Japanese

    Place of Birth: United Greenland

    Defining characteristics and physical appearance: Hanako is thin and short. She may not look like it but she is rather athletic and fast as required of her job to usually make a quick escape from angry people. She can sometime be very intrusive, asking very personal questions and can be pretty stubborn to get the answers that she wants. She is also terrible at reading the mood and being quiet. Hanako is easily recognizable by her thick red jacket and black hat.

    Strengths and Weaknesses:
    Athletic : She runs rather fast to escape trouble

    Stubborn : Once she starts something, it is very difficult to stop her

    Smart : She can piece together information very well and can also cunning talk her way and get people to spill secrets

    No sense of delicacy : She would ignore the feelings and discomfort of others just to get them to say what she wants to hear. She also can't read the mood and will usually cause trouble.

    Does your character own property on the ship? If so, what kind: She always carry at least 3 pen and quills around. She has also asked the captain for a large enough place to set up her workplace.

    Background Story (At least two quality paragraphs):

    Born to a Japanese family living in United Greenland, Hanako and her family were one of the lucky Asians to be accepted in United Greenland, possibly the most friendly and peaceful place left in the world. There were no problems living there. They did not suffer from food shortages, her parent's had decent jobs to make ends meet. However, Hanako was for some reason extremely bored of the peace. She would try to compensate by being adventourous, always wandering around United Greenland, going to dangerous places such as the top of the construction site or at the harbour, testing her luck on the weak ice of the frozen sea. One day while exploring, she found one of the old artifacts of the old world. A newspaper. Intrigued, she opened it to read and found herself being extremely interested in reading the articles of several journalists, speaking about here they tracked down and interviewed people. From then, she tried to emulate the newspaper by trying to create one similar to it.

    Thus began her small newspaper talking about the many things she find everyday while exploring, her experiences of visiting some of her normal dangerous places, the secrets of her friends. She gradually expanded her horizons to writing about the prices of goods in the market, the stories of the old men who had lived lives before the flood, the opinions of others on several topics of interests. Then, her next adventure came when the U.S.S Defiance came along

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    Will apply for this, Seems interesting :-)
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    Is there any more news? This has been pretty quiet for quite awhile :P

    Also. More information may be nice :3 Lore and such
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    - IGN [In game name] reneeliong
    - Age 14
    - Roleplay experience Mostly play medieval roleplay servers
    - Mic I have one
    - Teamspeak Haven't really used this before
    - Skype ID Jvample
    - How you can help our community I am a good builder and I love serving people ( Cause I never get the chance to rule over people :P )
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    Nice server
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    IGN : reneeliong

    Aylah Siegrain

    Aylah was a slave of the Kingdom of Regalia since the age of 10 when she was captured along with her best friend Siegrain. They were both of the same age. Forced to do tough labour, the children lived their lives in terror under the hands of the King of Regalia. 3 years of grime work went by. Aylah soon could not take it and tried to escape. She and Siegrain were caught in their prison cell with a hole underneath their beds. Siegrain lied to the Guard that he dug that hole and Aylah had nothing to do with it. The Guard drew his sword and drove it into Siegrain's body. Everything happened in slow motion. Siegrain pulled the sword out of his chest and stabbed the Guard. Both fell killed by the same sword. With his dying breath Siegrain said " Save .. yourself ... I may die but you can live on... I'm sorry to have to.. stain your life with blood ..Go now .. and be free. " His eyes went blank. Crying, she ran. No Guards were there to stop her, all occupied by the forces that suddenly came from the Kingdom of Idoro. She ran towards the soldiers from Idoro. She fell and knocked her head on a sharp flint leaving a deep scar on her right eye. A mark that Siegrain had given him, a reminder of her dreadful past. She took on the name Siegrain and swore revenge against the Regalia King
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