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    @ Infamy

    That's not evil. That's simply being kind to the creepers. You wouldn't want to upset creepers, would you?
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    @Ragepath discussion

    I quit at the second area because it was just too much. There was no way to fight the mobs without bridging and then the ­ castle just.. goddamn. There were way too many mobs, they took 5-6 hits to kill unless you got a smite 2 fire aspect 1 sword and the reward (unless I missed the wool somehow) wasn't even nearly worth the massive path I had to take to get there. It didn't feel very rewarding and it felt like exploration of large portions of the map was required instead of a nifty optional tidbit that could give you a cool piece of loot as it was the only way to get half-decent weapons and a lot of the loot was just recycled. It overall didn't feel rewarding and, while the aesthetics were nice, the gameplay and design were weak enough to stop me from playing. It's like a 5-6/10 map, even though it's really good aestheticlly it suffers from just not having much of a motivation for the player to keep on going other than 'hey, this is really ­ing hard!" which I dont feel suffices as a proper method to get the player to continue playing, y'know? It'd be really nice if some meaningful loot (Like cool enchanted armor or enchanted swords or additional wolves or potions) were stuck in places instead of just enchanting books and generic meh tier swords. It'd help keep the player through. That's the thing with large areas, unless they're coated in loot they end up feeling too big and the challenge of taking them down isn't matched by the reward. I enjoyed Rage of the Reptiles because the loot was fair for the challenge, but in Merciless Mines I saw the difficulty ramp up fairly heavily and the rewards stay more or less the same. I can enjoy and cherish a well-made large area but they're a LOT more difficult to create properly as you have to add in more loot or else you end up with a Dormant Mines-esque really tough area that doesn't contain enough loot to excite the player and instead just carries on too long and feeds boredom and ragequits. And again, the example of Dormant Mines should make it obvious that this happens OFTEN. It's not just your map, it also sorta hurt my opinion of Pantheon heavily and even sorta ruined Inferno Mines a little (even though that was mainly cause I couldn't handle the ­ing witches in Everforge). Large areas are very difficult to pull off and are rarely rewarding, so it's a really big risk to take on a project like that for your first map. Work on the design and gameplay for your second map and I can see you being a truly great mapmaker, though :3
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    (Pardon me if this ends up not being the proper place to place this, but oh well)

    Since it's not quite a large enough thing (no screenshots) to create a thread nor do I have any of it finalized, I've decided to post a bit about my upcoming map to this thread (It'll be named 'Twisted Ultimatium')

    The reason why I post it here, just to make sure everyone understands, is because I typically dislike CTM threads that don't have a product, let alone don't have screenshots. Therefor, I feel like this would be a good place to share concepts and stuff. If I'm wrong, then oh well. Worth a try ^^

    - It'll feature a 26 basic block monument, featuring 16 wools, 4 blocks, 2 types of books, 3 mob heads and 1 type of weapon
    - There will be a thriving post-game that not only features a few basic areas but has areas added to it with time, sortof like an MMO.
    - It will be incredibly challenging, featuring a ton of custom mobs and a vast amount of creative 'traps'.
    - You will have a main base throughout most of the mid-game and late-game that, while allowing the map to be fairly easy to speedrun, will allow players who want to keep a consistent base throughout the game that option.
    - There will be five intersections of gradually climbing difficulty.
    - Features new 'arena' areas, which have you facing off against insanely difficult custom mobs in unique terrain.
    - Each area has a cascade of optional places to go to get some amazing loot and is fairly large.
    - Oh, and did I mention that there's going to be boss battles? (at least as planned, if I seriously hit a wall here then there won't be any, unfortunally)

    Also, here's the poem (Still a W.I.P, but contains most of the important stuff) that you'll see at the start of the game and in the thread.

    Where the bones of the wasted lay
    Skin set aside by a flay
    Core of explosions, a staple of lore
    Chime of the treasures to plunder, more!
    Carved into the lake of purgatory
    Villian's lair straight out of a story
    But, you aren't the only hero around
    When you explore the salvage of the drowned
    A city of gold where the citizens are hysteria
    Sinking deeper and deeper into the malaria
    Into the land of the ruins and illusions
    Crushed by the fog that was never found by humans
    Storming a citadel to find what you reap
    But what you find makes your conscious weep
    You will not be prepared
    Now, are you scared?

    (Trust me it'll be better with screenshots, but it's still in its infancy and, since it's my first map, it may take a while to grab a hold of, which is why the thread isn't up. By the way, there will be an open beta which will come with the thread as well. Alpha requires an application and pre-alpha is closed.)

    Also, for the post-game, there may be guest areas. We will see. But yeah, I feel like this works. Might be missing a thing or two, but oh well :3
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    You have to realize that Vechs doesn't cater to a handful of people, but the majority of his fans. Also, the last few areas were made for Vech's friends, that may be why they weren't the best.

    Didn't you sorta contradict yourself there?
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