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    I found this new rp server and I love it it is fun and admins are kick arsh (idk if u can say a with two s) ok back to what i was saying it is fun and carefree get a house in the main city or go build ur own town. it is all good it is rp so ic will be nice. But it is white listed so fill out the app below to join.

    1:no greffing
    2:no sealing
    3 do not be mean to admins
    4 don't kill unless u have a reason to (it is pvp)
    5:don't ask for anything. it is legit

    reasons why they should let you join:
    what will u bring to the server:
    Are u a grieffer:
    do you understand the rules:

    fill that out and ill be look at the forum around every 15 mins
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