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    Quote from spectraltr4v15

    What's the IP?

    IF you go to the site you will see it it is a whitelist so you have to fill out and application.
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    We are hosting a roleplaying server and would like more players to join us in roleplay. We have already built an entire detailed kingdom on the server filled with unique and creative buildings. We have also began building many villages around the main city. We are in the process of building landmarks and other kingdoms in far off lands so that we can design factions. There are currently four guilds including the Ironclad Fighters Guild, the Mages Guild, the Silver Mask Thieves guild, and the Twin Faith Healers Guild. We are looking into creating an Assassin's guild currently.
    We are only looking for players that want to roleplay. Roleplay on this server is enforced.

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    The Dire Brothers are a gaming group that was created in the year 2000. It was formed by two cousins by the names of Adrian Richards and Daniel Buckley. Over the years, close gaming friends were invited into this group. Being such a tight knit group, it remains small, having less that twenty members. However, this gamer group reaches out and constantly includes others in its pursuits.

    There are currently three Dire Brothers that actively play Minecraft. They are hosting a server known as Dire World. This server has a medieval fantasy theme, and welcomes all who enjoy roleplaying. If you are a roleplayer, and you enjoy Minecraft, this may be the right place for you!

    For more Information and server rules you can visit the site listed below. The were is protected against grieffing. If someone grieffes we will know and that person with out hesitation will be banned. He have a a unique way of keeping everyone in character. TO apply for the server click the link below and fill out the application.

    Meet the team.

    Matt Swanger - Server host and lead technical design. Programmer and plugin manager.

    Graduated from SUNY Brockport with a Bachelor's in Computer Science.


    Adrian Richards - Lead Designer, server recruiter, and website admin.

    Marine Corps Reservist.

    Currently pursuing a Bachelor's in Game Design at Full Sail University.


    Joel Johnstone - QA Tester and design advisor.

    Graduated from Pennsylvania College of Technology.


    Remnic Ashru - the crazy mod
    Works at krogers

    This is the link to the site come and join today. http://direworld.guildlaunch.com/index.php?gid=239784

    on the left hand side you will see the Membership side bar, under that is join the guild fill out that out and you will be messaged and whitelisted as soon as an admin checks you application.
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    Role-Play Exp.:i played DND for 4 years
    Why Us:looking of a descant rpg severs
    Time You Can Dedicate:as long as i am not working i am ok


    Name:Orisius Jack
    Fears:fire, death, creepers.
    Personality:a con artist. he gets info hear and there listing or just listing form a distance. and he uses the info to make a good coin. moslty a high taking fella taht knows how to have a good time.
    Skills:farming and talking to people.
    Nickname (Optional):Jack of all trades
    RP Example (Add Dialogue):"SO you looking for a place with a find price in supply's well you came to the right place" opens chest full of supply bread, watermelon sugarcane, all in the chest warped and ready to be selled
    Skin (Link, picture, description):well dressed man in a suit like outfit all white with black hair.
    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs): A man with what he knows he wants in live money. born in to a family with hardly any cash. He became greedy wanting more money. so when he was of age he when to work in a farm. his cash grew more and more. soon as he had lots of gold he left that job to a better one. learning new skills getting more gold.
    Travailing town to town new job new job wanting more money. All he knows is money how to get it who has it how he can get it from them. ( what i want is to be a citizen or a Political Figures that will most likely get assassinated lol for hi greed. He will most likey be working for the templars making them cash for there churches and god you know templar stuff lol
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    server is gay hate it stupid dont join
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    when will people be accepted
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    that is my skin
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    Minecraft username:remnic888


    Time zone:cental time zone

    What experience do you have in roleplaying?: play DnD for 4 year

    Have you read and accepted the rules?:yes i read and accepted them

    Did you read the lore?: yes

    Name at least 5 races on this server: lizarmen Skaven elfs dwarfs and Territhian

    What do you imagine this server will be like?:hope as u said best rp server that i can get in to.

    Where did you find this server?:on the forums

    Why should you be let in?:well i am great at rping and can bring great fun and mystery to the server.

    Screenshot of your skin: um idk how to do that sorry but it is going to match my person.


    Name: Riktar ferial

    Age: 24

    Gender Male


    Appearance: ratish looking body. but it is slim and more taller than the average Skaven. . wereing a hood to cover his face. his tail wrap around his body hiding it.his cloak is a blue hood surrounds his head with a black mask coving his muzzle.

    Personality:sticks to himself mostly. but when stuff need to be done he will be the first be do it. when is mind is made up there is no changing it. he is one tracked. he is to honest he hardly never lies for no need to. his methods are not normal his hatred of the human race is shown. the only race he will be him eased around is lizerd men,Territhian and Chaos

    Ambitions/dreams: join an well know assassin guild. get his own clan and find his familys killer. end the souls of the doomed ( the people that are in in power that missuses there powere for there own needs.)

    Biography/Story(More then 2 sentences long): He was born in the northern tribe of kenshar. His village sticks to them self mostly. trades with travelers that go there to rest on there journey to the great city of Misitals. when he was 19 his village was attacked by knights sent bye some one in the kingdom. him and his father are the only ones that survied. so they took flight running with the knight on there tails. his dad told him to run he will stop them as log as he could. riktar saw them take his dad. and ride off. he years pass and he found out who ordered the attack when he went to confront him he found out that the true person that ordered it was in the other country. so this is were we begin.

    Other information: that is about it um hope i get in
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    Role-Play Exp.:I played Dnd for 4 years
    Why Us:Looking for a good Rp server that will not restart there map
    Time You Can Dedicate:lots of time as long as i am not working


    Fears:Death of loved ones, and close friends
    Personality:quite, not friendly
    Skills:info gathering and running locating targets.
    Nickname (Optional):Dark kukir
    RP Example (Add Dialogue):Stands over his dieing body as he neals down, "your death will be few in then many that is to come, for or acts your judgement is final and your punishment, is death so may the gods have mercy on your soul. Stands and walks away letting him lay there bleeding out.
    Skin (Link, picture, description):hooded man in a white hood and cotton clothing. a satchel slung over his sholders.brown leather boots on he feet leather gloves on hands.
    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs):Born and raised in Italy he life was normal family not rich nor poor. He was being train by his father so that he may join the guards at 18 years of age. His mom took are of all his cuts, his sister played when he was not training. his life was just how he liked it till is 18 birthday that is.
    Just turning 18 laying in his bed thinking about how the next day he was to join the guards. when the door was kicked in. guards ran in grabbing his family pushing them out on to the road. one by one he saw his family get shot as he was about to get shot the guards. fell. looking around he saw hooded man holding his hand out to help. ever sence that day he join the creed. and looking for the peroson that gave the orders to kill him and his family.
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    Your "IGN" (In Game Name)remnic888
    Any questions/concerns/comments? If not, that's ok.pvp will that mean that they can kill u for no reson. if so that will suck
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    IGN: remnic888
    Name: stranger
    Location: michigan
    Desired Faction: NOne
    In Game Caracter Main Desire: to be come rich and stay a mistory
    In Game Character Class: Ranger
    First Thing I will Do Ingame: well gather supplys and crate a hidden base
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    -Minecraft Account Name: remnic888

    -How old are you?: 19

    -Time-Zone/Country of Residence: USA/central time zone

    -Small 2-3 Sentence Description of yourself:I am a dnd player/game player. when i am not working i am on the computer or game system. I easygoing and never get anger enless push pass the line.

    -How much time could you be on the server weekly?:well i can be on it probably as much as i can if i get in if i am not working or not busy ill be on.

    -How long have you played minecraft?:for 4 months

    -What do you expect this server will be like?:a nice rp server were i can fully play as the person i am going to create.

    -What other server(s) have you played on and why did you leave them?:um a few most my stuff got greifed to much people are dicks, and or some thing stupid that is over and over.

    -Have you read, understood, and agreed to the rules?yes

    -What was your favourite Law?:theft is a punishable offence.

    -What was your least favourite Law?:none really


    -Character Name:Stranger (ill explain in the bio more better but the ideal is that he is a stranger changes his name and identity.)

    -What is your Race?: hoping to be a Warg.(but no one will know my race. i know it is not up yet but when it is ill be it you know lol)

    -Biography:who is he, that is the question he dose not even know. year after year he hid. from himself and from the world. time changed his mind turned everything agents him. HE changes his identity so many times he him self don't know his true face. watching the land grow as he passes. sun rising to sun fall. passing mountains, seas, plain, forest, desserts, and tunnels he seen it all. AS for a back ground there is nothing to write.

    -Character Age: unknown

    -Can your character read or write?:yes

    -Can your character mine?:yes

    -Are you a capable builder? somewhat

    -Can you wield a sword?:yes

    -Enjoy Farming?:sometimes

    -Does your character have any special skills?:he knows many secrets, trades,and how to kill.

    -A screenshot of your skin:it changes every now and then.

    -Other Information: hopeing to get in he is as i want him to be a stranger, a mystery.
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    name remnic
    ign remnic888
    looking for rp server
    no tnt makes a mess
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    About yourself:I work so i can be on when i am off. i play dnd on fridays i can be on alot.
    IC:(Charcters Name)
    IGN: remnic888
    Did you Read The Rules?:yes
    InGame Name:Stranger (no one knows his real name he changes his looks and name hidden behind mask of darkness.
    Proffesion: spy,assassin,thief
    Skills: stealth, pick pocketing, speech, slight of hand, sight(always play on far) trap finding, search
    About your character: not much to say he is as told to be a spy doing this job many many years. he has no reason not to do what he dose he works for cash. he is not like your average assassin or thief he is out in the open and he bends his life to fit the targets.
    Back Ground: Legend tells of a man that was unstoppable, not that he could not be caught or killed just finding him was the hard part. years and years pass changing life learning the way of his target. his skill in adaptation is extraordinary. who is he, no one knows, and even him self. passes from town to town as a shadow leaving his work finished. As the years pass his skills grew and he did. his life is as he is a mystery.
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