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    posted a message on Relyh's Monthly Minecraft Code Raffle!
    Next winner will be drawn on: August 1st, 2014

    Hey there curious traveler! Welcome to my exciting little thread. I assume since you've ventured here that you're seeking the treasure hidden deep within the confines of this thread – a free Minecraft account! If so, then welcome! Enjoy your stay and test your luck with a roll of the dice! If not, well, see you next time! Within this thread I will be giving away one (or more) accounts every month to a random forum user for free.

    "Wow, a free account! But wait, what's the catch?"
    Don't worry wayward traveler, this thread comes with no hidden mob spawners. It's merely a simple way for me to give back to a community that has brought me boundless entertainment within the past three years.

    "Whoa! Well, give me my free account!"
    Hold up there, take a breather. Before we get to giving away accounts I'll need you to confirm that you're eligible for the giveaway. If you're not, then just try again next month. To enter the raffle you must meet the following requirements:

    -You must have at least 100 posts on the forums. (I will check to make sure you aren't simply spamming)
    -You must be a member for at least 1 month at the time of entry. (I will check this too.)

    If you meet these two simple requirements then you can go ahead and proceed deeper into this thread!

    "How do I enter? Tell me! Tell me now!"
    Okay, okay. So, you've ventured deep within the forums and returned a month later, your 100 glorious posts in tote. So what now? Now you can post a reply to this thread with your forum username in it. Your post can simply be your username and nothing more, but if it doesn't at least include your username I will not count your entry.

    "Here, take my username! Now, how do I win?"
    Now that you've given me your entry I'll add it into a spoiler at the bottom of this post and assign you an entry number. I'll use a random number generator to pick the winner each month. If you've won you will recieve a confirmation PM from me here on the Minecraft forums. I WILL NEVER CONTACT YOU BY E-MAIL, SKYPE, OR ANY OTHER SERVICE. ALSO, I WILL ONLY CONTACT YOU FROM THIS ACCOUNT. Once I PM you I will expect a reply within 1 week or you will forfeit your account and I will draw a new winner. Once I receive confirmation I will send a code from a Minecraft Pre-paid card that I purchased earlier in the month and instructions on how to redeem the code. I will then post the winner to the thread and move along with the next month.

    "I thought giveaways were against the rules though, Relyh. Won't this be deleted?"
    I have already received confirmation that this post fits within the MCF rules.
    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns you can feel free to contact me in this thread or by PM.


    7.GCSterling Winner: August 1st, 2014
    28.Copy_Ninja Winner: July 1st, 2014
    Q: If I already own Minecraft am I still eligible for this giveaway?
    A: Yes. While I hope truly that you will pass this free account onto another instead of hoarding it for yourself, anyone is eligible for this giveaway.

    Q: If I win this giveaway can I enter again?
    A: No. I will only permit each forum user to win once. I'd rather not just continually donate accounts to a single user.

    Q: I don't currently meet your entry requirements but want to enter. How many giveaways will you be hosting?
    A: I can't really answer this definitively; however, I will strive to maintain this so long as it doesn't become a financial burden.
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    posted a message on Get Experience from Enchanting!
    This is possibly among the least thought out of Suggestions.
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    posted a message on why is it so hard to set up a multiplayer server?
    Quote from ampedreaper
    Just got the game a few days ago thinking that I would be playing alone during the times that my friends were all out doing things. Now that a few friends have asked me about the game and have heard that I like it, they are wanting to pick up the game for themselves so we can play together. One other friend picked the game up today and we have been trying for the past 4 hours to set up a multiplayer server with no luck at all. We have watched so many vids on youtube and we have gone to other sites to get this going but nothing works at all. I am playing on pc and does anyone know how hard it is to get a multiplayer session going with your friends on console? This has got me to my breaking point, please help out if you can.

    If you're playing the PC version and your friends are playing a console version then you can not play together. It's as simple as that. You have to be playing on the same version and platform to play with one another.
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    posted a message on Is Mineplex's EULA Update Still Not Fully Compliant?
    Quote from Princess_Garnet

    That they're referred to as "free to play" players shows the unfortunate mentality and mindset some of the server owners have taken over the years towards this game. Minecraft isn't a free to play game but it's multiplayer has seemingly sadly become one.

    False. Minecraft is not a Free-To-Play game. Minecraft is a Buy-To-Play which is something different. Or, it should be a Buy-To-Play game, but something interesting has happened - the EULA.

    Free-To-Play games are just that - free. You can get them and play with indefinitely without ever having to pay a penny out of pocket; however, these games often come with in-game cash shops that allow the players to purchase items. These range anywhere from cosmetic items, to mounts or upgrade items and boosters.

    Buy-To-Play games are games like Guild Wars. These games require you to purchase the game for a set price before you can play it. These game often include cash shops as well; however, they tend to be much less "pay to win" oriented and more just for fun or very, very small benefits.

    Pay-To-Play games are games like WoW that require a monthly subscription to be able to play. Once again, these games also often include cash shops for their players to purchase various items.

    Minecraft should be a Buy-To-Play game when you look at it; however, the EULA has now forced it into a grey area. The EULA actually permits server owners to require the user to purchase a subscription to be allowed to play. This effectively makes some servers Pay-To-Play while others remain Buy-To-Play. Mineplex has adapted an approach that makes it both Buy-To-Play and Pay-To-Play. Premium users, like myself, have given money to have access to certain features. These features previously included kits but have recently been reduced to a simple name tag, Beta game access, and the premium servers.

    What's truly saddening is the viewpoint that you, and countless others such as yourself, have developed. Why should servers be Free-To-Play? Why do we, the community, deserve access to these servers for nothing? The answer: We don't. These servers cost a large amount of money to maintain every month for us to all enjoy. Additionally, some people on the larger networks have had to quit their real life professions to work for these servers full time. It's this level of commitment and dedication that creates the large communities like Mineplex, Hypixel, and so many others that you all enjoy. If these servers don't produce revenue by being Pay-To-Play or having some form of cash shop then they will shut down. These "businesses" don't run off of goodwill and sunshine. And while we would all love to believe in the human spirit coming through and donations (true donations - not buying perks) being enough to sustain these servers, it just won't happen. The reason so many people donate right now is because they are getting a return. The problem isn't that server owners monetize their servers, it's that we, the community, have warped the meaning of a "donation."

    Now, like many others, I am fully against "pay2win" type servers that have cash shops with ridiculous benefits. I joined the Chroma Hills server shortly after it's launch, eager to join a new factions community. I was sorely disappointed to discover that I, a non-cash player (the correct term we should be using), wasn't even permitted to place lava buckets without having first donated. This took a way a large gameplay aspect for me and my friends. It was worse only because donors received "god armor" periodically.

    Ending my rant there, I'll get back to the OP's topic. I'm not sure whether or not Mineplex's new changes are within the guidelines of the EULA. While some trolls in this thread suggest Mineplex contacting Mojang is a far fetched idea, I believe we can all trust that the larger networks have enough pull to get into contact with Mojang easily enough. I'm sure somehow or another Mineplex has had this "okay'd" through Mojang. I'm sure they had to pull a few strings and find a few loopholes hidden under a rug somewhere, but it is what it is. We will likely see them amend their current guidelines in the near future if they aren't 100% up to par with Mojang's standards. A large network like that can't simply hide from Mojang's gaze. Also, regarding your conversation with a Helper, notice that they said, "almost completely compliant." Helpers are only trial staff members, but assuming they know what goes on behind locked doors, then you can assume that Mineplex will still be seeing some changes in the near future.

    Now, to the OP itself:

    1. This does not actually affect gameplay. It determines how often a player can play, but does not give anyone an advantage in game.
    2. The premium timer exclusion is an interesting one. I'm unsure about this. However, the premium servers can also be accessed by free players who are in a party lead by a premium player. In a way, premium servers aren't restricted to premium players only. In addition, free players can use premium kits while on premium servers. This is a loophole in the EULA, basically.
    3. Yes, we can; however, this doesn't actually give us an edge in game. So it is likely in compliance with the EULA.
    4. Yes, but not really. Gem count is more related to skill than time anyway. But premium players don't have access to a booster, thus they don't earn anything faster by the EULA's standards. Or, so it seems at least.
    5. Yes, but free players have the same access that premium players do. They can use all the same kits. It just takes a wee bit longer to get them. To top it off, the gem kits aren't any better than the free kits to begin with. There isn't a real advantage here. It is, to a degree, but only minimal. I'm not sure how they weaseled it in, to be honest.

    TLDR; "Ehhhhhh."
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    posted a message on Relyh's Monthly Minecraft Code Raffle!
    I have received a confirmation PM and the winner has been given their gift code.

    Copy_Ninja was the lucky individual this month. See you guys all next month!
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    posted a message on Hey, I'm new.
    Quote from Year

    Been away from this game for quite a large handful of seconds.

    Seeing as I cannot read, any MineCraft prodigies wanna' fill me in on any significant changes made to the game the past six months? The whole name change thing seems pretty spiffy -- What's that about?

    You can't read? I'm not quite sure how our replies will help you then.

    In the last six months nothing has been added to the game. The 1.7.5+ versions have come out, but they have only been to prepare Minecraft for username changes (Players are now identified by unique UUID's instead of their player name) and the 1.8+ skin changes (3D layers for the whole body!). The snapshots in the last few months have added a few new blocks to Minecraft's survival mode: Andesite, Diorite, Granite, Prismarine, Sea Lanterns, and Slime. Two new mobs: Guardians and Endermites, and a new structure, the Underwater Monument, have been added. In the snapshots has also been countless new changes all related to map making.

    If you need to know anymore learning to read is advised. Once you've mastered the art of deciphering text on a page, head on over to the Version History/Development Versions page of the Wiki to learn more.
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    posted a message on What is your favorite item in minecraft?
    Gold. Everyone's hatred of it has created an odd hoarding behavior in me.
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    posted a message on what is more rare emeralds or diamonds?
    Quote from DamienButter

    what is more rare emeralds or diamonds?

    It depends on how you approach obtaining each.

    Emeralds are only found in Extreme Hills biomes making them significantly more rare; however, if you are good with villager trading you can basically farm them for days on end as a renewable resource.

    Diamonds can be found in any biome; however, there is no way to farm them.

    As far as generation is concerned, emeralds are rarer than diamonds; however, emeralds can be obtained easier late game.
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    posted a message on Which minecraft version?
    Quote from Redford

    I purchased minecraft pe for my son for my iPhone, he is 7 and loves it. However I now no longer have use of my phone as I can never get if off him so I was thinking of downloading it to the PC. However I wanted the full version as according to my son the pe version doesn't have it all. Will I have to pay again and where can I download it from?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Yes, you will have to purchase Minecraft again. When you purchase Minecraft you only buy it for one platform. In your case, this was the PE Version. You can purchase and download the latest version of Minecraft from minecraft.net

    The game should automatically assign you to the latest version (1.7.9) once you login to the game for the first time. If it doesn't, you can use the Edit Profile button in the launcher to change it at any time.

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    posted a message on [Win] MC Desk Blocks the Off-line recipe guide [UPDATE 02]
    Alright, so I just downloaded the newest update for this (version and am still quite excited to see where this program is headed.

    As it stands now, the categories are well organized and easy to navigate once you've explored through them once or twice. It took me a minute to discern where a few recipes had been placed and a bit longer to figure out what the strange symbol in the crafting UI was.

    Right now though, I feel like the program's UI as a whole is holding it back. The menus and icons are all very, very small. I'm not quite sure why this is considering even a tablet utilizing this program could afford a larger UI than is currently being used. On top of that, it's honestly quite difficult to read on Minecraft's block textures. I would suggest making a custom UI that is a bit more appealing on the eye.

    All together though, aside from a few missing recipes, I think this program is still on track to being something that even veteran players can utilize.
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