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    posted a message on 1.7.2 Changing The World: Update and Play Now!
    Now for 1.8! The new Adventure Update! :P
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    posted a message on [TOOL] Rellik55's Equivalent Exchange Switcher! Now V. 2.8!
    Rellik55's Equivalent Exchange Switcher!
    Making it easier to play EE offline since....today.

    This application is no longer in development!

    Love Equivalent Exchange? Hate that your stuff disappears when you go offline? The EE Switcher is for you!!
    So... What does it do?
    Say you're playing a world with Equivalent Exchange, but you go somewhere you don't have internet, or the login servers are down, and you want to play that world. When you use offline mode, you're logged in as "Player," and not your MC name. When you go to play, you'll find your transmutation tablet has forgotten everything, and your mercurial eye/alchemy bags are empty! This is because EE saves the information on a per-user basis (for the purpose of giving everyone their own inventories in SMP). What this does is copy the information from your online save of the particular world (Say tablet_Rellik55, in my case) to a file that you can access while offline (tablet_Player). And then, when you can properly log in again, you can set the changes you made offline back to your online username and lose no progress due to lack of internet or login errors!
    This simple, user-friendly program will convert the data files from your online game for play offline, and back, with just a few simple clicks!
    • Simple GUI
    • Persistent settings
    • Converts worlds for offline use, online use, or use by other players with EE!
    • It's kinda pretty!
    • "User to User" option to copy from one user to another!
    • "Advanced" tab with options to select individual data files for transfer!
    • GUI now displays the .minecraft path!
    • "Change .minecraft path" folder selector now defaults to the open .minecraft folder on open!
    • .minecraft path is displayed on the GUI!
    • Less distracting background!
    • Bug fixes and optimization (It does more, but takes even less space!!!)!
    • Now with installer, and check for update option for new updates!
    • Ability to select multiple worlds at once for conversion
    • Clean up button (with confirmation) clears data for all users, and "Player," but the active username
    • Bug fixes: less GUI flashing and instability
    • Added system menu for more convenient closing and minimizing
    New in 2.8:
    • "Last" column in the world list to show the last converted state (checks with the trans. tablet only).
      • ​ON: Last converted to online use for the user specified upon open
      • OFF: Last converted for offline use
      • N/A: Trans. tablet file does not exist for the user specified at launch, or not at all.
    • "Clean up" button now removes ONLY EE files!
    This application is 100% Virus and Herobrine free!

    1. Type in your user name
    2. Select a world (or change the source folder, it defaults to %appdata%\.minecraft)
    3. Click "To Offline" to convert for offline play, or "To Online" to convert the offline files to online ones, or "User to User" to convert files for another user (GREAT for server admins who want to give new members a pre-loaded Transmutation Tablet!)!
    The "Defaults" button sets the user name to "User" and the path to the default .minecraft folder.The user name and selected folder you had when the app closes will still be active on your next launch!
    NOTE: This will not work on anything but PC, sorry. I'll see what I can do about porting it, but no guarantees!
    As always, be sure to comment below with what you thought, and if you liked my app, be sure to tell your friends, and if you're feeling generous, you can press the little on this post!
    • Backup and recovery of data files
    • Change log in update confirmation screen

    This application is my own work. You may not modify, redistribute, decompile, or otherwise steal my work (without my permission, of course!). This application is to be linked to ONLY by me!
    Philosopher's Stone and Energy Collector MK 3 textures are the property of x3n0ph0b3 and Pahimar... And apparently RPG Maker. haha

    • The Mojang Team for Minecraft
    • x3n0 and Pahimar for EE and allowing me to continue this project as intended
    • My beta testers, JensenR30, JPisaBrony, & Meetshrimp
    Around 10 minutes in, x3n0 gives me permission to use the textures/sprites, and he actually explained that he likes the premise of the app! :D

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    posted a message on Snapshot 13w04a Available for Testing!
    So I skipped a couple of pages, but after seeing something, I now support the Bonemeal nerf more.... Bonemeal can now be used by dispensers! thanks to more automation, I agree that nerfing it a bit is advisable, although the numbers aren't very well balanced. :P
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    posted a message on MCX360's Future; MineTV, with Mystcraft
    Quote from Yourself797

    Mojang adds 1.4 mod api to xbox version, guy makes mod, uploads to market place. Guy on xbox goes to market place, downloads mod FOR FREE. He then goes to minecraft , there is a button labeled "add mod" that brings up a list of downloaded mods, and selects one.
    Minecraft then applies the mod.

    That's my idea on how it should work, and Microsoft please, USER MADE mods should be FREE.

    Unfortunately, the marketplace doesn't work like that. You can't just upload user-made content to the XBLA Marketplace.... what they SHOULD do is work with mod authors to license their mods for MCX360, through an application process. Say you want your mod on MCX360, you turn in an application detailing your mod, its popularity, and its impact on the game and/or community. Mojang/4J review it, and then release mods via DLC, with several mods bundled per download, every one compatible with each other via a form of the mod API specific to MCX360, and as mentioned before, have a menu that can turn mods on and off (I'd also suggest making world saves dependent on the mods started with them, to avoid issues with mod items/blocks not being there/corrupting).

    And as far as paying for mods goes, I'd pay a few Microsoft points to get awesome mods on my Xbox, ESPECIALLY if at least part of the money made from them is given to the original mod authors.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Equivalent Exchange 2 - v1.4.6.7
    Hey, everyone! I made a little tool to convert a world's EE data files to make it easier to switch to offline/online play! Check it out!

    Also, Pahimar/x3n0, if you'd rather I not use your textures in the app/icon, just let me know and I'll change them!
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