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    Witches used to spawn only in witch huts and were too rare.

    Where would endermen fit in this scenario? They don't have a blue forest like biome in the overworld.

    I definitely remember them being rare, yeah.

    I see Endermen as travelers who simply observe, i feel they belong anywhere they please to go.

    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    Personally, i think those should be able to spawn underground - indeed, one reason why I added them to TMCW (note the description of it in my signature) was because I think they should be able to spawn underground - it makes caving more interesting and otherwise I'd basically never get to see them. Not only that, I added more variants for different biomes (red husks in mesa, white husks in a white sand desert variant, and a mountain biome, pink husks in the Nether) and even extended this to silverfish, which also naturally spawn anywhere underground (naturally spawning silverfish can only hide in blocks if they were attacked by a player; otherwise, infested blocks are still biome-specific), along with cave spiders (why are they called that if they do not spawn in caves?):

    That's really cool MasterCaver! Lots of content in there.

    Another Idea I just had is - Spiders can be tamed during their passive day cycle. It should be challenging, but feeding a spider during the day until they're accustomed to your scent as friendly could give you the benefit of riding that spider as a mount, and this mount can climb vertical walls!

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    Monsters above ground should not be the same monsters below ground.

    Consider how throughout most minecraft existence you've encountered the same enemy type(s) everywhere; until biome theme enemies began to appear. Was it sand zombies and ice skeletons first? I'd love to see more of that.


    - The Rough Model -

    Maybe something like this?

    Zombies - High chance of spawning on dirt blocks.

    Skeleton - High chance of spawning underground, (add a melee sword type in with bow)

    Creeper - Has high chance of spawning in dense flora (However I did love that mod that grew creepers from spores or creeper weeds, which would give you a chance of getting rid of them before they matured)

    Spiders - Cave spiders already exist and that's fantastic, however having spiders everywhere above ground wouldn't make it as interesting as knowing forests now blowing to both Creepers and Spiders, and Zombies.


    Something like this would need studying, because i don't know the consequences of underground tunnels now mainly being full of skeletons, sometimes zombies, and creepers in cave biomes, and underground spiders in spawners.

    Which reminds me, spider eggs and spider nests have not gone appreciated yet. I'd love to see cave tunnels full of cobweb and eggs lining the ceiling and floors.

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