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Hello, my IGN name is Reimiko in more games, Rafael (irl) I have recently in the past few months been watching Minecraft and hope to eventually join the community. Before hand I have played Runescape, Mabinogi, and most recently S4 League. I love to watch Anime or play on my ps3(ign: RafaelElBoriqua/hackpuncher) I play C.O.D. only Black Ops because I can't afford anything new since then. I hope to meet new people sooner or later and eventually play minecraft, when, as soon as I get a new job or someone gifts me whether its online or just from a freind. I like to say alot about myself. Message me if you want to know each other a little more.
Interests Video Games, Sleeping, Eating, and other daily things, I don't due much. Life is boring for now.

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