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    Redstoned Rig 3.0
    I have been working on rigs in Cinema4D! I decided to post this on the forums for people to download. Also the lib4D file comes with 2 versions of the rig, one with different fancy feet
    Here's the channel-log video of my channel (other versions of my rig is on my channel too)
    Here is the download from mediafire:
    Also you are welcome to give me credit for rigs :D

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    Today I have a minecraft steve rig for you! This is my first rig I've released, and I would like to have some feedback. I think this rig is pretty good and hopefully people will use this. With no further ado here are the features of this minecraft steve rig:

    - Sharp Bends

    - Custom Skin Imput (Color Changes May be needed)

    - Easy Configuration

    - Smile & Angry/Sad Facial Features

    - And More!


    Download Link (PlanetMC):

    Download Link (MediaFire):
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    posted a message on [14w11b] Sprint (5000+ DOWNLOADS!)
    Looks nice and sleek while being hard and challenging at the same time!
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    posted a message on The MoreBlocks Mod!
    Quote from xboxforthebest

    I can code to the simplest degree and I can lend my creativity and maybe some time to textures :P

    plus ayden is my bby gurl
    can you code new blocks, and new mobs?
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    Quote from xboxforthebest

    can I help bby gurl

    do you know coding?
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    posted a message on Dummies Guide To Creating Parkour
    Love parkour maps?
    Want to make your own maps, but have some or none experience?
    Well, your in luck and after this tutorial you be a better map maker!

    Step 1

    First things first, you want a "idea" for the map, and if you don't have an idea for just make a map for beginner parkour players. (Example: Elements Parkour, Fire Foot, Sprint parkour, etc...

    Step 2 (Optional)

    Next step, you want to have a "technique" when you do the blocks where the player jumps, anything accords to this like, vines, water, pressureplates, etc... This is an optional one to have but it gives your map a "signature" and makes it look good.

    Step 3 (Important)

    Next thing that is ESSENTIAL to maps is that you need the player to think, you can't make it easy, make the jumps hard to do, or make them think where to go next, another cool thing you can do is make the player think fast like a piston could knock them off, lava flow,etc... the thing thats good about that is it make the player have suspence and many good maps have that "feel".

    Step 4

    This could or is the most important thing about a map, Originality. Every map is very unique in many ways. So give yours a new feel, idea, jump, and more! Players LOVE new jumps and ideas, so why not put some in yours.

    Step 5

    This will be the 2rd to last step for making a successful parkour map. You need good rooms, a spawn room always puts a good impression on the player if it is good. You need to give it good detail and more, so here is my guide for architecture: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1729589-dummies-guide-to-architecture/

    Step 6.

    Last but not least, you will need to get your friends to like, subscribe, download, etc... this will allow your post to get promoted, and you should post it on as many websites as you can, minecraft forums, planet minecraft, etc... The more websites the more people.

    Congrats! You have just made a successful map if followed each and every rule of this tutorial! You can also post your map that you made from this tutorials in the comments! Also tell me how I did on this tutorial, and if you guys said I did good, I'll do a video on it! So thank for looking at my post and I hope it helped! Goodnight everybody!
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    posted a message on The MoreBlocks Mod!
    Have a cool idea for a name for the mod? Post in the comments!
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    posted a message on The MoreBlocks Mod!
    Mod will later include; meteorite;meteorite armor, tools, etc...; Hardened Obsidian; Goo; and even a new mob! There might be more blocks, and stuff in the update too.
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    posted a message on Percy Jackson RP | Gods | Need Admins | Roleplay | 1.6.1
    Hello. I see your server has been purchased from Xethahosting, and you might be wondering how do I know that, well I work for the company Xethahosting and you have used the raw IP from our server and any players that type the ip will get sent to ours. So when you see this, please edit your forum to that IP but with a port. Thank you.
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    posted a message on (Minecraft Parkour) Outs and Ins 1.6.2
    Ever wanted to play a hard minecraft parkour map? Well here you go, this map will allow you to cheat if you find a way! You will have to look to find the next jump!
    Planetminecraft Download:

    Contact Me:
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    posted a message on Looking For Modders
    If you love to program and mod come to me. If you have a skype and the age between 10 and 15.
    Please also leave your skype name, some plugins you have made, why I should accept it and more. Thank You!
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    posted a message on Dummies Guide To Architecture
    Quote from Kimion

    Amazing, great job
    Thanks :3
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    posted a message on Dummies Guide To Architecture
    Do you have a server where you want
    to make a spawn, lobby, or an arena?If answered yes, read this forum and in seconds you'll be the best builder on that server!

    One first thing to start with is the shape, size, and color. It depends on what you like best for the color (My favorite is spruce planks) and then it also depends if you like Art Deco (I prefer spheres) for the shape. Then if you need to fit a lot of information then you should do one of the two, 1. Make it bigger. 2. Put in less furnishing.


    Next to do is the floor. To make it have a detailed look vary in types or variants (EX. Chiseled Stone Bricks, Stone Bricks, Quartz, Chiseled Quartz, etc...) And then give it a pattern and make sure it is symmetrical, because symmetrical is key.


    Next thing to do, or as I say shouldn't do. Some people when they build structures use a ton of glass, but for some structures with quartz and, or iron blocks can have a lot of glass. So don't use to much of glass if you build the structure like mine.


    Next modification to do it to make the walls curve in or out to give it a wavy look (Try to use the main source that you got the block your building it with (EX. Spruce Planks = Spruce Wood, Wooden Planks = Wood, Cobblestone = Stone, Stone = Cobblestone, etc...)



    Now You should finish the roof but don't finish it all the way for a "feature". This is probably one of the easiest steps and depending on the shape the longest.


    Now, for the hole that you might of left you should put a transparent block, curving down, then leave a 3 by 3 hole in the middle. Then put 1 quarts block in the middle of the 3 by 3 hole (Not included in picture).


    Now you should add lighting. You should use glowstone for the walls and roof and use redstone lamps for the floor. If you used dark blocks to make the building with you should make the lighting dim.


    Next we are going to add a water feature (optional). The spot where we left the 3 by 3 hole is going to be where it will be. Next you should make the path of where the water will flow, it cannot go on the ground. Then you will place the water of where the glass starts ONLY on the sides.


    Now you need to add furnishing. If you are making a spawn, you don't need much furnishing you only need posts to place signs and other stuff for it. And if you are making a house or something else you will probably need chairs, tables, TV, crafting table, etc...


    Now you'll need to make an entrance door. If you are making a spawn, I advise to use fence, slabs, iron bars, etc..., but NOT a full block as in wood, cobble, stone, etc...


    Now you're about done you just need to edit the outside entrance. Leaves, Stone Bricks, Bricks, Wool, etc... are good to edit the outside entrance, and you might also like to add a dim light.


    Good! Now you are done, now wait and watch for what the admins say about it or if your are building a house you'll have a safe living!



    If you would like to talk to me 1 on 1 go to the server
    MCOrigins, IP: mc.mcorigins.com and I'll be glad to help :D

    Remember To Follow, Comment, and to add me as a friend!
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    posted a message on Dummies Guide To Redstone
    If i was unclear I meant I will make another one after I get into a big chuck of blocks, I will make a part 2. Just To Say :P
    Hmm... Don't have enough words... Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah. Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah? BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!!!
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    posted a message on Dummies Guide To Redstone
    I will make another thread after this for the next part so when i get the 2nd one done I will put a link in the comments =D
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