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    posted a message on Dyes, Dyed, Will Dye.
    Totally not a Bioshock Infinite reference as the title. Nope.
    So... we've got our 16 dyes which, as of late, now translate to:

    - 16 colors of Sheep,
    - Subsequently, 16 colors of Wool;
    - Some absolutely obscene potential number of Dyed Leather Armor,
    - 16 Dyed Wolf Collars,
    - 16 (18 technically if you count Regular and Hardened) colors of Clay Blocks,
    - 16 colors of dyed Carpets,
    - And now, we have 16 (17 technically, counting the normal glass) colors of Glass and Glass Panes.

    So, what's gonna be next on the dyeing bandwagon, if anything? Beds? Plant Pots? Saddles? Bricks (at least then they'd be pretty)? Wood?

    Wood seems likely since people seem keen on it, and Dinnerbone has obviously, per the above link, toyed with the idea. The others seem likely to me, since it seems like an obvious choice for the next dye-able things.

    But, essentially, speculation: do you think we'll be seeing more things to dye in the near future; and if so, what? As well as; do you want to see more dyed things at all?

    Personally, I think we'll be seeing more soon, as we've had a serious influx of dyed content lately.
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    posted a message on Monumenta, the CTM Server! -APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED-
    Quote from cameron274

    Nice new signature. And when I'm on the server, it's not mining diamonds, it's building or mining stone ;)

    Like you're ever on anyways.
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    posted a message on Glistering Melon Block.
    I'm just wondering when the heck we'll be able to eat normal Glistering Melons. We can eat gold-rimmed Carrots and 2 kinds of Gold Apples, why not melons?
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    Quote from Ancient_Mariner

    Looks like even including the new flowers, I'm gonna need a more plentiful supply of dyes.


    The flowers definitely help things along. Flower-covered plains/other biomes are now going to become a bit more of a commodity, since the basic Red 'n' Yellow isn't used too much on its own. Now we have a much wider variety of dyes we can now get by just mowing down a field of flowers. Come 1.7, I'm pretty much going to be a Rabbit, and my world is going to be Australia.*

    *Not everyone will get that.
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    posted a message on Found This Plateau While Exploring. Just Gorgeous!
    I love how you seem to get an occasional chunk of amplified world in normal worlds. If that's a bug, I hope they don't fix it, since that'd honestly be a cool feature; to occasionally find an outlandishly big and tall chunk of world.
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    posted a message on Should I wait it out or find a new survival server?
    I'd personally recommend going to a new server, but not because of the map reset. Mainly because things like the player.dat files (ender chest, inventory, etc.), money and mcmmo stats are being wiped as well.

    A map reset in itself sucks, but I mean c'mon, don't totally reset everyone back to square zero, y'know? I think that's a good way to lose players.
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    posted a message on Monumenta, the CTM Server! -APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED-
    Honestly, we've lost enough people to where I say we let in Eris/Hyst and some people that had pre-server apps (Taschneide, for example) and go from there.

    HunterEris / Hysting. And for the pre-server guys, Cam would still have the apps I'm assuming. I can understand some people griping about, quote on quote, newbies; but if you're looking for a community of friends, then make some with the people we have, I suppose~

    Tl;dr whitelist people now Cam
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    posted a message on Monumenta, the CTM Server! -APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED-
    I'm still all for Hyst and Eris as new people, so long as Delthyn is willing to play nicely with them (>_>).

    And so long as Camcam doesn't mind letting in new people off of voting versus pulling other more-or-less randoms from the old applications thing, because that's worked so well >_>. I'm only gonna do 3 people for this; being Hyst, Eris, and Simu.

    Hyst and Eris are good people, not too argument-prone, and generally bored enough to be active members. I know Hyst has some votes besides mine in favor of her, not sure what everyone thinks about Eris. Can't speak for Simu since I really don't know him outside recent events and seeing him in streams now and again, but after Baked's interpretation of his personality versus actual commenting language used, I'm not optimistic. Not to mention he might not want to join, even if Hyb is considering quitting/quit.

    Edit: Gonna make a tally. So far voters are me and DjessNL, so cast your votes too. To people that are here, do a thread post, and I'll poke people that don't read the thread later. I just don't want everyone's vote getting lost in like Skypespam.

    Hyst Yes -- 3
    Hyst No -- 0

    Eris Yes -- 3
    Eris No -- 0

    Simu Yes -- 1
    Simu No -- 2

    Voters so far: Me, DjessNL, Bly
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    posted a message on Monumenta, the CTM Server! -APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED-
    Quote from Delthyn

    Still hadn't finished pranking you back for the flag. Prank me once I prank you twice. Plus you did spawn a Wither under my base.

    However, if you're going to whine instead of just planning on how to prank me back, here's some help:

    Farm trees. For each log you get 4 planks. For each plank you get 2 slabs. That's 8 slabs/log. Place slabs to remove water, and then burn them afterwards for a quick cleanup. Alternatively you can pour lava over the water and then dig it up with an eff. V pick. Or as a third option, you can use dirt and then shovel it up.

    If you're really feeling super-whiny, I can help you clean it up.

    So how does this and this, which you've done to me (side note to other people, only shallower area was sand)

    Equate to this, which I did to you

    You went and removed somewhere between a thousand and three thousand sand, from overhead estimates, and filled it with water source blocks. I've got no sand to clean it up, and a fair few of the source blocks are made over rivers that I hadn't even filled in with cobble and sand yet. I mean, really, do you think expecting stuff like what you've done overall is at all warranted for a significantly tinier prank? I mean really, come on, that makes no bloody sense.

    I also don't want your help, because you're the idiot that went and did this. Not even a bloody prank, it is. A prank is something done when you're adding, not removing, blocks. Dirt was a prank. Flag was a prank. Obsidian-roofed Spurting Dong House was a prank. Melon thing was a prank. This is not a prank, it's destructive, and a bloody pain to clean up. More so than usual.

    More to the point? You're not even f*cking worth pranking back. Seriously. I could blow up your entire base, and you likely wouldn't bat an eye, since you like the challenge, and like starting over. Not to mention you'd just revenge with, apparently, 2 pranks, which are liable to be griefing.
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