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Hi. I'm Redstone_Fanatic. Go ahead -- guess what I like building with. (Hint: It's a Red Stone.)
My avatar always correlates with my post count. I'll probably never be a mod. My favorite color is Cobalt Blue. I'm secretly really depressed despite my overbearingly charming exterior (Did I mention I'm humble too?).

I can also hold a heck of an argument -- debating me is probably the worst thing you could do, since I'd win. My computer is a $300 craptop with less than a gig of ram, so never complain about lag if your computer doesn't crash after a minute of being on a superflat world without optifine, even on lowest settings.

I also manage a bunch of threads:
[Shop] CTM Community -- Maps Discussion
Would Gun Control even help? -- Politics, Philosophy, News & Society
Make Deserts... you know, more Desert-y -- Suggestions
[CTM] Insane Terrain - A series of difficult MiniCTM maps -- Maps

I sometimes play on a whitelist server named Monumenta. It's a place for CTM makers and mappers to play vanilla Minecraft on hard together. We add people on a whim -- don't ask to join.

If you ever want to chat with me, or plenty of other people within the CTM genre (We even have Amlup, Rosie, and people that don't even have a forum account come on there sometimes!) then come to the CTM IRC. It's unoffical, at least somewhat, since Vechs never comes on, but that's because he hates anyone that isn't either A: an LPer or B: female. Anyways, and the channel to join is #CTM (Also, sidenote, your ideal name when you join the IRC should be your MC forum name, just so we have a good idea of who you are :3)
Interests Interesting interests. Usually gaming.

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