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    posted a message on A "What should I build?" generator!

    I gave it a go, here's what I ended up with.


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    posted a message on Blasted Planet Custom Survival v0.1.1 - Public Beta Coming Soon!
    Blasted Planet Survival

    Your ship has crashed on the hot side of a tidally locked planet, and you
    have been left with the task of survival on a destroyed world.

    Public multiplayer testing is being released on 6th May, 12:00 UTC+1 (London)

    Server IP: [TO BE RELEASED]


    This is a survival map set on a custom world with features such as oxygen, temperature, and a completely overhauled crafting system!

    Your task is simply to survive and terraform the desert around you into something more habitable!

    We take no responsibility for equipment smashed in rage after you get murdered by a Stray. Yes. This map is hard.


    - Custom terrain

    - New crafting

    - Much harder mobs

    - Harsh oxygen and temperature systems

    - More items

    - Space suit, complete with upgrades!

    - A few special structures

    How to play

    Game Version: 17w14a, Game Mode: Adventure

    This works mostly like a normal survival, but you need to keep your heat and oxygen in check. This can be done early game by pressing the buttons on the side of your ship to open up the cockpit, and then jumping in. On the go, you can jump into water pockets found underground, and eat alien eyeballs, which are for some reason full of oxygen. Later on, you can craft oxygen and coolant canisters, which are both more efficient and less disgusting. (Have you seen the colour of that water?)

    All blocks can be placed, just drop them on the ground and then pick them up to make them placeable.

    You will be given a custom crafter at the start, and it is possible to obtain a second one. (Don't place them within 10 blocks of each other, it glitches out) Using this crafter, you can create lots of new items. From here, it's pretty much your choice!

    As the planet is tidally locked, the sun never moves, so it's always daytime. Mobs on this planet will spawn all the time but thankfully cannot spawn underground.


    - Don't place crafters within 10 blocks of each other

    - [Rule obsolete as of 09:46 UTC+1 (London) 12/04/2017]

    - Don't use anvils to create fake custom items

    - Don't cheat the oxygen system by carrying a filter block around

    - More to come!




    Coming soon.


    Individual map downloads will not be available until v1.0.0.


    v0.1.1 - Rebalancing

    - Added crafting recipe for flint

    - Lowered Stray health to 25

    - Husks now move slower

    - Drop changes:

    + Husks: 3-5 Rotten Flesh

    + Strays: 2-4 Bones

    + Spiders: 1-3 String

    - Heat shields and helmets now instantly removed if placed

    - Added a few new blocks to the CanPlaceOn list

    v0.1.0 - Private Beta Release

    - Private Beta launched - 10 testers selected

    - New Items:

    + Filter Block

    - Completely self-sustainable bases now possible

    - Crafting for pre-existing items:

    + Medium Oxygen Tank

    - Iron ingots can now be crafted into Ketherine

    v0.0.9 - Base Builder

    - New Items:

    + Unlocked Door

    + Locked Door [WIP]

    + Sugar Cane

    + Container Block

    + Particle Blaster [WIP]

    + Heavy Duty Slab

    + Power Core

    + Ketherine Drill Head

    + Ketherine Drill

    + Electro-Core [WIP]

    + Sugar

    - Crafting for pre-existing items:

    + Tier III Heat Shield

    - Abandoned base now contains sugar cane, can be turned into sugar

    - Sugar can now be consumed, gives 30 secs of Speed I

    v0.0.8 - Terraforming time!

    - New items:

    + Titanium Glass

    + Electronic Farming Tool

    + Wire

    + Circuit Board

    - Space potatoes and carrots (Dropped by husks) can now be planted and grown.

    v0.0.7 - Topping up

    - Added in even more recipes, all specific items will be kept track of from here on.

    - Added oxygen and coolant canisters, self-explanatory 1-use items.

    - Created this thread

    v0.0.6 - Developmental Explosion

    - Added in a TON of recipes and custom items

    v0.0.5 - Life finds a way

    - Added in mob spawning system

    - Added crafter, no recipes yet

    v0.0.4 - Suit importance

    - Heat and oxygen now go down MUCH faster when you take their corresponding suit components off

    - Added in upgrades to increase oxygen capacity

    v0.0.3 - Gearing Up

    - Added in the space suit, you get given basic equipment on spawning

    - Added in upgrades which slow down heat gain, currently unobtainable

    v0.0.2 - Let's Die!

    - Decided to make a survival map.

    - Added in oxygen and temperature along with debuffs, currently no way to restore either

    - Begun work on resource pack which is developed in the background from here on out

    v0.0.1 - The Beginning

    - Created world, was originally just a worldpainter test.

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    posted a message on Building with an inverted "L" shape


    You should try detailing those skyscrapers further, as they do have some good futuristic shapes - Maybe try constructing a futuristic city?

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    posted a message on Tell me to create something impossible in Minecraft and I'll make it ;)

    Build a Fractal. Good luck with that one >:)

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    posted a message on One of our castles

    The tops of the towers are pretty good, but I would recommend adding more block variation and changing up the color scheme and block selection. It's a massive pile of stone brick whichever way you look at it right now.

    I would also recommend adding some shape towards the bottom, as those diagonal stone brick lines honestly look awful. You should also add a lot more decoration, as the whole build is extremely bland as it stands right now with next to no detail on it.

    If you want to make your build even better, you should try and add depth to the structure and try to integrate it into the environment it was constructed in, by adding softer transitions from the base of the castle to the ground surrounding it.

    Overall: 3/10 - It's a pile of stone brick with spiky towers.

    Advice: Try to sharpen up your building skills, check out a YouTuber called Grian, he's got the stuff you need.

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    posted a message on Giant Worlds - Ground level at Y 128!
    Quote from c_phoenix»

    Looks neat! Could you post some screenshots?

    Just put some up! Hope you enjoy!
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    posted a message on Material specialties - increased variety for tools within the game!
    Quote from ducksayshi»

    I don't get it, why should diamond armor fall apart from a few blows from a stone weapon? That isn't logical, is it?

    It does add some realism and makes the combat system more intricate, instead of playing a game of who can pile the most enchantments onto the most powerful tools and armor possible. I understand how it may be a little *cough* a lot overpowered, but like I stated, those are just examples, and if this was actually implemented into the game then it would most likely be much more balanced.
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    posted a message on Material specialties - increased variety for tools within the game!

    As of 1.11, minerals don't have a huge amount of variety, it pretty much just gets more powerful the higher you go, the only exception being gold tools.

    While this system does work, it does make the game slightly grindy, and lacks a lot of variety in my opinion. As I already stated, golden tools do add some variety, especially with their high mining speed and enchantment-luck.

    My solution for this is that some materials are better suited for certain jobs, and I will give some examples on this thread. This also adds quite a lot of room for expansion by adding new minerals to the game, because it would be much easier to have unique materials which are better doing certain things, like enchanting or mining.

    Here are some examples of how it would work:

    Wooden - Getting whacked with a plank hurts quite a lot. Wooden tools aren't very good at much else, though. Fairly high attack rate.

    Leather - Has low durability and defense, but can work fairly well against sharper attacks

    Stone - Quite bad at most things, but works a treat when it comes to smashing through armor and shields, even with it's very slow attacking speed. Works moderately well on ores, but very bad against stone and dirt.

    Chainmail - Blocks sharper materials such as iron, gold and diamond with ease but does lose quite a lot of durability from it. Wood and stone's blunt strikes go straight through this material, not taking much durability but dealing almost full damage.

    Iron - A good middle ground, with no real disadvantages. However, iron is quite good when it comes to mining, getting through dirt, stone and ores alike with ease. Armor made from this material blocks blunt and sharp strikes equally well.

    Gold - An overall weak tool, not very good at much at all, but enchantments are more likely to be a higher level with this material. Gold is also very fast when it comes to both attack speed and mining speed.

    Diamond - A sword made from this material is feared by the strongest of fighters being very fast on the swing and capable of dealing decent damage. However, the delicate crystal structure of this gem causes it to fall short when going up against armored targets, and is nearly useless at mining stone and dirt, but is still very good against ores, capable of even mining the mysterious volcanic glass, obsidian. Armor made from this material can block very high amounts of damage but loses durability extremely fast, and can only withstand a couple hits from a stone weapon!

    Some made up materials - NOT a suggestion for these to be added!

    Obsidian - Very good at mining, and has an extremely high durability, but enchantments are usually quite bad on this material, and is very bad for use in combat.

    Copper - A weak, middle ground material. Has no advantages, or disadvantages.

    Steel - Substitutes iron's mining power for durability, making for a middle ground material with a very high durability.

    Emerald - Combines diamond's powerful yet delicate ability with gold's enchanting power. Seems to be worth quite a lot to villagers too.

    Prismarine - Quite efficient in all aspects, and mines at a very high speed. The only bad thing about prismarine is it's very low durability, and obvious difficulty to obtain.

    I would love to hear some feedback as to what you all think of it, be it positive or negative! (but preferably positive)

    I am completely open to any criticism and ideas for improvement, so if there's something you don't like, please let me know!

    However, please don't criticise on the examples unless it's something like still not understanding the concept, as they are nothing to do with the suggestion. They were just thrown together, and are simply there to show how it works

    10/12/16 Edit:

    I take it that this failed. Very badly. I'm just going to shut up now...

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    posted a message on New Ore, which can only be mined with a diamond pick, Malachite!


    • If done right, it could help add more variety to the game
    • The fact that it mines faster than diamond yet isn't quite as powerful is certainly a good way to balance things out and make the tool tier more unique


    • Adding an extra tier of tool with no special features could just be repetitive and simply make the game more grindy
    • Taking things from other games is generally very strongly frowned upon.
    • You haven't fully described the mineral yet - attack speed and damage, enchantment-luck and rarity are just some I can come up with from the top of my head. Needs more work!

    Other Points:

    • The bucket idea does seem pretty random, but bucket tiers and adding durability to buckets could even be worth its own thread
    • Malachite is actually a type of copper, which has been agreed by the community to be most likely to go between stone and iron
    Moderate Support.
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    posted a message on more ender related items

    Could be some good ideas, but needs A LOT more work with things like balancing, uniqueness and practical use.

    Minimal Support.

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    posted a message on Remove Silverfish from Extreme Hills biomes!

    No support.

    While they can be a pest, that is honestly more of a good thing, as it does add more variety to the game, and they are ridiculously easy to deal with anyway. Tbh, I think they could even be made a little bit stronger! Also, emeralds can be used to get quite a lot of items if you happen to come across a village, so the silverfish sharing the same biome as them was a good move from Mojang in my opinion.

    Summary: They add variation and challenge to the game, and help to balance out emeralds.

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    posted a message on Skyblock Battles - Huge 8 Player FFA/TDM/SMP

    I am a fan of Skyblock myself, so one day I thought - "What if I made an 8 player competitive version of the Skyblock we all know and love today?"

    This skyblock is a PROPER skyblock, meaning you are only given the items that are impossible to get otherwise.

    You start out on a classic skyblock island, with only a patch of grass and dirt, a tree, some already placed down lava (You aren't getting any free buckets ) and a block of ice inside a chest. For those wondering, the sand is located at the centre of the world in a giant cube.


    Setting up:

    Each player must pick an island to start on, break the glass there and set their spawnpoint where the glass used to be. A death counter is included in the map, so you can always know who is absolutely terrible at skyblock.



    The skyblock functions like most other classic skyblocks, with a few tweaks.

    You are 200 blocks away from 2 other islands, and 100 blocks away from a monster spawner, which will be a zombie, spider, skeleton or creeper spawner. The monster spawner can be found by heading directly towards 0,0, while other islands are found by heading parallel to the world origin. On far render distance or higher you should be able to see other islands.

    At 0,0 there is a huge sand/sandstone cube with sugar cane, cactus and gravel in a chest on the top while 9 lava is inside. Under the chest is an ice block, so making an infinite water source is possible for the first person to reach the centre.

    The 9 lava can be added to your 1 lava you get at the start to form a nether portal, but beware as you will need to find and bring back some more lava from the nether to reactivate your cobblestone generator. The nether is default.



    Do not claim this map as your own

    Do not upload this map elsewhere

    If you want to link to my map, then link to this page.






    Task list (For all you classic players)

    1. Build a cobblestone generator

    2. Gather 64 cobblestone

    3. Build a house

    4. Build a platform under a mob spawner

    5. Create a functional wheat farm

    6. Create a cactus farm

    7. Create a sugar cane farm

    8. Create an animal farm

    9. Bake a cake

    10. Gather 64 iron ingots

    11. Gather 64 stone brick

    12. Go to the nether

    13. Bridge to another player's island

    14. Kill or team with another player

    15. Get diamond

    16. Kill the wither

    17. Gather 64 sugar cane

    18. Gather 64 apples

    19. Gather 64 saplings

    20. Gather 64 gold ingots

    21. Gather 64 cacti


    Feel free to leave suggestions, ideas, videos/screenshots and feedback below!


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    posted a message on Particle blocks. (Bring your creations to life!)

    Really nice idea, I would love to see this expanded on and implemented in vanilla minecraft!

    Full support

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    posted a message on Giant Worlds - Ground level at Y 128!

    Just added Nightmare mode, I'd like to see some Minecraft grandmasters try this out ;)

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    posted a message on WorldPainter - graphical & interactive map creator/generator
    Quote from ponte_vanima»

    It's not installing. I don't know anything about Java or programming or whatever so I can't even begin to understand these error messages.

    Here's the error messages I get: http://imgur.com/a/312RX

    Here's the log: http://pastebin.com/YmtF6eXF

    Can someone help?

    EDIT I reinstalled Java and that worked. I guess I'll leave this post up in case it helps someone else somehow.

    I am having the same problem, but reinstalling Java doesn't help for me.
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