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    The title of this thread writes a nice big check that sadly I don't feel like your art can cash. :( It's difficult to tell from the tiny little screenshots that you posted, but it seems like every single block has some sort of obvious repeating feature or a pattern. These are new texture artist mistakes that you can, and hopefully will, overcome. For the time being though they are heinous!

    The grass is full of zig-zags in exactly the sort of way that grass does not ever do in real life. If it's a style choice, fine. It's still a bad decision. The tall grass, on the other hand, is honestly the best texture that I can see in the entire pack so bravo there.

    The stone is mostly just noise that forms into patterns over large areas. Again, a rookie mistake that you should learn to avoid. Same with the dirt and sandstone, though you seem to have averted it with the Netherrack. Granted that might just be the low light playing tricks on my eyes, but it's still an improvement over the other "natural" textures in your pack.

    The planks aren't bad at all, and are probably the best synthetic texture in the pack. Even here there's still an issue as there's a repeating line in them that stands out and looks like a repeating texture rather than actual wood.

    Straight-up editing the default textures for the chiseled sandstone is just a horrible idea all around. Not only are you stealing from the very source you're claiming to be superior to, you actually made the texture worse by introducing higher contrast noise. The same can be said for some of the storage blocks which bear strong similarities to the default, but are worse. In the case of the emerald block, it's not even in the same style as any of the rest of the pack! Guessing you stole that one from a different source. <_<

    There are some good textures here, but for the most part this pack is an utter mess at the moment. I suggest that you drop most of what you've got. Particularly anything that you blatantly stole from the default pack and modified. Work on your tiling and on eliminating patterns on natural blocks. You have the start of something decent, but also the start of something awful. It's up to you to choose which direction this goes.

    I hope that helps you.

    I Didn't steal any textures honestly, all made by hand on gimp and if you accusative again that makes you worthy of an report.

    So that is a blatant rip and not very nice to accusative. Plus I know who you are and I don't really care for your art or textures due to the same exact thing you are accusing mine of repeating invisible lines that don't actually exist. Second grass is on purpose not sure why you hate it but others love it, so it's a preference thing and keeping it.

    Stop telling people to redo a whole thing when they don't have time, do you have time to do all your resourcepacks and make them look good. No, just simply have someone tell them what textures you like and ones you don't like.

    Lastly, you always belittle and antagonize people just because you think you are better, which you aren't. I've watched you post so many times I'm starting to think you believe you think you are texture god, you aren't so knock it off on those things k.

    Honestly learn to do constructive crtiticism and not flat out rip people to the point of never wanting to do art, because that is all you are doing and quite frankly it's not nice even as a moderator who now shouldn't be a mod because of that.

    @Everyone Else: Grass will be changing as soon as it is intended to be animated along with stone to assimilate wind without actually having wind by using 64 frames but I don't think mine craft can handle that many frames. Also lines you might see is because your mind is adjusting to HD textures, not that it's bad it's not what you all are used to.

    Also screenshots add in those lines you see, how about you guys take a look in the actual game before judging fully.


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