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    posted a message on ☆ Lemon Charity Prison ☆ Hiring Staff!

    Skype: Ionicredstone

    Age: 15

    Username: redstone_panda

    Past Experiences: My past experiences are mostly consisted with being a developer. I know the commands of groupmanager. On one server i was made moderator and then 2 hours later i was made a admin then i was upgrade to a developer i stuck to that rank. The server was shut down from out of funds.

    Why you want to be part of our team: I wouldn't be on jacob's team or edward's team.

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    posted a message on [CLOSED]
    1) Name: Travis

    2) IG Name: Redstone_panda

    3) Age: 15

    4) Skype (other means): Ionicredstone

    5) Position: Moderator

    6) What qualities or traits do you posses to assume this position? I have people skills and i know how to use most pulgins and get the format that they posses. There many other traits i have that would take a few paragraphs to explain. I have experience with being staff on faction/survival servers.

    7) Any other experiences or references? I ran a few faction servers and some survival servers.

    8) Do you agree to NOT[/b] abuse the powers and permissions that go along with the position? I promise. Most of the ranks i usually had were developer but i'm looking for to work myself up.

    9) Pictures/Proof (Builder/Head-Builder Positions only): Well i'm not looking for builder but i am a pretty good builder and i was told as well.
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    posted a message on Looking for Minecraft Helpers for a Youtube Let's Play
    Hi , hows it going. My name is redstone and i saw your post and i was interested in this.

    If i could join that would be awesome. I am a good builder everyone i met told me. so i really wanted to join so ty so much for reading this and

    maybe replying :D, my GamerTag: Arnthorr
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    posted a message on Looking for friends
    hia man i want to make friends
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    posted a message on Builders needed for Castle and Houses
    Hi i'm pretty good with redstone, and i would like to help.

    i'm 15

    and i have a mic
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    Hi, i have gotten minecraft on my xbox for about 4 months or so ago.

    and i would be glad to join you :).

    GamerTag : Arnthorr

    age: 15

    mic: yes, but not sure if it works haven't tried it recently

    Everyday or every other day depends on school, family, etc
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