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Hello Everyone! This is another about me page! I have no idea why you're here reading this, but since you are I'll regale you with some info!
I usually have no idea what to write on these things so I just end up putting random stuff down...
ANYWAY! I am a veteren minecraft player (been playing for aout three years now), and I consider myself a budding gamer. I enjoy playing RPG's, RTS, FPS, and just about any game you can play on a PC. I am not just a computer geek though, I like reading, writing, and making music.
Rarely will I get involved in a flame war or any sort of thing like that. I typically am the one to try and break up fights. Or sit back and watch them if they are amusing enough >: D
I am (without shame) a Brony, Otaku, Whoovian, Nerd, Geek, Bookwyrm, and all around breaker of social norm.

On Teh Forums: You'll usually find me in the Off Topic section. More often than not in the Roleplay section. I also visit the clans and mods section occasionally. Oh, I am also Co-Founder of The Builders Coalition a map/stuff building team so you should go check us out in the clan section . I usually try to be friendly to anybody I meet so that I can say I haven't made their day worse.


Anime, Manga, Making music, Shuffling(AUS), MLP, Writing, Reading, Roleplaying

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