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    EVO X Gaming
    Slots: 96
    EVO X Gaming offers you a Medieval Factions/PvP style server with 24/7 uptime. We offer you maximum enjoyment and fun on our servers.

    Meaning of name?
    EVO X Gaming is a gaming network for various games. We have communities in League of Legends and Minecraft so far and planning to expand from then on. We have a multi-cultural staffs whom is always ready to offer their assistance when needed.

    Why join our server?
    Its easy:
    1) We are a 24/7 server. We have admins/moderators at different times on to keep watch of the server.
    2) Our team administrators are consist of people ranging in between 16yrs old to 50 years old.
    3) We are not planning to stay as a small server, we are planning to go big(200-300 slots)
    4) We are a lag-free paid server run in Florida and was given 4.5/5 stars for non-lag competency in Minecraftservers website.
    5) We are planning to promote our server at various sites such as Mincraft.org and a few more including having our own youtube advertisement video. Current budget for promoting has reached $300
    6) We have a “Give-Back” system whereby players can be “Player of the Month” and win up to $50. All he/she have to do is vote our server on Planet Minecraft and invite people.
    7) We are proud to say that we managed to get hold of an infamous creative designer called Scaffle and it’s a golden opportunity for anyone to meet him and to see his years of experience.

    Examples of plugins we install:
    PermissionsEX, LWC, NoCheat, Essentials, Votifier, WorldGuard, VoxelSniper, World Edit, Factions, mcMMO, Heroes, MineCars, iConomy, Magic Spells, Citizens, Anti-Logger, Chat Manager etc

    Administrative Ranks -

    Donator Ranks -

    Donator à Baron à Lord à Prince

    As your work up your ranks: You are given more permissions.

    We are also looking for Moderators. Please fill in your application below like this:
    Why should we pick you?
    Experience in Minecraft?

    Any servers wanting to merge with us are also welcomed.
    This is how it works:
    1) Owners of the other server contact me through my email: [email protected]
    2) Owners from different server that’s wants to join with us will be hosted by us which mean they don’t have to pay a single cent out of their pocket to maintain and to advertise the server.
    3) Owners that join will have the rank Co-Owner(having all permissions to the server) and they can bring their team of administration over and have them keeping their ranks too.
    4) Whatever donation is taken, 50% will go to maintaining the server and the other 50% will be divided equally to the owner. For eg: $100 in donation, $50 goes to server , and the other $50 is divided equally to all server owner that merged. In other words, you don’t pay to host server and promote but instead gain money?! How good is that?
    5) In order to qualify:
    a) Your server must have at least 20 people to bring over.
    B) Must respect other servers

    We just came out of Beta of our server and we are happy for anyone to join us. Bring your friends and family to play as I promise this server will run forever with your support.

    EVO X Gaming Co-Owner,
    IGN: xXredeemerXx
    AKA: RED
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    Changed name to EVOXGaming
    Hope that some people can help us advertise :D
    its going so well!
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    we got a huge amount of people yesterday can we get the same today! :D
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    BUMP :D
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    EVOXGaming is a multi platform multi cultural gaming community ready to grow, currently we are looking for an Advertiser for our minecraft server you will be required to have skype and be able to advertise daily on many different sites and will be repeated below for those who dont read...

    You will have to register on our website as mentioned above

    Our official thread will be up soon. For now we are looking for a Advertiser (which will get Co-Owner rank)

    What you need to do as a Advertiser:

    1) Advertise daily
    2) Take care of server

    Skype is needed

    What you gain:

    1) CO-Owner on our server
    2) Part of donation


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    posted a message on What is the stupidest achievement in the game?
    yeah i think on a rail aswell and for the exact same reason i dont think ive ever used rails or even gotten them legitematly
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    optifine makes me lag even worse i just deal with it and destroy a block near the area it always fixes it for me.
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    Good on them a great achievement!
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    Hey guys i wanted to show you this fairly good server thats been in a bit of a down point its been getting crashed and grifed constantly everytime they rbuild this same person comes back, but no they have finally crushed the attacker and have opened thier server to the public once more.
    Come and join now at pvp.theminecrafters.net Its a good server that just needs some love <3
    They also have a website www.theminecrafters.net
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