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    posted a message on The Official Achievement Suggestions Thread
    This thread has been around since before biomes, the nether, or any of this fancy beta stuff, so I felt it should take pride of place here. I hope the owner will forgive me this act of blatant piracy. :Sheep:
    Yours sincerely, Theicychameleon

    No problemo!

    My suggestions:

    "Good luck removing those" - Make 10 obsidian blocks.
    "Hard work for nothing" - Dig a diamond block with wooden pickaxe.
    "Dangerous recycling" - Throw 10 items in lava.
    "Now what?" - Have 50 gold-blocks in your backpack.
    "Decide already" - Open and close a door 5 times in 10 seconds
    "Treasure hunter I" - Find your first dungeon.
    "Treasure hunter 2" - Find 5 dungeons.
    "Professional treasure hunter" - Find 10 dungeons.
    "Here goes nothing..." - Kill any monster bare hands with only 1 heart.
    "Where do you think you're going" - Push a minecart down hill and miss a ride.
    "Top of the world" - stand as high as possible
    "Down to the hell" - stand as low a possible
    "Poked ya!" - poke any animal 15 times.
    "Crash the party" - kill every monster which comes out a spawner and destroy the spawner.
    "I can taste the unusefullness!" - Eat golden apple.
    "lights up!" - plant 25 torches
    "lighst down!" - destroy 25 torches
    "ALMOST sleeps with the fishes" - lose all your air bubbles underwater and hurry back up to fill them.
    "MacGyver" - craft 50 items
    "You ain't got no pancake-mix!" - carry every eatable item at the same tame in you backpack.
    "block the sun" - have 50 arrows in the air at the same time (done via shooting them at TNT and exploding it)
    "cart or a wheel" - travel 250 block with minecart
    "sailor!" travel 250 block with a boat
    "YEEEEEEEEEEEEHAW!!" - saddle a pig and ride with it
    "I wonder what this does" - plant 25 red dust to ground
    "BBQ" - cook 10 raw pork
    "pyromaniac" - use flint and steel to put 25 block on fire
    "who needs a sword" - kill 10 monsters with bow and arrow
    "Quicksand!" - cover youself with sand
    "o hai!" - load a saved game
    "balls of steel" - craft every steel-tool 3 times.
    "What a waste" - destroy bookcase ( you'll get nothing back )
    "slowdownslowdoooown!!" - crash a boat
    "welcome to zombieland" - hurt a single zombie 3 times with steel shovel

    [ 11.3.2015 ]
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    posted a message on The Official Achievement Suggestions Thread
    "Ultimately the stupidest idea ever" - fall to the lowest point of the world from the highest (means that you have to drill and hole and make a pole :ohmy.gif: )
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