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    posted a message on The Official Achievement Suggestions Thread

    MADden - Dash-hit an animal or a monster off a cliff so that it dies to fall-damage
    No you di-in't - You had to look directly to the eyes ...
    Araknophobia at its finest - Get killed by a cave-spider
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    posted a message on Minecraft: Competitive gamemodes
    Quote from dragem »
    may i suggest:
    Capture the flag:
    two teams, each team starts out with a flag and a stand for said flag.
    the flag may be carried around as an item, but the stand is indestructible.
    to win, a team must either: capture the flag of the enemies and bring it to their stand. (their own flag must be there also for this to work) or have the most points scored when the time runs out. points are scored for each full minute the team's flag spends in it's stand.
    the time limit could be changed, but would default to one hour.

    i feel like this mode would emphasize on teamwork and tactical thinking.
    feel free to adapt this suggestion to better fit your own opinions.

    Let me add this to the list, now that you suggest it!
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    posted a message on Minecraft: Competitive gamemodes
    Don't you guys think it would be epic for minecraft to have few competitive gamemodes which you could easily host and play online?

    For instance:

    [size=xx-large][b]Team Discovery[/b][/size]

    [list]- 2 teams, blue and red
    - Both teams have indestructible, infinite chests where you can only put ores into by throwing them.
    - Team chests / buildings / bases are some block away form each other ... 100 or so to prevent most of the trolling.
    - 15 minute round(s)
    - Everyone starts with iron pickaxe and may sacrifice resources found to get better tools. This adds some tactical stuff to the game to balance out whetever you should make that pickaxe or just bank your ores.
    - There could be a 5 minute warmup / getting ready -phase
    - After the time is up, everything freezes and players are shown how valuable their team chest is and how much each player banked in it (and possibly how much resources were wasted to tools)
    - There could be non-pvp and pvp versions of this.[/list]

    [size=xx-large][b]Team Refining Project[/b][/size]

    [list]- 2 teams, blue and red
    - 15 minute round(s)
    - Both teams have 3 indestructible smelters and each of those starts with 15 coal
    - Players may build more smelters but these are destroyable but nobody gains points by doing that
    - Players must throw / place ores into the smelters and smelt ores are automatically 'collected' and awarded with points. But this could be done with the chest-tactic aswell, where players have to take refined ores from the smelter and bank them for points.
    - Goal is to refine / smelt as much ingots as possible, the better the ingot = more points
    - After the time is up, everything freezes and players are shown how much of each ingot teams gathered in total as well as how much gots wasted by smelters not having enough fuel etc.
    - There could be non-pvp and pvp versions of this.[/list]

    [size=xx-large][b]Team Struggle of Miners[/b][/size]
    - 2 teams, blue and red
    - 15 minute rounds
    - Team deathmatch based gameplay
    - Players can destroy and place as much blocks as they want inside the game area, which could be huge.
    - Building obstacles and viewpoints is essential for a good tactical gameplay.
    - Players start with iron sword and no armor; better armor and weapons can be found by hitting a special blocks which spawn from time to time randomly inside the game area. Starting sword is nearly infinite
    - This gamemode exspecially is fun to use, since you could just download 1 world and that 1 world could have several game area which the game switches after each round.
    - If a player leaves game area, the said player will die (possibly by a 10000 arrows rain?) (or is the game area surrounded by huge lava moat?)
    - After the timer runs out / kill limit is reached, a basic team deathmatch -styled scoreboard will appear, which will show kills/deaths of each player and a kd-ratio[/list]

    [size=xx-large][b]Capture the flag:[/b][/size]

    - 2 teams
    - Default 1 hour rounds
    - Rules based on basic FPS CTF rules
    - Flag are located at flag stands, which are indestructible
    - When the game starts, both teams may build fortification for a limited time inroder to defence the flag.
    - Fortification could be, say, huge box of bricks but that would just make it harder to retrieve enemy flag. Alternatively the game could block players form creating such structures that seal the flag completely
    - Goal is to bring enemy's flag to a frienly flag stand and score a point if friendly flag is not taken.
    - Flag is carried as a special item. While you're holding it, you can run faster, but enemies can steal it from you just by punching once. If you're not holding it, you'll move a bit slower but enemy needs to kill you inorder ot return the flag.
    - If flag is destroyed (most likely by lava) the flag will spawn in between of team spawns / flag stands
    - Flag stands are atleast 150 block away from eachother.
    - Team with most flags captured wins.[/list]

    [b]What kind of features minecraft would offer to competitive gamemodes:[/b]
    - Endless ways to sabotage enemy's gameplay: Want to flood enemy's mine with water/lava? No problem! | How about building a huge wall to your enemy's way to annoy them? | Im sure your enemy will love those TNT-mines aswell!
    - Endless variety of game areas: Make your own, let the game generate one, make your own generator for maps sake!
    - Who needs Call of Duty and such anyway, when you can dig 100 blocks deep and tunnel behind enemy lines (possibly with bare hands) - Remember though, that these tunnels are 2-way ... or are they? (tunnel-flooding-with-lava adviced)
    - Minecraft doesn't have to be all creative! Why not develop the game further and PWN with endlessy varying, competitive gameplay!

    List tags are malformed.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] FiniteLiquid v5.93
    So does melting iron work like so that if it's heated for long enough it will actually melt and produce LIQUID IRON :OO
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    posted a message on [1.5_01] GpB Booster -blocks
    Quote from Powercell »
    Cool, can I get a video of this in action? Might be a useful alternative to regular boosters.

    I made a quick video demonstrating them a bit, uploading now.
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    posted a message on [1.5_01] GpB Booster -blocks

    This is my first mod for minecraft; GpB Booster -blocks, which make you go VERY fast.
    Also, they emit light and have same behaviour as glass (yeeeeehawwww!! ... why not?)
    I managed to jump ~50 block gap with the help of this blocks.

    Version 0.1 features just the block and the boost-ability as well as a quick skin I made for the block.
    Nothing fancy ... yet?

    Minecraft modding doesn't seem that hard so I might just start doing it in future aswell.
    I hope atleast someone enjoys these ... kind of unenjoyable booster-blocks, lol.

    Crafting receipe:

    [] :Glass: []
    [] :Glass: []
    [] :RedShroom: []

    Glass = Glass
    Mushroom = Redstone dust

    Install instructions in README.txt
    Quick-installer included, but using it will delete all other mods and texturepacks since it overwerites minecraft.jar.

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    posted a message on [IDEA] Achievement rewards
    I was reading forum trought and one thread-name misslead me but it also gave me an idea!
    There has been a lot of things like "Reward player with X of Y block" and such, but I think this one's different:

    How about you unlock special painting related to the skill when you achieve it?
    Wouldn't it be nice, exspecially on multiplayer to show your house to your buddies and they're all like:
    "WOAH, SO YOU DID RIDE THAT MINECART FOR 1KM", or you could say:
    "Oh the day, when i ride that silly little piggy off that cliff and we both died"

    These paintings wouldn't really help anybody in the game, but atleast know you got your 'reason' to do achies and you can show-off to people :smile.gif:

    Here are some 'rules', though:

    - You would actually GET the painting just like that, it is just added to the painting's random-thingy like every other painting - now you just have a chance to make one.
    - I know it might be pain in the ass to make one for every achievement, and that's why we could just skip ones like 'make a wooden pickaxe' cause that is something everyone can do half-a-minute.
    - You can only have one painting / achievement at the time, just to make em bit more rare.
    - If you earn a secret achievement, you'd still get a painting related to it (assuming it's not easy to do)
    but the paintings earned from secret achievements would be very dark or blurry etc. (for everyone else who haven't got that achievement?) so the achievement you got it from would remain secret to others seeing the painting.


    - Instead of paintings, Notch could implement a new item like flag or 'wall-hanging flag' or something like that and first you'd be able to make just make blank-flag, like totally boring a white but when you achieve something you'd be able to 'paint' that to the flag.
    - If this all sound like too much to implement ... why not just make like 1-3 'milestone-paintings' and have player earn them for completing X amount of achievements.
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    posted a message on Your Most Made, Most Placed, Most Destroyed.
    Does the game count, for example making 1 stack of 4 sticks as 1 stick or 4 sticks?
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    posted a message on World related AND total stats / avhievements?
    What would you think of this kind of a stats/achievements -system:

    Every world has it's own stats and achievements, so whenever you make new one - all those are reset for that world.
    But since I for one would like to see my total stats - it would be nice for us being able to check them from minecraft website or something.

    This means that you would see your all time stats and times you have completed each achievements, since you can do them multiple times but with a different world.

    And from this point, it is easy to make a nice lil' highscores-page (top 25 or so), where you could search for people to see their total stats and you could see whoever has most block destroyed or something.

    Now, I know that people would just hack and mod and so to get like the most block destroyed - but we can simply solve this by not counting these 'easy-moddable-ones'. Lets just count things like how much block of certain type people have made by smelting and how much fish caught etc. Now you can't just invedit ie. smoothstone since it only counts if you make it.

    And oh yes, people will mod 1000 smelters and stuff em full of cobble - but hey, that's what the game is about afterall.
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    posted a message on achievements and cheating
    Quote from Cryogenical »
    Or, JoozT, the stamp will be put onto the achievement icon.

    ... which you can take screenshot of before you cheat and paste the non-stamped one back to the screenshot after cheats. ;P
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    posted a message on achievements and cheating
    I know lots of people would be against this 'I don't want that to ruin my screenshots', 'Who cares if it's hacked or not' etc etc.

    Im with you, though - would be nice if the game added a tiny (15/25px*15/25px) picture of ... lets say a microchip to HUD's top left/right corner so people would know if it's hacked.

    Problem with this is, that it mods which do not invedit would interfere with this and it would just fail.
    Also, huge community will find a way around anything, including this one so it wouldn't help for long.

    (Silly advertisers ... atleast advertise in language I can actually read >.>)
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    posted a message on 1km mine cart help
    Quote from cokeman5 »
    I am not using invedit.

    CAN you actually 'hack' the achievments?
    or do they lock or something if invedit etc. is used?
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    posted a message on 1km mine cart help
    How hard is this achievement then?
    You got boosters, invedits, everything o.O
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    posted a message on Resetting stats and achies
    I was wondering, if anyone knows the direct file you need to delete inorder to 'reset' stats and achievments?
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    posted a message on The Official Achievement Suggestions Thread
    Quote from Cinky »

    I swear posts like this are why I've been skimming this thread at best. Notch has stated that achievements are not going to be chores.

    Uhm. Who ever said these suggestions people put in here are for Notch only?
    It is called 'Achievement suggestions' not 'Achievement suggestions for notch'.

    So stop fooling around and start thinking outside of that tiny box you're currently standing in.
    Cause who knows, maybe a modder wants to make an achievements-mod and needs suggestions for that mod.
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