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    posted a message on Classified documents found by a NYT reporter reveal a covered up massacre of innocents in Iraq by US Marines.
    To the people who are blaming this on the government, the military, and America and general, your pretty damn stupid, no offense intended. What those men did was not purposeful, there was a vehicle driving straight for a checkpoint filled with innocent civilians, the driver could have easily been a bomber. Now, yes, what they did was wrong, and yes, those men should be put to trial, but the generals did not order Marines to go around shooting civilians just for fun, it was an accident. The men obviously had no idea that it was a vehicle full of innocents, they couldn't have guessed. I mean, put yourself in their situation, a bus is driving towards you, not slowing down at all, your a soldier at a major military checkpoint, and if you don't shoot that vehicle, you and all the people on it will die. Obviously, your stressed, you have a family at home, you want to see them again, you shoot, people die, they feel bad, it is truly a horrible thing.
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    Ok, honestly, to the thousands of topics about the stuff in Minecraft being boring and didn't reach its full potnential, the game's not done for christ's sake. I mean, holy ****, why the **** would you whine about how the goddamn villagers or about how the end is pointless or about how everything should be removed and we should go back to pre-1.8? I mean, sure, topics like "Armor is way too strong" are reasonable topics, they are providing constructive feedback and suggestions upon the game. Topics like, "End is boring remove now plz" are goddamn pointless, provide suggestions as to how the End could be made better, like maybe the dragon could be weaker, or there would be less endermen or something. But for ****s sake stop with these thousands of pointless topics. Suggestion people, suggestions.

    tl;dr Stop ****ing making a bunch of pointless topics about the updates.
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    Quote from Sayari

    This belongs in Discussion.

    Also, grow the **** up. You thought you saw a creeper under your bed? Really? Are you 5 years old?

    Calm your boner, no need to try to impress yourself.
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    posted a message on Minecraft needs to start getting industrial! Not going back to Medieval
    Advancing is the idea of Minecraft, but not going from stick to rocket launcher. You get your wooden pickax, you mine some stone, stone pickaxe, mine some iron, iron pickaxe, mine some diamond, diamond pickaxe. Guns, however, would be a very bad idea for vanilla Minecraft. I cannot at all imagine how the game would be any way challenging if you had a shotgun. Shoot once, dead. Or if you had some crazy mining equipment, it would be just as easy and boring.
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