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    1. Minecraft Username: RedTurkeyBacon
    2. How long have you been playing: 9/13/2020 (3 months almost )
    3. Favorite thing about the server: Favorite thing eh? The plugins towny/slimefun is one of the best combos I've seen in a long time, the people on the server are so wholesome I love them all. I've made a lot of friends on here, SO I TELL YOU if you don't join your missing out. Thank you to the staff who made this server possible o>. and all of you who see this I Love yall. If you join the server for the first time Ask for RedturkeyBacon/fake Santa and ill give you a present. if you are friendly to people on the server ill give you 2 presents yes 2.

    -- Ya favorite Sensei RedGobbleTurkeyBacon

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